How now brown cow,

As you’ve probably established, my name is Michael. I’m 24 years old, from the middle bit of the country and I used to weigh approximately 19 tonnes. I can’t really think what other mindless information you’d like to know… I earn my keep by working with kids, I have an expensive petrol habit and I’m a firm believer in profanity. Unlike my other Pinch Of Nom comrades, I’m a real life male. And vegetarian, sorry about that. Nothing extraordinary, just a wonderfully average, testosterone-requiring person. Out of all of us I think I’ve been following Slimming World the longest, but don’t think this makes me an expert. Anyway, I digress…

Where I started

I’ve spent the vast majority of my life being a lard arse. This reached gold star level when I grew up, bought a flat and lived alone. I could eat anything and nobody could tell me it was silly, it was bliss! That was until I became reminiscent to a medium-sized hippopotamus. Turns out others realised this before I did, and something needed to be done. Cue January 2015, me and a mate go to our local Slimming World group, sit on the newbie sofa of shame and await our fate. Little did I know the effect it would have!

My journey so far

(I hate that term, ‘journey’…) Long and short of it, my Slimming World expedition has lead me to lose well over 4st over the last year or so. From January to May 2015 I lost 4st 10lbs, which was quite a good effort. Went on holiday, came back and stayed around the same. Ish. Then I fell a little bit out of love with eating carefully, then Christmas knocked on the door and I let them in with open arms, and mouth. Ended up putting about a stone and a half on again. Hated it. January 2016 arrived and I jumped back on HMS Slimming World with gusto. Lost the Christmas weight in 3 weeks, and I’ve now got back to whew I was last May. Winner winner chicken dinner.

The Goal

Goal… Tricky one that. There isn’t really an end goal. I don’t think I’ll reach a point and go ‘this is enough lost now’ because it’s now going to be a lifelong effort to keep the weight off. I’ve succeeded what I wanted from it. I’m more confident, feel healthier, look better, and I’ve gone and got a life. I hate the phrase, but it’s genuinely changed my life. Before I started my expedition I’d stay in most of the time, felt very conscious about how I looked and didn’t drink. Now? I don’t stay in enough, I’m fine about how I look, and I drink far too much. Which is good.

Top tips

  • Include people in your Slimming World expedition. Whether this is in person, via social media or both, just do it. Having people around who will cheer you on and give you a boost when you need it is critical.
  • Don’t be scared of messing up. You will fall off the boat at some point, and the best thing to know is that you’re able to get back aboard. It might be hard, and you might feel guilty about it, but there isn’t much better than messing up and being able to put it right again.
  • Amazing food is still possible. Knowing that you’ve created something that is satisfying and good for you doesn’t get boring. Just look at the stuff on this site!
  • Enjoy it! The whole process is amazing if you take hold of it and take full advantage of what it has to offer. You will not look back. Unless you’re driving, rear view mirrors are an important aspect of safe driving.

So, in summary, I’m a bit of a knob, but that’s alright. Tarrah.

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