10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track

Sometimes you try your utmost to get through the week with military precision, But you could do with a helping hand from time to time.

Getting things written down can really help achieve organised bliss, so we’ve done the hard work for you and found 10 amazing food diary planners to keep you on track!

When you’re following Slimming World, it can be a lot of information to process. This is why it’s really helpful to have tools to help you write everything down and keep a written record of your Food Optimising.


10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track

We’ve been having a look around at some other food diaries and planners, and we think these are just some of the great tools available for you to buy.

The brilliant thing about diaries and planners is that you can tailor them to your own needs, writing down whatever you find useful and using them exactly how you wish to.

So, in no particular order, here’s 10 of them!

Number One – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


This food diary has received rave reviews, namely for it’s space to log aspects of your weight loss journey beyond food. There’s also space to record fluid intake and body measurements.

Number Two – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


What makes this food diary unique, is that it’s a full 12 months worth of planning space, which makes it fantastic for those who like to keep a clear record of their weight loss journey over a long period of time.

Number Three – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


This A3 magnetic meal planner provides a simple layout to record daily meal plans for morning, lunchtime and evening meals. Helpful for all the family! Being magnetic, it can also be placed on a kitchen appliance for complete convenience.

Number Four – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track

This is a three month food diary, which has features such as mood, activity and exercise trackers, all laid out in a full colour diary. It also includes a space to write a shopping list and meal planner.

Number Five – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


This is another brilliant example of a food diary that will cover you for three months of Food Optimising. This diary allows you space to track your daily steps and sleeping pattern, all alongside the food tracking on one page.

Number Six – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


Another fine example of an A3 magnetic whiteboard planner, this product gives loads of space to plan for each day of the week. There is also space for some notes, so you can jot down things for your shopping list with ease.

Number Seven – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track

This 12 month food diary is created especially for those following Weight Watchers. It’s printed in full colour, and provides a really nice space to log all the information you need to, to be able to keep on track. It’s also been really well reviewed by those who have already purchased it!

Number Eight – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


This shopping list pad is a great alternative to those who prefer good old fashioned pen and paper to track their weight loss journey. This pad also includes space to write down all the different types of food you’d expect to pick up at the supermarket. Super easy to use and utilise!

Number Nine – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


This is another food diary targeted at those following the Weight Watchers plan. This 10 week diary includes everything you need to successfully track on one page, such as a sleep tracker, activity tracker and, of course, space to record what you eat and drink.

Number Ten – 10 Amazing Food Diary Planners To Keep You On Track


Last but by no means least, we’ve got another fab magnetic whiteboard fridge calendar. This whiteboard, alongside the usual day-by-day planning tools, also provides a space to prepare for the next coming week. It’s a planning calendar that all the family can use!

Fox & Moon Planners

We’ve seen an awful lot of planners and diaries that are aimed towards those following Slimming World and Weight Watchers, but we’ve been really impressed with the planning tools available from Fox & Moon Planners!

They have a range of products to help you with your weight loss journey, from diaries to planners, and stationary too!

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  1. I’m rejoining SW tomorrow, really scared about getting on the scales. What’s done is done now to reclaim my life back, no more junk food

  2. Hi need to slim and ideally lose three? Stone before Sep wedding.cabt bring myself to look at dresses yet. Think I once saw s fab weight loss in a week to get me motivated on your site? Pls can you remind me where to find it and any advice would be brill. Am in total flap. Thanks so much Sally 🐕

    1. Hi Sally
      Kay has written up a couple of her super successful weeks for the website – links here;



      For me, joining a group gave me the accountability I needed. You could have a look at some of our motivational articles too!

      Good luck with your SW journey, and with the dress hunt for your forthcoming wedding! 😀

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