How to deal with chub rub now it’s finally summer

How to deal with chub rub now it’s finally summer. If you’re like me and you’ve not seen your thigh gap since childhood, chub rub is a yearly phenomenon that quite frankly, is a pain in the ass.

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer

We’re in the middle of a heatwave, and as always, we’re badly prepared for “summer”. I don’t know about you, but my thighs are currently miserable.

The cause of our distress?

Well, other than fans selling out, dehydration, and actually having to go to work when we could be supping a low Syn cocktail (check out the Raspberry Vodka Fizz!), it’s all down to our thighs.

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer

Thighs are great they provide adequate cushioning for all the sitting I do. What are yours good for? 😂 Answers below in the comments, please!

Despite losing 7 stone, I have a long way to go and my thigh gap hasn’t quite increased as much as I’d like it to.

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer

Then along comes the good old British summer, when I have no choice but to free my legs from the usual denim and cargo pants, they are the source of profuse irritation.

I need help. We need help. I’ve seen countless chub rub threads in our Facebook group. It’s a BIG problem!

We need protection from the pain, sweat, and rubbed raw skin caused by one thigh getting intimate with the other while we stroll around in our shorts or leggings!

Yup, it’s chub rub season – and this is how members of our Facebook group deal with it!

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Facebook group

1. Mildly Medicated Talc

Talc may sound like it would make the rubbing worse, but by adding some medicated talcum powder, your thighs will gently glide past each other rather than sticking and rubbing.

Cuticura makes a mini-size of their Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talc which you can carry around for top-ups during the day!

2. Apply deodorant in places other than your armpits

If thigh sweat moistness is causing an issue, you can try applying your everyday deodorant to the area.

This works in a similar to the baby powder method, making thighs dry enough that they don’t stick and chaff.

When I asked in our Facebook group, this method received mixed reviews. I’ve tried it with different types of deodorant, and all it did was glue my thighs shut!

Try it on a day when you’re able to pop home and wash it off if it doesn’t work out.

3. Create a physical barrier

I know the thought of any additional clothing when it’s boiling hot outside is silly. But if chub rub has become seriously unbearable, this is the best option by far!

Just make sure that any barrier you choose is made of a lightweight material that will let your chub rub “breathe”. Especially if you already have chub rub, and are trying to get it to clear.

We had loads of suggestions;

“I use cotton cycling shorts under dresses/skirts” – Hana

“Comfort shorts from Evans. Very light and easy to wear” – Moira

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer

“Slogi underwater shorts are great too x” – Eleanor

Amy suggested Bandelettes which look amazing!

They’re specially designed anti-chafing thigh bands – what a fab idea!

4. Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly

Reduce any chaffing down there by liberally applying Vaseline in any areas that are going to rub up against each other while you’re moving.

Anything like Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly will suffice!

5. Steal a trick from those who like to run

When people are off running marathons or doing other sporty things, they tend to have to deal with nipple rub.

They do this with products such as Bodyglide. A lot of people in our Facebook group swear by Bodyglide!

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer
Picture is from Nicky in our Facebook Group

You can get it in his or hers, although there isn’t much difference between the two to be honest. You can grab both varieties on Amazon UK, or in your nearest chemist.

There’s also Lanacane anti chafing gel, which so many of you suggested. It’s Janie’s fav!


You know that shaving makes friction even more unbearable. Bit of friction and lighting matches is not fun!

How to deal with chub rub now it’s finally summer

Unless you’re one of those mythical creatures that can shave every day and be perfectly smooth then don’t bother. It is not worth the pain and suffering that you’ll endure when you scratch your thighs into oblivion!

7. Use some special chub rub product

Brands and cosmetic companies are hearing our cries and are finally making products designed to help us battle chub rub!

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer

Check out Lush’s ‘dusting powder’ called Silky Underwear. It makes your skin all soft and smooth, smells amazing, and works pretty much the same way as talcum powder.

Fiona from our Facebook group, swears by it!! This stuff is amazing.

8. Make sure to rest your sore thighs after a long sweaty day

If you’re reading this then it’s probably too late, you’ve spent the day with your thighs getting hot & sweaty. Your legs are now sore, red, and begging for a rest.

How to deal with chub rub now it’s finally summer (2)

You need  to take a moment to look after them!

9. Keep on that weight loss journey

That’s exactly why we’re here… right?! We can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Come join our Facebook group for more inspiration and advice. There are over 200,000 people willing to help you!

How to deal with chub rub now it's finally summer


Any more tips and tricks for dealing with chub rub? Please comment below and share your wisdom. Our thighs thank you in advance.

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  1. I bought a couple of cotton culotte style half slips a couple of years back. Finally no red raw inner thighs when I wear a dress/skirt!

  2. By far the most comfortable and dryest option for me has always been the cycling shorts. That way you don’t have to worry about re-application of products. The main issue is them showing through under shorter dresses.
    Talc is decent, but only for about half an hour then you need to reapply. I tried the Lush Silky underwear and that had the same results as talc.
    I have a pair of bandalettes, but they are quite hard to come by. I got them whilst I was living in malaysia from an Austalian ebay page for about £16. They are fab if you want to wear a shorter dress (although not too short), but at least they look a bit nicer if they do show through. Their only downfall is the grippy rubber bits get a bit sweaty and they tend to roll, making them a bit uncomfortable.
    Good luck taming your chub rub ladies!

  3. Comfort shorts is my only savior. Tryed talc. Lanacane. Baby oil the lot. Would like to try the bands though as they look quite sexy compared to Evans comfort shorts which look like Bridgette Jones’s 🤣🤣🤣

  4. If it’s too late then and you already have a rash try metanium nappy rash ointment (make sure don’t buy the barrier cream). Use it on my grandson for nappy rash and it works on us adults too. It is a dry cream so helps to dry the rash

  5. If you like using bandalettes but dont wanna fork out for them… buy hold up stockings and cut the stocking off leaving you with the hold up part. Works exaxtly the same

  6. I have been wearing comfort shorts for years now, never get any problem from chub rub. I would never wear a skirt or dress before I discovered wearing comfort shorts or leggings underneath. I tried the talcs and creams but never had any success. I have long, chubby legs and have done since my school years (I’m 51 now!!).

  7. I used the Glide for ladies on holiday to Barcelona last week. we walked 10 miles a day and no Chub Rub! I was amazing.

    Added Deodorant and Talc as well as it doesn’t help to stop the sweaty.

  8. I use Champneys for Men Anti Chafing Protective Balm Sports Therapy, it’s amazing, I can put it on in the morning and I’m fine all day (and I walk a lot). Prior to finding it I used to wear shorts under all my dresses, but that’s horrible when you’re already boiling hot. Unfortunately it’s been discontinued now, I stocked up on tubes and have an alert on ebay for when anyone sells it. I wish I could buy the receipe from Boots and sell it myself! I’m going to be so upset when my stock runs out!

  9. After reading this earlier and wanting to Ben able to walk to the bus stop after work today (in London, 30deg heat) I prowled through Boots and picked up a Mitchum roll on and it worked! Will be looking for some of the cycle shorts as a more foolproof way to stop the rub! I use Bodyglide to stop blisters when I’m running but forgot to take it with me today. It’s great stuff, glad to have another use for it now!

    Thanks for the ideas though!

  10. Sudocream works a treat if it’s too late and immediately calmed mine and healed it in the same day. I but a generous amount on the sore area and it heals it really quickly 😊

  11. I cut the legs off a pair of 15denier tights to make them into shorts (kind of!) and wear those under my dresses. Works a treat x

  12. For a long time now I have used dry shampoo. Works like a dream. But my sister introduced me to LANACANE anti chafing gel. It’s fab! Doesn’t leave any marks and works all day 👍👍

  13. This is my handy hint I use foot powder inside my shoes & sandals & between my legs & un-perfumes roll on deodorant under my boobs it works a treat & Ive told lots of people about this 👍🏻

  14. Follow what the cyclists use….Chamois Creme slap direct onto thighs and stops rubbing. My husband got my daughter onto it after a horrible time in Singapore with heat rash now she swears by it and has her own pot.

  15. Sloggi do long short style briefs which are the best 16 quid I’ve ever spent! Don’t look bulky under dresses and no chub rub 👏🏻

  16. I have also tried a few different methods. Evans comfort shorts are great but they are the only place I’ve found that sell them. All I do now is cut the legs off leggings that are wearing out, they would only be going in the bin otherwise!

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