How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer

ICE, ICE BABY! Alright, Stop! Collaborate and listen… I have a confession to make. Something I’m ashamed of… My Slimming World freezer.

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer

Things came to a head this morning, when I was delving into my freezer to find something for tea.

I found two UFOs – Unidentified Frozen Objects. Yes, those mystery freezer bags or plastic boxes that contain frozen food. Often brown in colour, which doesn’t help! Is that Syn Free Stew? Syn Free Beef Ragu? Syn Free Baked Bean Bolognaise? Chilli Con Carne? Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess!

UFO - How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer

Occasionally a recognisable object, such as a red kidney bean, will give the game away. YES!!! Chilli! Get the rice on, dinner is sorted. For me, this never happens!

I have to defrost and hope, or carry out something akin to a forensic investigation to establish exactly what I’ve salvaged from the icy tundra that is the bottom of my freezer! If only I had labelled my container when I froze my leftovers!

I recently spotted this post from Emma Kells, in our Facebook group. What a fab idea?!

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer
Photo By Emma Kells

How super-organised! You can pick up freezer storage bags over on Amazon.

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer
Photo By Emma Kells

While I’m on the subject of my freezer, I might as well confess ALL my sins! I’m terrible at freezer maintenance.

I hate defrosting, so I avoid it for as long as I can. In fact, if truth be told, I leave it far too long. Then I end up with an iceberg to get rid of! Check this out…

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer

The top drawer of my freezer is actually frozen solid. Whoops! It’s at the top of my ‘to-do’ list for this week. (I promise!) I often snap up bargains when I spot them in the supermarket.

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer

We all love saving money, right? My biggest downfall is not planning ahead. I will sometimes end up with a couple of items that are close to their use-by dates. I hate waste, so I’ll pop them into the freezer.

The trouble is that I don’t always remember what I’ve frozen for use at a later date. Then, I repeat the entire process.

How To Organise Your Slimming World Freezer
Next time we’ll talk about organising cupboards!

I throw more stuff in the freezer, thinking that I’m not wasting food. If I’m honest, there are things at the bottom of the chest freezer that will never see the light of day.

These are the foods that will doubtless end up being thrown away the next time I defrost. So much for not wasting food.

I must to get into the habit of checking what’s in the freezer before I head to the supermarket!

So, here is my pledge:

I will label everything I put in the freezer.

I will defrost my freezer this week. (I will, I will, I will!!)

I will try to remember to check what’s in the freezer before I go shopping!

Janie x

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