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What We Think


Kate is co-founder of Pinch of Nom and a professional chef of over 25 years.

As a team of professional chefs, we know that great dishes can only come from quality ingredients.
When we started our Slimming World journey, we didn’t realise how hard it would be to find quality lean meat. At the supermarket it’s either too expensive or they just don’t do it! Using Muscle Food has enabled us to cook great, tasty meals without breaking the bank.

You Can Make All Of These…

What Are You Waiting For? You Get ALL This…


SYN FREE 12 x 200g – Chicken Breast Fillets (2.5kg)

Unbelievably juicy, succulent and downright tasty, these extra lean Premium Chicken Breasts are the only product of their kind to win 2014 Great Taste Award!

SYN FREE 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Flat Iron Steaks

The best rump steaks you will ever taste – matured for 21 days for extra flavour and less than 8g fat per steak! Simply stunning!

SYN FREE 2 x 6oz – Beef Hache Steaks

You will absolutely love these steaks, they are a true customer favourite! Prime steak trimmings, minced and rolled into succulent steaks with only 3.2g saturated fat.

SYN FREE 400g – Extra Lean British Beef Mince

Our extra lean British Beef Mince is second to none! Tested and certified with just 4.2g fat per serving – this is the leanest mince you will find!

SYN FREE 2 x 5oz Hickory BBQ Chicken Steaks

Simply outstanding… A summer game changer! Introducing NEW High Protein Smokey BBQ martinated Chicken Breast Steaks! Our usual Great Taste Award Winning Chicken Breasts smothered in a CLEAN, High Protein BBQ glaze.

1/2 SYN EACH 6 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages

Good news folks… Cumberland Sausages are back on the menu with our deliciously thick bangers – officially certified low in fat!


1/2 SYN EACH 6 x 75g – Low Fat Pork Sausages

LESS than 0.9g fat per sausage, a tasty 14g protein and just 88 calories – you can finally enjoy a deliciously porky sausage without ruining your macros! Tender, extra lean pork sausages with TEN times less fat.

0.5 SYNS FOR 3 20 x 20g – Lean British Meatballs

Three words – Great. British. MEATBALLS! Deliciously free range, 100% grass fed and certified Gluten Free with a tasty 18.9g of protein per 100g – how could you resist?

1 SYN EACH 2 x 4oz Extra Lean Steak Burgers

All the gorgeous flavour you would expect, simply without the added calories! You will hardly believe each burger contains only 2.5g saturated fat. They are even Certified Gluten Free!

SYN FREE 14 x 25g Low Fat Bacon Medallions

Low Fat Bacon? Oh yes, bacon is firmly back on the menu with these stunning Bacon Medallions which contain less than 1g fat each!

Disclosure – these are affiliate links. If you click and buy we receive a very small commission from Musclefood, which keeps the lights on here at Pinch of Nom.

However, we are genuinely a Musclefood customer. We’ve bought their products prior to this promotion & as professional chefs, would never recommend something that we didn’t believe was a good quality & good value for money.

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