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It’s been on offer for a mere couple of days, yet Slimming World members are already struggling to get their hands on the latest Low Syn frozen dessert!

Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!
Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!

Yesterday we reported on Halo Top ice cream being on offer in Tesco supermarkets across the country, priced at £2.50 instead of £5.00.

It seems that Slimming World members up and down the country have jumped on the ice cream band wagon and have been buying plentiful supplies of this new ice cream.

People on our Facebook group are struggling to get hold of Halo Top!
People on our Facebook group are struggling to get hold of Halo Top!

Members of our Facebook group have been reporting that they have not been able to get any supply of Halo Top when they have been trying to buy, both online and in store.

Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!
Many people on our Facebook group are also not able to buy Halo Top!

Halo Top ice cream appears to have become an overnight success. It’s long been popular in the United States, but has only recently been bought over to the UK and sold in just a few supermarkets.

Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!
It’s just £2.50 a tub in Tesco!

News of the frozen dessert being reduced in price by half has taken social media by storm, with many people posting pictures of them buying Halo Top in large quantities to take advantage of the temporary lower price.

Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!
Instagrammers have been buying in bulk!

It’s little wonder that Halo Top has been an instant success, especially with it’s new lower (albeit temporary) price.

People posting about the product on social media have been quick to state how much they enjoy it, especially for it’s lower Syn value compared to other popular ice creams.

Halo Top Selling Out Nationwide!
Sea Salt Caramel is just one of the many flavours on offer!

Tesco states on their website that the half price offer on Halo Top is valid until 29/1/18, so hopefully those who have missed out so soon after the offer started might have a chance in the coming weeks… we hope!

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