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We’re back with another Pinch of Motivation for you, this time it’s the turn of our Facebook group member Jenna to tell us her story.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-First Image
This is Jenna’s story for our Pinch of Motivation!

In these Pinch of Motivation articles, we’re asking a series of questions to get an idea about how people approach their Slimming World journey, what obstacles they’ve faced, and how this has changed their life for the better.

Jenna’s Story

Jenna is 31 and lives in Scotland with her partner and two young children. Jenna is an active member of our Facebook group, sharing pictures and stories from her Slimming World journey.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-2
Jenna’s amazing before and after transformation

We asked Jenna a few questions to gain a sneak peak into how Slimming World has changed her life for the better, and the challenges she’s had to overcome to achieve this change.

When did you decide that enough was enough and you wanted start following Slimming World?

In April 2015 I decided that I was going to prove that healthy eating and exercise truly was the best way to lose weight.

No fad diets or going bankrupt on “high end shakes”. Just pure healthy eating and exercise.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-5
Jenna at the start of her Slimming World journey

I stood on the scales and weighed at home. 22 stone flashed up on the dial. I was shocked.

My mentality was that I could still buy clothes that fit, so what’s the problem! I lost 1 stone but truly felt like I was starving myself, so in May 2015 I walked through the doors at a Slimming World group in Oldmeldrum and I never looked back!

Did anyone influence you to start following Slimming World?

I heard about Slimming World through word of mouth and a bit of hype with regards to some member’s amazing results following Slimming World.

I choose this plan to help me. I wasn’t influenced by one person really, more a cluster of people getting the results.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-6
A before and after displaying Jenna’s amazing progress

I’m not really one to be influenced. I like to try things for myself and make my own mind up, but it seemed like the best.

How did your first week go following the plan? Any surprises?

My first week at Slimming World, what can I say… Wow!

The food you can eat is awesome. I was living on ready meals, processed food, crisps, sweets and 2-4 litres of Coke a cola a day.

To go from that, to cooking every meal from scratch was a real eye opener. Food tastes so much better when you know what is in it, rather than pouring a jar in.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-3
A night out before and after picture of Jenna

My first week I lost 5lbs and was very pleased that my efforts had shown.

How much have you lost in total, and how long has this taken?

Following Slimming World I have lost 10 stone exactly and overall 11 stone.  On the 13th March this year I weigh exactly half of when I started. It has taken me just under 3 years.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-1
Jenna’s old trousers – wow!

The road has been bumpy and not always plain sailing. But in the end my determination has got me where I am today, with an amazing weight loss and a complete lifestyle change.

What was the reaction from friends and family when they started to notice you losing weight and following Slimming World?

My friends and family are all so supportive of me and get me through the good, the bad and the ugly.

I always post my mini achievements, weekly loses and food pictures, I love the comments and reactions.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-4
Jenna’s confidence has gone through the roof since starting her Slimming World journey

My dad keeps telling me I have lost enough but he always gets the same answer “not yet”.

I couldn’t have done it without them all. Their words are what really spur me on.

What’s the one thing about Slimming World you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew just how good the support network is.

One of my concerns was worrying that I would struggle alone. But with the support of social media groups like the Pinch Of Nom Facebook group and attending a Slimming World group, we all struggle and conquer together.

I will reiterate the food you can eat as well, it still amazes me and my friends when I post my plates of food just how much I can have!

How has joining the Pinch of Nom facebook group and other social medias helped you with your Slimming World journey?

I love to see visual results, so seeing everyone’s journeys spurs me on to keep motivated.

I also love getting new recipe ideas to add to my weekly menus.

Jenna Motivation Facebook Group
Jenna is an active member over on our Facebook group, where she shares her progress

I have a habit to sticking to my old faithful recipes a lot, so sites like Pinch Of Nom really gets my inner chef going.

What’s your favourite Pinch of Nom recipe, why do you like it so much?

My favourite Pinch Of Nom recipe is the Syn Free Sweet & Sour Chicken. I can’t get over how many Syns the Chinese takeaway option is, It’s fake away all the way in my house!

Syn Free Sweet & Sour Chicken | Slimming World
One of Jenna’s favourite recipes is our Syn Free Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chinese food is probably on my menu plan twice a week. All lovely and free with lots of speedy veg.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials Pinch of Nom
Jenna loves her meals packed with speedy veg – check out our Speed Foods list!

What has been your favourite non-scale victory?

This one will be such a small thing and possibly taken for granted by many, but my children can now wrap their arms around my waist and give me a proper hug.

It really is the small things. Rather than sit on the bench at a park with them, I run around and slide down the chutes and climb the frames. My children love this!

Lastly, what affect has joining Slimming World had on your life?

Slimming World has well and truly changed possibly every aspect of my life.

No other way to describe it, my confidence has grown, I’m active, I always have a smile on my face.

A Pinch of Motivation - Jenna's Story-Featured
Jenna’s before and after shot

I loved life before but I love it even more now!

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  1. Absolutely unbelievable, so much respect for you Jenna. You look amazing and I’m sure your story will motivate others

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