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Hugely popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s have announced that they are to launch a new range of low calorie ice cream pots.

Ben & Jerry's-First Image
Ben & Jerry’s to launch a new low calorie range

Ben & Jerry’s are well known for their indulgent, albeit very high Syn, ice cream pots. Some of these come in at a whopping 1,000 + calories a pot!

Ben & Jerry's-2
Ben & Jerry’s new low calorie ice cream range chooses to display it’s calorie content for half a tub. This is so not to promote eating the whole tub as one serving.

Business Insider UK has reported that the US company has taken note of approaches made by other companies, such as Halo Top.

Halotop Sold Out1
Halo Top sold out in double quick time on it’s initial launch last month

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We bought you the news last month that low calorie ice cream company Halo Top begun their UK launch with a half price offer in Tesco, resulting in the product taking social media by storm.

Very soon after this news we also informed you of Halo Top selling out nationwide due to it being so popular!

As with all new products, we feature them in our Shopping Essentials list every Friday!

What Is The New Range Of Ben & Jerry’s Called?

Ben & Jerry’s new low calorie range is called Moo-phoria, with the aim of cutting the levels of fats and sugars whilst still retaining the added extras customers have grown to love, like chocolate chips and cookie dough.

Ben & Jerry's-4
Ben & Jerry’s new low calorie range is called Moo-phoria

The news that Ben & Jerry’s releasing this new product is likely to be due to the fast growing market share that Halo Top ice cream is gaining in the US, with Business Insider UK reporting in a doubled market share growth of 1.9% in 2017.

What Flavours Of Ben & Jerry’s New Low Calorie Ice Cream Are There?

On the US website of Ben & Jerry’s it states that Moo-phoria will be launched with three new flavours.

Ben & Jerry's-5
The US market can expect to see these three new flavours on launch

These are Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix and P.B. Dough (Peanut Butter).

On the UK website the launch is limited to two flavours, Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix.

Where Can I Find Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria?

At this moment in time, we cannot find any information that states when the product will be released, either in the UK or the US due to it being such a new product.

Low-Calorie-Ice Cream Battle
This photo provided by Ben & Jerry’s shows the company’s low-calorie chocolate milk and cookies ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s is the latest big brand to launch a slimmed-down version of its frozen treats. (Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s via AP)

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria is listed on the UK Ben & Jerry’s website as a new product being introduced, so we can only presume that it’s arriving to the UK market sooner rather than later.

This is a different tactic to Halo Top, who have been a well established brand in the US for a number of years before their introduction to the UK late last year.

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