How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

Ever got to the end of the day with so many Syns left, but don’t know what to have? We asked our Facebook group for the best hints and tips to make the perfect Slimming World Treat Bag.


First up we have Emma and here’s what she has to say!

I’ve been doing slimming world for a year now and am an absolute chocolate fiend. Honestly, pre SW I could eat a whole box of Guylian in one go and then some! But the great thing about this plan is you can still enjoy chocolate!! I’ve lost nearly 3.5 stone so far.

I tried doing Slimming World Treat Bags, made a bag up to X number of syns but I found that if I’d used up say 12 syns I often didn’t have a bag with the exact number of syns remaining.

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

I would end up going over, saying ‘sod it!’ and eating a whole packet of something naughty! So I’ve split all my treats up (it’s quite cathartic buying and organising them…) into boxes and labelled the values.

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

I keep them in the garage so they’re out of sight and I have to go outside in the cold to get them! That way whether I have 1 syn or 15 syns left I can go to the garage and pick what I fancy and I don’t feel like I’m denying myself a treat, and because I’m lazy I rarely go back for more.

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

I’d be lying if I said I never binged but this method helps me feel more in control.

Slimming world has really changed my life!! Can’t wait to get to target!

You can find the takeaway tubs that Emma uses to store her treats in over on Amazon.

Next up We have Eileen and she keeps her Slimming World Treat Bags under her bed!

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

I fill each bag with up to 25 syns (my daily allowance, as I have a larger amount to lose) and I hide them all in the draw under my bed for 2 reasons:

  1. My 19 year old son doesn’t know that drawer exists 😂😂😂 so they’re safe
  2. I only go upstairs at bedtime as I’m disabled so my husband goes up every night about 10 and brings me down a bag.

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

So I sit and watch something on TV and eat my goodies. The contents always vary too, so a new surprise every night 🙂

How To Make Slimming World Treat Bags

Tips For Making Slimming World Treat Bags

“I don’t make bags per say but I keep all the snacks in a box with the syn values written on them in marker so I can grab what I fancy and they’re all labelled up. all less than 5 syns.” – Laura R

“I don’t make bags but I do have a massive plastic box on the top of my fridge filled with low syn treats…..Green & Black’s mini chocolate bars, meringue nests, hifi bars, French fries crisps, caramel rice cakes, melba toasts, mikados etc.” – Sally M

” I love my treat bags they are my saviour! My b choice of hi-fi lights go in too. A pack of low syn crisps, some chocolate (at the moment left over Xmas things) I make 7 up on weigh day and shopping day ready for the week ahead. Write the syns on the bag so I know what I’m having. Get one bag out per morning then when it’s gone so are the syns.” – Dionne C

“A tip is to not pack things out of their packaging where possible. Certain things like mikado, chocolate with wafer, dinky deckers/other small bite size choc things as they go soft or taste weird!” – Emma B

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  1. I love this! We have a bowl on top of the fridge with Hifi bars and other naughty stuff! Some of it has got the syn value on them and then the others I work out as I go along as if I take a while to find something I end up realising I don’t actually want/need anything and have some cordial or fruit. If something is too high syn for that day I have a syn free yoghurt! It’s all in the plan 💪🏻 😁

  2. What a great idea, it’s worth making little bags or just putting syn values on treats, I will definitely try this after my holiday, although I love Cadbury’s chocolate I can be really strict, all I had at Easter was 1 Cadburys creme egg, and boy did I enjoy it!!

  3. I need to do this idea of putting in a plastic bag on top of fridge. I’m disabled so often ask girls or hubby to get something for me. This way they can do it easily.

  4. I freeze my hifi bars. They last longer and in my opinion taste better. I have one as a treat just before bed time. My little indulgence… 🙂

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