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Besides all the bad things on their menu, one of the best things at McDonald’s in this heat is definitely the McFlurries. It seems that McDonald’s know this, as they’ve revamped their whole ice cream selection!


McDonald’s has released a smaller version of their rather lush McFlurries, and they’re the perfect treat in this warm weather.

The mini ice creams, which have launched this week, are available in all of the main flavours such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo and Cadbury Crunchie.

Picture: McDonald’s

But that’s not all! There will also be two new flavours on the menu; A Flake Raspberry McFlurry, and a Flake Chocolate McFlurry.

The new McFlurries will cost 59p for a 75g pot. Which isn’t bad considering that’s under half the price of their full sized versions.

Price isn’t the only thing under half, as the calories will go from from 320 to around 150 per pot.

Picture: McDonald’s

This makes the new McFlurries to be around 7 Syns each. 7 Syns!! Some may be as low as 6.5 Syns each, to as much as 9 Syns so PLEASE check for yourself using the Slimming World website!

But if you like the sound of the new flavours then you’ll want to get in there fast because they will only be available from 27th June to 7th August.

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A new 150g tub will replace the current 170g, though the price will also be reduced down to 89p from 99p for the main flavours.

Limited edition flavours will rise from £1.29 to £1.39.

Picture: McDonald’s

According to a spokesperson for McDonald’s, they’re reducing the size because they’re ‘looking out’ for us.

‘The new McFlurry options have been reduced in size, sugar content and price. By offering smaller portions at a reduced price we are providing our customers with the opportunity to make a choice that is right for them.’

It’s nice to see McDonalds creating an option for those of us who want to make sensible choices!

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Low Syn McDonald's McFlurry?! YES PLEASE! | Slimming World
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