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Budget supermarket Aldi has announced via its Facebook page tonight that it is recalling one of its products due to faulty packaging. We have all the information on the Important Aldi Product Recall below.

Aldi Soy Sauce Product Recall | Slimming World

Aldi Soy Sauce Product Recall

Aldi’s Facebook page post informs 1.6 Million followers that the Asia Specialities brand of Soy Sauce is being recalled. This is due to fears that the packaging may break, and may contaminate the product.

Aldi Soy Sauce Product Recall | Slimming World

Soy Sauce is a hugely popular ingredient for cooks to use whether they’re following Slimming World or not. However, Soy Sauce is a Free food and a fundamental ingredient for many Chinese style meals, many of which are popular with Slimming World members.

Which Aldi Soy Sauce Is Affected By This Recall?

Both the Asia Specialities Soy Sauce in both Light and Dark varieties are affected by this recall, state Aldi. So if you have a bottle, check it out to see if yours is an affected one.

Aldi Soy Sauce Product Recall | Slimming World

The recall is limited to bottles of the Asia Specialities Soy Sauce with the following attributes:

Aldi Code: 49408
Barcode (Light): 25326758
Barcode (Dark): 25251111
Batches Affected: Best before dates May 2019 – December 2019

What Should I Do If I Have This Aldi Soy Sauce?

According to the information given to customers via Aldi’s Facebook page, any customer who has purchased Asia Specialities Soy Sauce in either Light or Dark variety should not consume this product.

Aldi Soy Sauce Product Recall | Slimming World

If you have a bottle, you can return the product to your nearest Aldi store for a full refund.

Is This The First Aldi Product Recall?

Aldi have had voluntary recalls of products in the past. We reported earlier this year that Aldi had recalled bags of frozen vegetables due to pieces of dead animal being found in some bags.

Aldi has been known to respond accordingly to product recalls, and using social media to report these product recalls is a very good way of telling people know about these products and hopefully minimising any danger to customers.

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