All New Maltesers Buttons To Be Launched | Slimming World

You may have seen the rumours hitting Instagram and other social media platforms that confectioner extraordinaire Mars are planning on a brand new Maltesers product – Maltesers Buttons.

What Are Maltesers Buttons?

Maltesers Buttons are a brand new product from the Maltesers family that has first been seen on the Instagram page @productsinstore.

Details about the product are pretty scarce at this moment in time, as it’s a brand spanking new product. By the looks of it, Maltesers Buttons are a bit of a squished Maltesers. Think Galaxy Minstrels with Malteser-y goodness.

Where Can I Buy Maltesers Buttons?

Well, to be rather honest, we don’t know. Nobody seems 100% sure. Some people are saying June time, some are saying by the end of the year.

It’s safe to say that they’re likely to become very popular even before they’re launched. The picture of the packet of Maltesers Buttons looks like the done and finished deal, so i’d make an educated (rough) guess they it’ll be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we ran a feature recently on the Milkybar Wowsomes that might satisfy your cravings until then!

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Milkybar Wowsomes | Slimming World

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we’re aware that Maltesers Buttons are in stores.

Will Maltesers Buttons Be Slimming World Friendly?!

Again, we’ve got nothing confirmed about Maltesers Buttons. The rough guestimate of the Syn value of this product is based purely on the amount of calories shown on the pictured Maltesers Buttons packaging. We do not yet have information on the nutritional values.

All New Maltesers Buttons To Be Launched | Slimming World

If we take the calorie content that’s on the packaging of Maltesers Buttons, which is 166 kcal per pack, using the old Slimming World rule of 20kcal per Syn they would come out at around 8.5 Syns per pack.

Sounds like quite a lot of Syns doesn’t it? It may do for some, it may not for others. That’s the beauty of Syns. They are for you to use as you see fit. Some will like to use them to add ingredients to meals such as cheese and milk. And you get to save a whole Syn compared to a usual pack of maltesers… Every little Syn helps 😉

All New Maltesers Buttons To Be Launched | Slimming World

Some may choose to indulge in a chocolate-y treat, such as Maltesers Buttons! It’s entirely up to you, and a pack of Maltesers Buttons for 8.5 Syns may seem like an absolute Syn bargain.

What Does The Pinch Of Nom Facebook Group Think?

As always the Pinch of Nom Facebook group were hot on the case of Maltesers Buttons, and it’s safe to say that they’re rather excited about them!

Maltesers buttons FBSS1
All new Maltesers Buttons have already gone down a storm on our Facebook group!

A new Maltesers product arrives on the market very rarely, so it’s little wonder that new Maltesers Buttons have already gone down a storm before they’ve even been launched!

maltesers buttons FBSS2
Comments on our Facebook group about Maltesers Buttons are certainly looking popular!

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    1. Have a read through the article, we explain that these are not available yet, so we’ve estimated the Syns using the snackulator.:-)

  1. I work for a vending company in Sussex; we received our first delivery of these yesterday so they will be rolling out in our machines in the next few days! If I can get my hands in a bag I’ll email the nv’s to SW

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