Is Your KFC Closed? Make Your Own! | Slimming World

You’ll no doubt have seen that over 600 KFC stores have had to shut due to delivery issues. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with some brilliant low Syn Slimming World friendly options that will fill the gap, if not be better than the real thing!

Is Your KFC Closed? Make Your Own! | Slimming World
(Image: PA)

What’s Happened at KFC?

BBC News have reported that as of Tuesday morning, over 640 KFC chicken shops have been forced to close due to, unbelievably, a lack of chicken.

The fast food giant has recently switched delivery company, swapping food distribution experts Bidvest for worldwide delivery company DHL. This swap has resulted in KFC stores not receiving their chicken deliveries.

Is Your KFC Closed? Make Your Own! | Slimming World
(Image: PA)

Some argue that a delivery of chicken to a fast food chain that specialises in chicken is somewhat important for business.

KFC have blamed the lack of chicken deliveries on ‘a couple of teething problems’ after making the delivery company swap.

The use of a new computer system to order the chicken has also been put forward as a reason.

When Will KFC Stores Reopen?

They’re not too sure! It’s a case of ‘as and when’ for deliveries being made to stores up and down the country.

BBC News reports that KFC bosses have stated it’s ‘too early to tell’ how long the problem will persist, and when the chicken delivery calamity will be resolved.

How Can I Cure My Chicken Cravings?

Fear not, worthy reader, Pinch Of Nom is here to help.

It’s no secret that many of the dishes available at KFC carry a high Syn value. We’ve got a few KFC style recipes that are not only low in Syns, but taste amazing too!

Low Syn KFC Fakeaway

First up is our classic Low Syn KFC Fakeaway. We’ve had this recipe on our website for a long time now, and it never fails to be one of our most popular recipes.

Our Low Syn KFC Fakeaway is the perfect Slimming World alternative to going to a KFC outlet!

It’s got all the taste of a typical KFC chicken meal that you can get at the fast food retailer, but without the high Syns!

Syn Free Rustic Potato Wedges

What better to serve your KFC-style chicken than beautiful Syn Free Rustic Potato Wedges!

Syn Free Rustic Wedges | Slimming World-8
Serve up your KFC-style chicken with our Syn Free Rustic Potato Wedges!

Not only are these wedges completely Syn free, but they’re also really tasty. Great for bulking out a KFC-style meal!

Syn Free Coleslaw

It’s arguably the most popular side dish to order when you’re at KFC, so why not make Low Syn Coleslaw at home. It’s completely Syn free too!

Syn free coleslaw
Make our Syn Free Coleslaw at home today!

Not only is this Syn Free Coleslaw completely free of Syns, it’s also packed with Speedy vegetables.

This makes it a brilliant side dish for so many other dishes too, a great recipe to have under your belt!

Syn Free KFC Chizza

You’ll be hard pressed to find this at your local KFC, which makes it all the better to make our Syn Free KFC Chizza!

Syn Free KFC Chizza | Slimming World
Try out our Syn Free KFC Chizza, you won’t regret it!

A fantastic way of using your Healthy Extras, this Syn Free KFC Chizza brings together two of our favourite things, KFC chicken and pizza, in a Syn free extravaganza!

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