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Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

As I write this, the snow is melting, the skies are blue, the sun is shining and I’m finding ways to help you enjoy an Eggcellent Easter on Slimming World! Today is a good day!

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

It’s going to be a chocolatey challenge, there’s no doubt about it, but we’ve got the information to help you stay in control.

Food related festivals have been coming thick and fast recently. There are so many events on the calendar that are associated with special foods.

Many people had hauled themselves back onto the Slimming World wagon after Christmas, only to be derailed by Pancake day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, a birthday…or just because it’s Friday!

If you’ve fallen off the wagon and need some help, have a look at our article here.

Knowledge is power

There’s no doubt about it, knowledge is power when it comes to making good choices. You could be faced with a mountain of sweet treats, but if you’ve done some research, there’s no need to panic.

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

The great thing about the Slimming World plan is that you can have some chocolate, or a hot cross bun, as part of your Syns allowance for the day.

Chocolate Choices

If you’re a certified chocoholic, like me, then mini eggs are a great way to spend your Syns. It feels as though you’re getting good value as you can make them last longer.

Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are 1 Syn each, so you could enjoy 15 of these little beauties!

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

Other choices include;

  • Milky Bar mini eggs – 1 Syn each
  • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs – 1.5 Syns each
  • Mars Celebrations – 2 Syns each
  • Cadbury Mini Dairy Milk Eggs – 3 Syns each
  • Cadbury Mini Crème Eggs – 2.5 Syns each

If you want to satisfy that chocolate craving and stay on plan too, you could make our fabulous Low Syn Chocolate Brownies!

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Low Syn Chocolate Brownies

If you enjoy being creative in the kitchen, it’s a great idea to grab a few Slimming World friendly chocolate products.

If you love a creme egg then these Slimming World friendly, Low Syn Chocolate Creme Egg Cakes are the perfect chocolatey treat!

Low Syn Chocolate Creme Egg Cakes | Slimming World

When the shops are full of chocolate treats it can be really difficult to resist.

It’s going to be a chocolatey challenge, but we’ve got the a few ideas to help you stay in control.

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

Choc shot - Pinch of NomChoc shot is a liquid chocolate flavoured sauce made by Sweet Freedom.

It’s free from dairy, gluten, soya & GMOs, with no chemical processing, additives, preservatives or palm oil.

Primarily sold as a liquid hot chocolate, this is ideal for using as an ingredient in Slimming World dishes.

We’ve used it in the Low Syn Chocolate Brownies recipe (above) and in several other recipes on the website.

It’s available from most supermarkets, and usually found on the hot drinks aisle with other hot drinks products.

Ghanaian Cocoa extract/chocolate extract

When we’re creating our delicious chocolatey recipes, we sometimes use chocolate extract to enhance the flavour without adding Syns.

Ghanaian Cocoa Extract - Pinch of Nom

Small Treats

If you want to get your teeth into something a bit chunkier, take a look at these ideas.

  • Malteaster Mini Bunnies Milk Chocolate (11.6g) – 3 Syns
  • Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny (10g) – 3 Syns
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Easter Milk Bunnies (15g) – 4 Syns
  • Nestle Milkybar Easter Bunny White Chocolate (15g) – 4 Syns
  • Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny (16g) – 4.5 Syns
  • Green & Blacks Miniature Bar Collection – 4 Syns

Classic treats

If you like the idea of an old school Creme Egg, you’ll have to sacrifice a few more Syns, but you will still have some left out of your daily allowance!

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

  • Cadbury Creme Egg (40g) – 9 Syns
  • Cadbury Caramel Egg (39g) – 9 Syns

Hang on, I don’t like chocolate!

That’s fine, I sometimes wish I didn’t love chocolate quite so much! There are lots of other ways to spend your Syns that are just as tasty.

Personally, I adore hot cross buns, especially when they’re warm and spicy straight from the toaster! I would happily spend a few Syns on one (or two) of these!

  • Tesco Mini Hot Cross Buns – 4 Syns
  • Mini Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns (Tesco) – 5 Syns
  • Toffee and Banana Mini Hot Cross Buns (Tesco) – 4.5 Syns
  • ASDA Extra Special 8 Belgian Chocolate Mini Hot Cross Buns – 4.5 Syns

If you’d prefer a cake as an Easter treat, and you want to save some Syns, why not try our Low Syn Marzipan Easter Egg Cakes?

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Low Syn Marzipan Easter Egg Cakes

Mr Kipling Marzipan And Fruit Slices

If I had to name a favourite flavour, I think that almond would be be right up there!

Maybe it’s the distant memory of marzipan, or indulging in a cheeky amaretto liqueur every now and again, when Syns permit!

Mr Kipling have created this delicious Marzipan and Fruit Slice, a combination reminiscent of an Easter Simnel cake.

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

Delicately spiced sponge baked with vine fruits, with a Marzipan filling and a decorated almond flavour topping.

Mr Kipling Marzipan and Fruit Slices are listed on the Syns Online database at 7 Syns each.

A box of 6 slices costs £2.00 in Tesco. You can also find them here, on the Tesco website.

Mr Kipling Lemon Fancies

Always a classic, these dainty golden sponge cakes have a vanilla flavour topping, covered with a zingy lemon flavour fondant icing.

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

Mr Kipling Lemon Fancies are 5.5 Syns each on the SW database. They’re a limited Easter edition, so catch them while you can.

They cost £1.00 for a box of 8 fancies and you can find them here, on the Tesco website.

Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Cakes

These really are a classic. Chocolate flavoured sponge with a vanilla flavour topping, covered in milk chocolate and decorated with a milk chocolate Cadbury mini egg in a crisp sugar shell.

Enjoy an Eggcellent Easter

These Cadbury Mini Egg Easter cakes cost £2.00 for a box of 6 cakes, but they’re included in a 2 for £3.00 offer at the moment.

They are on the app at 6 Syns per cake. You’ll find them here on the Tesco website.

Roast dinner (with all the trimmings!)

Easter is a great time to spend with family, enjoying some quality time together. It’s an ideal opportunity for a delicious roast dinner, with all the trimmings.

Luckily, we have every recipe you need to plan a perfect Easter Sunday!

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Syn Free Roast Beef and Gravy

How about starting with Syn Free Roast Beef and Syn Free Gravy?
You can add a mound of Speed vegetables to fill your plate and fill you up, too.

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Syn Free Roast Potatoes

A roast dinner wouldn’t be complete without our amazing Syn free roast potatoes,
and our legendary Half Syn Yorkshire puddings.

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Half Syn Mini Yorkshire Puddings

If you’ve got any room for dessert, you could make our gorgeous Low Syn Mississippi Mud Pie Cheesecake.  It’s the perfect way to round off a decadent celebration dinner.

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Low Syn Mississippi Mud Pie Cheesecake

Or, for a lighter dessert, how about our magical Low Syn Unicorn Eton Mess?

Enjoy Easter - Pinch of Nom
Low Syn Unicorn Eton Mess

However you choose to spend your Syns, have a wonderful Easter. If you need some inspiration, we have amazing recipes on our website to keep you on plan.

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