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We’re back once again with another Pinch of Motivation for you, this time it’s the turn of our Facebook Group member, Ken, to tell us his story.

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This time it’s Ken’s story

In these Pinch of Motivation articles, we’re asking a series of questions to get an idea of how people approach their Slimming World journey. We want to know what obstacles they’ve faced and how it’s changed their life for the better.

Ken’s Story

Ken is a long-standing member of our Facebook group, where he shares many pictures of the food that he cooks. Ken also shares his weight loss journey on the group, displaying many photos of the amazing progress he’s made throughout his time following Slimming World.

Ken is 52 and has been married to his wife Carolyn for the past 25 years. They have two daughters. We asked Ken a few questions to gain a better idea of how his Slimming World journey has impacted on many areas of his life.

When did you decide that enough was enough and you wanted start following Slimming World?

I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, so after Christmas 2016 I decided to try again.

I went to Boots and weighed myself and I was 17 stone 8 pounds. It took me until August to lose 13 pounds.

motivation kens story5
Ken before starting his Slimming World journey

Did anyone influence you to start following Slimming World?

My daughter Abigail said she wanted to join Slimming World, but had no one to go with.

With this considered, the wife volunteered me to go with her! At the end of August 2017 we both took the plunge and attended our local Slimming World group together.

How did your first week go following the plan? Any surprises?

I weighed in at my local Slimming World group with my daughter at the end of August to begin my journey.

motivation kens story6
Ken whilst on his Slimming World Journey

In the first week of following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan I lost 5 and a half pounds. I was gob smacked!

How much have you lost in total, and how long has this taken?

I’ve lost 3 stone 8 pounds in nine months.

What was the reaction from friends and family when they started to notice you losing weight and following Slimming World?

My family loved it! They were all very supportive.

My friends couldn’t believe it, and people would say to me ‘Wow you look brill!’

motivation kens story4
Ken after losing weight with Slimming World

What’s the one thing about Slimming World you wish you knew before you started?

I just wish I knew dieting wasn’t about starving yourself, but eating the right foods. I think this is the most valuable lesson that going to my Slimming World group has taught me and my family.

motivation kens story2
Ken loves our recipes, especially our Low Syn KFC Zinger Burgers!

How has joining the Pinch of Nom facebook group and other social medias helped you with your Slimming World journey?

I just love the recipes and support you receive on the Pinch of Nom Facebook group it’s fantastic. I cook a Pinch of Nom recipe nearly every day!

motivation kens story3
Ken has become much more confident since joining Slimming World

What’s your favourite Pinch of Nom recipe, why do you like it so much?

I love the Low Syn KFC Zinger Burgers because my favourite takeaway was KFC before I started following Slimming World

Low Syn KFC Zinger Burgers-1
Ken’s favourite Pinch of Nom recipe is our Low Syn KFC Zinger Burgers

However, I prefer the Pinch of Nom recipe far more these days!

What has been your favourite non-scale victory?

My favourite non-scale victory has been getting down from a 40″ waist to a 34″ waist.

motivation kens story7
Ken has since become a Slimming World Target member!

I’ve also been able to walk and walk and walk since following Slimming World!

Lastly, what affect has joining Slimming World had on your life?

My health and confidence are incredible now!

motivation kens story1
Ken has shared many of his Slimming World triumphs with our Facebook group

I can walk for miles and feel so much fitter. I never really liked going out before I started my Slimming World journey, but these days you can’t keep me indoors!

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