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We had a really good response to our first Motivation Monday article focusing on Tracy’s story, so we thought we’d bring you another one. We’re big fans of motivation at Pinch Of Nom, and it seems you are too!

In these Motivation Monday articles, we’re asking a series of questions to get an idea about how people approach their Slimming World journey, what obstacles they’ve faced, and how this has changed their life for the better.

Emma’s Story

This week we’re taking a look at Emma’s story. Emma is a 33 year old nurse and lives with her husband and 2 year old daughter.

She’s also a big part of Pinch Of Nom, you may recognise her face from the bottom of a lot of recipes on the site!

Emma isn’t a member of a Slimming World group, preferring to follow the plan from home whilst utilising the Slimming World principles on a daily basis.

Like many other people, this suits Emma better as a busy working Mum.

She’s been able to find time to answer some of our questions, lets take a look!

When did you decide that enough was enough and you wanted start following Slimming World?

Well…I’d had The Child and realised that contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding didn’t actually help me lose weight! I’d put on around 3 stone after I met my husband, Rich.

We got married in 2014 and had Aria the following year. So, with summer on the way I was keen on fitting into my fave pair of jeans again, but I’d also like to try out as a Wimbledon Ball girl…I’ve so far only achieved one of these things. But I live in hope!

Did anyone influence you to start following Slimming World?

My sister had done really well on Slimming World and so had my best mate Vicki…so I knew it worked, though I remained a bit sceptical!

Rich decided he was going to start following the plan too as he’d also put on a bit of weight over the years which he wanted to shift – I think he was probably even more dubious about whether it would work than I was!

We decided that with a young baby and not a lot of available money that we’d do the plan from home. This isn’t an option that works for everyone, but because we were both going to try it, we had each other for support.

How did your first week go following the plan? Any surprises?

We basically spent the first week not quite believing that we could eat what we were eating and lose weight – it didn’t really make any sense!

So our set weigh day came…I’d lost 7lb and Rich had lost a whopping 13lb. To say we were gobsmacked was an understatement!

How much have you lost in total, and how long has this taken?

I lost 3 stone, and Rich lost 5 stone in 6 months.

What was the reaction from friends and family when they started to notice you losing weight and following Slimming World?

It was really great when people started to notice the weight loss!

When I went back to work after maternity leave looking much slimmer, the best reaction was from my work colleagues!

Weirdly I didn’t feel like I looked much different but everyone else thought I did!

And I got back in those jeans – so although I didn’t have a target weight, I’d reached the goal I’d set myself!

What’s the one thing about Slimming World you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I’d known that actually I really just had to make a few changes to what I was eating that would make such a big difference.

Swapping oil for Frylight, using 5% mince instead of fattier varieties and padding meals out with hidden veg!

How has getting involved with Pinch of Nom and other social medias helped you with your Slimming World journey?

Where do I start with Pinch of Nom?

I joined the group when it was tiny – I think there were a few hundred people. One day, I made some Banana and chocolate cookies and posted a picture in the Facebook group with the recipe.


Next thing I know, I get a message from Kay who wondered if her and Kate could use the recipe on the website – I of course agreed!

We got chatting (Game of Thrones was a hot topic haha) and realised that we actually had quite a bit in common.

Kay asked if I wanted to be on the admin team as the Facebook group was growing and that was that! So I’ve been writing recipes and articles for over 18 months now.

Through Pinch of Nom I’ve met the craziest bunch of people ever, but I’m not sure what I’d be doing without them all! It’s hard work, but it’s so sooo worth it, we have so much fun and I’ve got a lot to thank them all for!

What’s your favourite Pinch of Nom recipe, why do you like it so much?

Well…there’s a lot to choose from, and I’m a little biased! I think the favourite from my recipes is Low Syn Farfalloni Con Funghi, and was probably the first recipe of mine that was popular on the group too!

Farfalloni Con Funghi 1I absolutely LOVE the 2 Syn Chicken Korma – it is just uh-may-zing, and I really can’t believe it can taste that good and not be from the takeaway!

Our 2 Syn Chicken Korma Curry

What has been your favourite non-scale victory?

In May last year I decided to start the Couch to 5K.

I’d never, ever, EVER been sporty but losing a few pounds had really given me a little bit of confidence to be able to stick some running leggings on and go out in public. Plus it meant that I got half an hour 3 times a week without having to talk to anyone at all!

I’ve not been running since the evening’s got a bit dark and scary (I’m a wimp) but I’m really looking forward to getting back to it when the Spring arrives again!

For me, running meant that I could enjoy a few glasses of prosecco without putting any weight on…which for me, is a fair trade for the sweating and horrendousness of running!

Lastly, what affect has joining Slimming World had on your life?

Slimming World has changed the way I eat. I’ve put a bit of weight back on, but I don’t worry about it as I know I can shift it by sticking to the plan!

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