Aldi Recall Frozen Veg After Customer Finds Rat In Food | Slimming World

The budget supermarket chain Aldi have been forced to take over 38,000 packs of frozen veg out of the freezers after a customer found half a rat in a packet.

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Metro reported that a woman was using the bag of frozen mixed vegetables to feed her two year old granddaughter, when she made the discovery of bits of rat in the packet, most of which had already been consumed.

The frozen bags of mixed vegetables are a popular source of speedy vegetables for Slimming World members, due to their ease of use and being such a low price for the quantity of fresh vegetables.

Aldi Recall Frozen Veg After Customer Finds Rat In Food | Slimming World - featured image

The lady who initially made the complaint about the product to her local store has since taken her grievance to Aldi’s head office.

This has prompted Aldi to take all frozen products that originate from the supplier of the rat-ridden bag of frozen mixed vegetables whilst an investigation is carried out.

The supermarket initially offered an in-store refund of £30 off a subsequent shop, but has it had been made clear that this was not the first time that Environmental Health had been made aware of incidents involving rodents in food products, this offer was rejected.

Aldi Recall Frozen Veg After Customer Finds Rat In Food | Slimming World2

Another offer of £500 from Aldi has been further rejected.

The budget supermarket faced a similar situation in February 2017, when another customer found bits of mouse in a similar frozen pack of green beans.

An internal investigation is to take place at the production plant in question before orders will be made again by Aldi.

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  1. Oh my God I will NOT be buying veg there again, it’s instilled in my head now so I’d be thinking of it Everytime I cooked or ate the veg if I bought it. Aldi can expect a serious sales drop in their frozen veggies range and I struggle to win back customer brand confidence.

  2. OMG I put a bag of this in my stew yesterday for my hubby and myself but I did empty bag and wash it before I cooked it, luckily my son came to visit us at teatime so I gave my stew to him. Oh that’s the first and last time I buy anything from aldi ever again. Even though its not the frozen veg it still makes me gip

  3. I bought some on Monday 5th Feb. Any idea when they were recalled, not knowing! It reads on some of the articles it was January! 😲

    1. Hi Nicky
      The story ran in several national newspapers on the 6th Feb. It’s probably worth checking at your local Aldi store.

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