Guide To Cider, Lager & Beer Syns | Slimming World

I think it’s pretty fair to say that we at Pinch of Nom like to have a drink. Not only do we like wine, but there’s nothing quite like an ice cold lager on a summers day, or a bottle of cider at the pub.

Guide To Cider, Lager & Beer Syns | Slimming World

Sadly alcohol & Slimming World don’t really go head in hand if you like a few pints. Well they do – but we believe, like food “optimising”, you need to drink “optimise”!

That means swapping what you’d usually drink for a “lighter” or even a lower alcohol percentage alternative.

Choices are difficult, especially if you’re on an impromptu night out, you’re at the bar and you’re furiously looking at the Slimming World app to see how many syns you can have!

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you along your way.

Even if you go over your syn allowance for the day/week/month just put a number on it. It’s never as bad as you think!

Top Picks

Kopparberg Light 4% ABV – 250ml can is just 4 syns and 500ml bottle is 8.5 syns. You can pick them up in Asda or Sainsbury’s.

More of a Wine Person?

If wine takes your fancy – check out our guide to the new syn values of wine! You’ll find bottles of wine for less than 20 syns :O !!

Guide To Cider, Lager & Beer Syns | Slimming World

Or maybe you prefer some spirits or liqueurs?

Whether your tipple be gin, rum, vodka, brandy, whisky, tequila, Baileys, or Tia Maria – we’ve got your back. Check out our guide to How Many Syns In Spirits & Liqueurs.

Guide To Cider, Lager & Beer Syns | Slimming World











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  1. Quick question – above it says Corona light is 4.5 syns then just further below it says it’s 4 syns? Can you tell me which is correct please? Looking for something lower than coors light at 4.5 syns…..
    Thanks for all your help – I love this site and FB page.

  2. Have you heard of Skinny Larger – now stocked in Morrisons? If so do you know the syn value and if it tastes any good? Thanks

  3. Does anyone have any Syn values for wheat beers such as Horgaarden or some of the German ones. I’m struggling to find them anywhere. Thanks.

  4. Hi. Have you any idea how many syns are in half a pint of draft Mythos please. Am holidaying and trying to keep to SW diet but would love to have a drink or two

  5. Nanny State from Brewdog if you like your craft ales. It’s 1.5 syns a bottle and I think it’s much tastier than Becks Blue. Also it doesn’t have the weird sweet taste that some 0.5% beers have.

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