Well hello!

I’m Emma, I’m 32 and I’m a prosecco-holic! I’m mum to 1 year old Aria (AKA the Grumpster) and wife to Rich (AKA the Hubster). I live in Suffolk, have two cats and I’m a nurse. I’m not entirely sure when my life turned into this wholly adult affair but I do endeavour to maintain my childish sense of humour and my teenage ability to drink too much booze at parties.

Where I Started

Contentment does nothing for my waist line. In fact, being miserable seems to make me pretty svelte! However, I met Rich, and had someone to cook for again and go out for dinner with (*sigh* those were the Grumpster free days!!), and who also enjoyed a few pints and so my amazing button fly jeans became tighter and my denial increased. I was very proud of the fact that I put on no weight whilst pregnant. Make no mistake, I was still over weight but I watched what I ate and kept the pounds off. However, contrary to popular belief, breast feeding doesn’t make everyone lose weight and I put on around a stone in the 6 months I was breast feeding. Anyway, I got fed up of feeling fatter than I did when I was pregnant and convinced Rich to try Slimming World with me in February 2016!

My Journey So Far

(Why do I feel like this is a therapy session?!) I’ve had good weeks and bad weeks…but so far I’ve lost just over 3 stone and I’m over the moon as my beautiful button fly jeans fit again! I still have a little way to go but I’m finally getting somewhere. Rich has been proven wrong and is now wearing clothes that he has hoarded for the last 15 years and given that he was unusually sceptical about Slimming World, it’s a real turn up. Turns out that most of my old clothes are from circa. 1999 and should’ve probably been thrown out when the Spice Girls were no longer cool. Were they ever cool? Hmmmmm…

The Goal

To become a Wimbledon ball girl at the men’s final whilst Federer wins the tournament. Who says I need to be a realist?! I’m not unhappy about how I look any more, though I wouldn’t mind losing a little more but if that takes longer because I’m drinking prosecco and going to BBQ’s then so be it.

Top Tips

  1. Don’t go it alone – if you can collar your other half, your neighbour, your colleague or your Great Aunt Mildred to do it with you then all the better.

  2. Don’t cook hundreds of separate meals for your family – eating Slimming World friendly food does not exclude the whole family. It’s really just a healthy way of eating. Even the Grumpster eats Slimming World based meals as I refuse to cook separately for us.

  3. Keep tabs on your syns – It’s really easy to lose track as you get more confident with how things work, and I’ve found to my detriment that it’s a slippery slope when you stop counting those syns. Use a white board in the kitchen so you’ve always got something to note down how many you’ve had each day.

  4. Eat different meals every week – The worst thing to do is get bored of eating the same things every week and fall off the wagon. There are so many amazing meals to try that there’s no need to get stuck in a rut!

  5. Last but not least: Have a day off every now and then. Drink cocktails, eat pizza and sit around in your pj’s. You’re more likely to stick with it if you have a treat to look forward to!

Weight Lost


Week 48