7 Day Slimming World Meal Plan

Vegetarian Week 6

slimming world 7 day meal plan vegetarian week 6

Some people say menu planning is just as difficult with Slimming World, so we’ve put together this Vegetarian – 7 day Slimming World Meal plan for you!

Want to make your own meal plan? Just head over to our Meal Planner page.

Just change the portion’s to how ever many you like, then create your shopping list!

January 1
Day 1
January 2
Day 2
January 3
Day 3
January 4
Day 4
January 5
Day 5
January 6
Day 6
January 7
Day 7
Low Syn Pear and Apple Baked Oats (1)
Syn Free Melon & Berry Bowl (2)
1x Fat Free Yogurt (1)
1x Fruit (1)
Syn Free Cous Cous Breakfast Cups (leftovers) (5)
Your choice of cereal (1)
Syn Free French Toast (2)
Syn Free Weekend Brunch (1)
Syn-free Curried Butternut Squash Soup (6)
Syn Free Courgette & Butterbean Frittata (leftovers) (4)
Syn Free Cous Cous Breakfast Cups (5)
Syn Free Marmite Pasta (leftovers) (2)
Syn Free Butter Bean Salad (2)
Syn Free Sweet Potato and Carrot Rostis (6)
1x Eggs (1)
Tomato Bruschetta (2)
Syn Free Courgette & Butterbean Frittata (4)
Low Syn Garlic & Chilli Pasta | Slimming World (2)
Syn Free Marmite Pasta (2)
Vegetable Stew With Orzo (2)
Syn Free Creamy (veggie) Chicken (2)
Syn Free Savoury Rice (2)
Broccoli Cheese (4)
Ratatouille's Ratatouille - Syn Free (4)
Syn Free Beetroot & Mint Hummus (2)
Syn Free Stuffed Eggs | Slimming World (12)
Syn Free Butter Bean and Garlic Dip (2)
1x Fruit (1)
Half Syn Watermelon, Feta and Mint Bites (12)
Syn Free Savoury Rice (leftovers) (2)
Syn Free Broccoli and Sweetcorn Fritters | Slimming World (2)
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