How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

It’s a well known fact that by eating more healthily, you need to change your food shopping habits. With that, however, can mean spending much more money in the supermarkets. We’re going to tell you how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop!


It’s a theme of conversation that’s pretty common over on our Facebook group, and we all know how important it is to save money wherever you can.

Food shopping seems to be one of those vacuums of money.

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

Too many times i’ve gone into a shop with the best intention of spending £30 on a set list of items. £80 later, some wine ‘on offer’ and absolute rubbish you can’t even eat, mission failed.

Does Shopping For Healthy Food Cost More?

It’s long been considered that shopping for healthy food costs more.

This is largely because of the huge availability of convenience food, whether that’s ready meals, frozen food or takeaway fast food.

Whilst it may be the case that these types of foods are easier and often cheaper to get hold of in the supermarkets, it doesn’t mean that healthier options are completely off the menu if you’re sticking to a budget.

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World
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Far from it, in fact!

It only takes a few easy steps to have a huge impact on your food shop, making it cheaper and easier for you to succeed when you’re food optimising.

That’s why it’s so important to show you how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop.

Consider Changing Your Supermarket

Many of us have become loyal to one supermarket brand in particular.

This could be purely cost based, or maybe it’s the one that’s closest to you.

Being able to pick everything you need in one supermarket might save you precious time, but it might also be costing you for the privilege.

If you’ve got the time and the accessibility to visit different shops, give it a go!

Whether that’s swapping between budget supermarket and premium supermarket, or buying frozen food from a specific frozen foods supermarket, it’s worth spending some time (if you’ve got it) trying out different supermarkets to see if you can save yourself some cash.

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

If you’ve been put off by budget supermarkets and haven’t tried them out for a few years, they’ve come an awful long way!

The likes of Aldi and Lidl stock more and more items you’d find anywhere else, and sometimes at a fraction of the cost.

It’s just one of the many ways as to how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop!

Buying Frozen Ingredients

Not all that long ago, peas and sweetcorn were about the only vegetables you’d dare buy from the supermarket freezers without the fear of whatever else you buy being a mushy mess.

These days, there isn’t a lot you can’t buy as a frozen alternative!

Most supermarkets now stock a huge array of frozen vegetables, fruits, herbs and ingredients that are both Slimming World friendly and sometimes easier on the pursestrings too.

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

They can be a huge time saver too, as you can buy vegetables such as onions and peppers that are already cut and prepared for cooking, saving you the effort of doing it yourself (and saves the tears from onions!)

For example, how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop could be to purchase a bag of diced onions from Asda for just 95p you get 650g (approx 5 onions) of diced white onion that’s immediately ready using for cooking.


There’s the potential of saving even more money if you’re willing to head to different supermarkets. There are options such as Farmfoods and Iceland, whose speciality is of course frozen foods.

Here you can tend to find bigger quantities of frozen food, and often at lower prices.

Buying Fresh Food Locally

Another way as to how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop is to shop locally for fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that has a greengrocers or a weekly market that features a fruit and veg stall, it’s well worth a try!

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

Much of the produce is truly as fresh as it comes, and often cheaper.

It may mean going out of your way a little bit. However, it’s a fantastic way of providing yourself with fresh produce and helping out local traders.

Batch Cooking

This method might make a bit of a mess in the kitchen, but it’s well worth the effort at the end of it all!

Continuing the theme of putting your freezer to excellent use… Cooking dishes in bulk and separating them out into meals for different days can really help you save both time and money.

By buying all the ingredients you need in one go for one dish, you can save money in the long run from having lots of meals already prepared.

It’s a fantastic method to use if you’re usually scrimping and saving by the time the week before payday comes.

Knowing that you’ve got plenty of lovely dishes available to reheat from the freezer can really help. Especially when it comes to saving money on your Slimming World food shop.

Our Top 10 Batch Cooking Recipes | Slimming World
Take a look at our Top Ten Batch Cooking Recipes for more ideas!

Where better to find our best batch cooking recipes than our Top Ten Batch Cooking Recipes.

It was assembled using our amazing Facebook group members, so you know these have been tried, tested and approved by the best people around!

Get Your Meat In Bulk

We’re big lovers of buying our meat from Protein Food Shop. Providing the best quality meat, in bulk, and most importantly at a really good price.

How To Spend Less On Your Slimming World Food Shop | Slimming World

Ordering meat in this way can prove to be a huge cost saving exercise. That means that it’s easier than ever to always have a plentiful supply of Slimming World friendly meat products at all times.

It also means that you haven’t got to fork out for meat over the entire month. You can have one parcel delivered to your door that can last you through to next payday.

Perfect for budgeting!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Last but not least on our top tips for how to spend less on your Slimming World food shop, its putting a meal plan in place.

As with many things in life, planning is the key to success. That’s certainly true when it comes to spending less on your Slimming World food shop!

One way to plan like a pro is to have a meal plan for the week.

We’ve got so many meal plans you can use, such as our Syn Free 7 Day Meal Plans and our On A Budget 7 Day Meal Plans.

Budget Week 1 - 7 Day Slimming World Meal Plan

Each meal plan is designed to make it easier than ever for you to plan your meals. Complete with all the recipes and the ingredients you need to make them,

It’s bound to save you both time and money if you’re only buying the foods and ingredients that you need. With the week’s worth of meals that you’ve had planned for sorted.

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