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Finding time for body magic is hard for us all as the modern world is extremely busy!

finding the time for body magic

However, just 5-10 minutes a day can be enough. Here’s some top tips for finding time for body magic!

Wake up 15 minutes earlier

Becoming a morning exerciser means the rest of your day is free and you can tick off your daily exercise.

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

Top tip: if you’re exercising from home or walking/jogging round the streets but love your sleep, go to bed in your exercise clothes…it makes getting up so much easier!

For the tea and coffee drinkers, have the kettle and mug ready to go, so all you have to do is walk to the kettle and enjoy an early morning hot drink helping to wake your body and brain up.

Take it one step at a time

If your current activity levels are zero, then just getting on the exercise ladder is imperative (and easy).

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

Start slow, 5 minutes a day, we can all find 5 minutes in a day – leaving you with 1,335 minutes left!

In each day…
1 hour = 4%
30 mins = 2%
15 mins = 1%
5 mins = 0.33%

Get the kids involved!

Lots of parents say they have no time in the morning as they have to get the children ready for school, then they head to work, then pick the children up from school, have dinner, and bed.

However, whether it’s the morning or the evening, why not get the kids involved!

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

This way it ticks two boxes in one, you get your exercise in and you wear the kids out before bed!

Exercising with your children has shown positive family effects due to the high levels of endorphins (the feel good feeling) being released.

Give it a try! Have a plank off or see who can squat the lowest.

Make it fun!

I recall around 4 years ago; I was at home telling my Mum about a workout I did at my local CrossFit.

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

Having explained it, it gained interest in the family and within 2 minutes we were all (Me, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister) squatting to “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down”! It was great fun!

Try a Super Workout

What is a Super Workout? Well, the title I created…however, all it means is exceptionally high levels of energy output exercises, where you’re using big movements, big muscle groups, which burn a high amount of calories.

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

5 Minute Super Workout

  • Squats (onto chair if needed) 30 Seconds
  • Burpees (or up downs if required) 30 seconds


Make sure feet are positioned hip to shoulder width apart, don’t let the knees buckle in and staying inline over toes, go as far down as you can, stand back up. Use a chair if needed.



From standing position to flat to the floor, back up into standing position, jump up.

Finding Time for Body Magic | Slimming World

Up Downs:

Similar to burpees but more relaxed. From standing, down to flat on the floor, stand back up (no jump).

Who is Tony?

I’m the newest addition to Pinch Of Nom! I’m a PT, and I also own and run Protein Food Shop.

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So I do actually sell sausages and chicken thighs! Check out the Protein Food Shop website for more info.

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  1. Thankyou for posting. I haven’t been to group for a month now I have a lot going on emotionally but have not been eating good stuff in fact I crave bad stuff have to have it no willpower to say no I have been on plan for 10 months lostover two stone do not want to put it back on if I go to group I get support etc and feel inspired but it doesn’t last in a bit of a rut …help xx

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