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One of the biggest changes in recently years to the Slimming World plan, is the way that Slimming World measure the Syn values of wine.

As avid wine drinkers, this came as a bit of a shock to say the least. There was a stoney silence in group when the new wine syn values by the glass were explained, it’s quite shocking how much the % difference impacts the syn values.

We found it all a bit much to take in (probably the shock!), so we put together an easy to understand infographic showing you what the difference of alcohol percentages means and the best picks for each!

Hopefully with more outlets selling light wines, skinny champagne and even light beers, we should have a bit more to choose from over the summer months.

After all, what is better than sitting outside in the garden with a glass, sorry, bottle of white? You get the picture!

We’ll be following up with a guide to beer and cider too, as we’re avid drinkers of those too … hic! Especially as the new Kopparberg Light hits the shelves at only 4 syns a can?! Madness.


More of a Lager, Cider, Beer Person?

If wine takes your fancy – check out our guide to the syn values of Lager, Cider and Beer! You’ll find cans of Kopparberg for 4 syns a can !!

Or maybe you prefer some spirits or liqueurs?

Whether your tipple be gin, rum, vodka, brandy, whisky, tequila, Baileys, or Tia Maria – we’ve got your back. Check out our guide to How Many Syns In Spirits & Liqueurs.

How Many Syns In Spirits & Liqueurs | Slimming World


This infographic is unofficial and in no way part of or representative of Slimming World. is not trained by Slimming World nor authorised to give Slimming World advice.

Should any advice given it should not replace the advice of your Slimming World consultant.

Syn values given, may not always be accurate, and ideally, you should check with Slimming world using official resources such as the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline, your Slimming World Consultant, or by calling the Syns Hotline on 09068518518.



Wine Syn Values By The Glass | Slimming World


Wine Syn Values By The Glass | Slimming World


Wine Syn Values By The Glass | Slimming World


Wine Syn Values By The Glass | Slimming World


Wine Syn Values By The Glass | Slimming World

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    1. Hi Sheena,

      It basically means that the syn value is dependant on the ABV % of the bottle of wine. The higher the % the higher the Syns per glass.

  1. I’d rather know by bottle, I don’t know many people who drink by the glass size, I never do I will always drink a bottle of wine, my red wine is 13.5 and if I drink prosecco it’s generally 12%

  2. Ursula – the easy way to work out syn values per bottle is by multiplying the syns per glass – 175mls is equal to 1/4 of a bottle, so multiply the syns for your chosen wine (by %ABV) by 4. So if you drink red with a 14%ABV it’s 8 syns per glass, 32 per bottle.

  3. Hi this must have been before I joined recently. Yesterday I used the Sw app and it gave me 5 syns per 125 of prosecco. Is that wrong now?

  4. Hi I have been drinking black tower wine thinking that it is lowest syns for a bottle of wine not sure now confused

    1. Hi Karen, Black Tower is 9% so it’s pretty low in syns. The other bottles of wine featured here are even lower 😀 Enjoy!

  5. Hello,
    This is really helpful thank you for sharing. Just a question about the wines from skinny booze…how have you calculated the syns? I’m thinking of ordering some but would like to be able to check the syns myself in case they change in the future!
    Thanks x

    1. Hi Karina,

      Using some nifty math! 24 cals = 1 syn and they give the cals per 125ml so pretty easy to scale it up 🙂

  6. I usually drink Gallo White Zinfandel or I like a bottle of bucks fiz . Not strong as some, is the Syns linked to alcohol strength?

    1. SkinnyBooze specialise in skinny wines, I.e wine that tastes great but the calorific value is much much less than of ordinary wines bought from the super market. Hope this helps clear up any confusion x

  7. I was amazed when I checked my book at the weekend and thankfully had a 12% wine but even then!!! Oh well, Champagne for breakfast 😀

  8. I’m really confused, I screenshot the amounts to my phone the other day and the wine I had was 18 Syns for the bottle. But just seen this and the same wine is 21… Have they changed?!

  9. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone know the syns in a bottle of Torres 0.29% red wine? Trying to work out if it’s worth skipping the alcohol but still get wine ha!

  10. I know you have tried to answer this so clearly. It is me being thick. Please could you tell me how many syns in a bottle of Pinot noir 14 percent xxxx 75cl

  11. Are they changing it to meet goverment guidelines not the diet because if you add up the calories in a bottle of wine it really does not add up to what they are saying. The government wants us to cut down the amount we drink and sw may have some funding or other related benefits for doing this!!,

  12. Hi Paula. My understanding of the syn increases in relation to wine were that the previous syn values were affecting people’s weight loss. I.e people who were using their syns for wine were finding that they were not having the expected losses, even when adhering to the plan.

    This is the same as when previous ‘speed’ foods are recategorised as free protein etc. The diet evolves based on feedback and results, not strictly just calorific value.

    Can’t definitively say that the government and slimming world aren’t in cahoots, but I would be very surprised if there was some sort of backhand deal going on.

    1. Hi Andrew
      We don’t allow syn requests in this group, but if you don’t have access to the SW website then there are a number of FB groups dedicated to providing Syn values.

      You can ask for Syn values in the How Many Syns Facebook group or you can look at Syn values in the Syns Allowed Facebook Group.

    1. Hi Dawn
      Your daily syn allowance is weight related :
      Under 16st is 5-15
      16-20st is 5-20
      Over 20st is 5-25
      Men get an additional 10 syns per day

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