My Epic Slimming World Week -13.5lb

I had a pretty good week this week, much needed after bobbing around at the same weight loss for a few months. When you’re busy in the kitchen all day, it’s so tempting to pick at things – and that we do.

my epic slimming world week

Also been stuck in a little rut, you know… when things don’t go your way on the scales, yet you know you haven’t stuck to plan 100%. You start to doubt things – grind yourself down and feel like you’ve lost your mojo.

I know that the Slimming World Plan Works – so I decided to have a “first week”. When everything you do is right on plan!

We had a few business meetings down south, so decided to make a little road trip of it.

my epic weight loss week
The view from our room was lovely!

I work 10am – 3am most days flitting between the Facebook group, coming up with new dishes and fixing/breaking the site, so a break was needed!

my epic slimming world week-3
Would have been wrong not to sample the cocktail menu – lime is speed food after all 🙈

I felt we really needed to let our hair down, and enjoy. But at the same time, making sensible choices, but making amazing memories and to enjoy ourselves.

my epic slimming world week-1

We also went to see a few friends – such an epic time was had!!

my epic slimming world week-4
We stopped by Vicky Galvin’s Slimming World group, Emma got her first ever Hi-Fi bars!

Weigh in post holiday wasn’t pretty, and I decided to cut & run and not stay to group. That’s never happened before! I just wanted to get home and not only plan, but actually do it.

my epic slimming world week-7
We popped in to say hi to Vicky, and gave her a PON apron

Sometimes we hear amazing ideas at group, but never put them into practise.

I was determined to get back on it BIG TIME.

And that I did, weighed in yesterday and had a 13.5lb loss. I’ve been doing Slimming World over a year now and have lost 7 stone.

This journey has not been at all easy. 

My Epic Slimming World Week

Before I get to my food diary for the week, here are a few points that I ALWAYS follow;

  • ALWAYS have half a plate of speed – but not doing SP (doesn’t work for me!!) Lots of beetroot/ red cabbage/ pickled veg / gherkins
  • As much exercise as possible, mainly running round cooking and making recipe videos 😂
  • SYNS – I use all 15 a day. Strawberries & ice-cream, sherbet (for the ice cream!), Nairns crackers, wine, beer and the odd pack of crisps.
  • As I’m usually up late working on the website I tend to avoid eating my Healthy Extras during the day. That way I can have some toast or cereal before I (eventually) get to bed. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when you’re feeling peckish!

My Epic Week Food Diary

So here’s my food diary for the week, there’s also a meal plan right at the bottom that will make a shopping list for you too.

Day 1


Fruit Salad – Strawberries, raspberries, melon and orange. Usually make up a big tub, and pop it in the fridge for use during the week.

Strawberries - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April


Sausage Buttie using Protein Food Shop Chipolatas – You have to try Tony’s Sausages! He’s the newest addition to the Pinch Of Nom team, and he also sells Sausages, chicken thighs and a whole load of lean meats.

Tony - My Epic Slimming World Week

Tony will be helping answer fitness questions in our Facebook group. You should go and join!

My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Baked Salmon with Chilli & Lime & Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad

My fav Salmon Dish, and mega easy to make. Syn free, and mega tasty.

syn free chilli and lime baked salmon | My Epic Slimming World Week

Syn Free Orzo Primavera again, dead easy! Great to leave in the fridge, and snack on in the day. Keeps very well in the fridge!

Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad | My Epic Slimming World Week

Day 2


Melon & a cup of coffee. These sweet, tangy twist melon is my favourite melon at the mo, they are SO tasty.

You can get them in Tesco, and we featured them in the weekly new shopping essentials post a few weeks ago.

tesco limited edition melon - My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Souvlaki Chicken Thighs with a very large side salad!

Syn Free Chicken Souvlaki and Tzatziki | My Epic Slimming World Week

I adore Syn Free Souvlaki Chicken, and decided to use some Chicken Thighs we had lingering in the freezer.


Syn Free Creamy Cajun Pasta & Syn Free Cheesy Garlic Bread – time for some stogy carbs!

Syn Free Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta | My Epic Slimming World Week

Love using my HEB on this Syn Free Cheesy Garlic bread. So tasty!

Syn Free Garlic Bread | My Epic Slimming World Week

Day 3


Melon & a cup of coffee (again!)

tesco limited edition melon - My Epic Slimming World Week


Lo-Dough Breakfast Pizza – I bloody love Lo-Dough! 2 Syns a piece, and makes the most perfect pizza base.

Lo-Dough - The 2 Syn Pizza Base - Review | My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Dirty Rice v2! A slightly different variation of our Syn free Dirty Rice recipe, it’ll be up on the site soon.

syn free dirty fried rice | My Epic Slimming World Week

Day 4


Orange & grapefruit and a big cup of coffee!


Left over Syn Free Dirty Rice – keeps in the fridge, tastes amazing cold!

syn free dirty fried rice | My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Shawarma Chicken Kebab & Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad.

Chicken Shawarma - My Epic Slimming World Week

We recently made a Shawarma Chicken Kebab recipe, but I cooked it on a Thuros BBQ (more about these bad boys coming soon!). Oh my word. Amazing!

Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad was in the fridge, so used it up!

Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad | My Epic Slimming World Week

Day 5


Melon & Strawberries in a bowl 

melon bowl My Epic Slimming World Week


Brunch – we just tend to throw what ever speed food we have in the fridge in a pan, and serve with bacon!

full english on a plate - My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Rotisserie Chicken with Syn Free Asian Salad

Again another recipe that’s coming soon, again cooked on the Thuros BBQ that we’re trying out. So impressed! Beautiful moist lemon, rosemary and garlic chicken, took an hour and a half in total.

Syn Free Asian Salad. Just really easy to make in advance, and keep in the fridge. Tasty too, so not boring at all.

syn free asian slaw - My Epic Slimming World Week

Day 6


A whole punnet of Cherries. Why can they not be speed food?! I could demolish kg’s of the things!!


Full english – see above!

Full english - My Epic Slimming World Week


Syn Free Lamb Rogan Josh (coming soon)

This recipe isn’t up yet (it will be very soon!) just beautiful. In the meantime check out our Syn free Chicken Balti Curry, that’s pretty lush too!

Rogan Josh - My Epic Slimming World Week


I use all 15 of my Syns every day, so I try and cook as much Syn free things meal-wise, so I have my Syns to use if I need them.

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to use up my Healthy Extras for a late night snack.

My Epic Slimming World Week
My version of Snackables!

Here are some of the things I can’t live without;

  • Fruit – pears (lots!), oranges (lots!!), strawberries & ice-cream (my treat most nights – 5/6 syns), cherries (why can they not be speed?!?!)
  • Souvlaki Chicken/ Cajun Chicken/ Garlic and herb chicken pieces. They keep so well in the fridge.
  • Tinned fish – John West mackerel/tuna
  • Slimming World Snackables (HEA, Nairns Crackers, ham, pickled onions & mini gherkins)

My Epic Slimming World Week Meal Plan & Shopping List

January 1
Day 1
1x Fruit (1)
1x Protein Food Shop Chipolatas (1)
Syn Free Chilli and Lime Baked Salmon (leftovers) (2)
Syn Free Orzo Primavera Pasta Salad (4)
Click on a recipe for more details
Selected Recipe: Selected Recipes:
Ingredient Quantity

  1. Thank you so much for putting all the info in one place. this has given me the kick up the backside I needed x

  2. Wow. That loss is amazing. Well done. I have a week before I go on holiday, but it’s hubbies 40th on Sunday so cake will be consumed!! Hope to shift a few more lbs before holidays. I seriously would be lost without PON recipe’s, especially chicken souvlaki!

  3. Fabulous weight loss and thank you for the meal plan. Has given me some ideas for the week ahead.
    I’ve been at slimming world for about 4 years and am maintaining a 2 stone loss but would like a bit more. I think every now and then we need to go back and do a first week justvyo give our bodies something to think about again.
    Keep on keeping on, pinchofnom is fantastic. And I think cherries should be speed too
    Jackie xxx

  4. Love the meal plan and the wY you have set it out. Which app is this please that generates your shopping list as well it’s brilliant .thank you for sharing I’m going to try some if not all of these

  5. Oh my well done you. You’re my new heroine!!!
    In 4 weeks I’ve lost 6, gained 2.5, lost 6, gained 3.5.
    I’m very puzzled and disheartened but I won’t give up.
    I will read more of your story.

  6. Good ideas, I need motivation and different ideas to eat, I have got stuck in a rut. I tend to have fruit salad for breakfast and lunch thinking fruit is speed, then a small salad in the evening, I use my hifi bars for when I go to bed as my healthy B. I no I need some variation in my meal thoughts as I am just having the same things week after week. I need the help to get that variation.. Please help me I have got 7 st to loose, I am 62 now so time is running out.

  7. Wow Kay……amazing result and what a great read!

    Also, I love the options of ‘Save to meal planner’, ‘Print Plan’ and ‘Generate Shopping List’, as this makes it all so incredibly easy.

    Thank you – much appreciated.


  8. Wow, this is amazing! Just goes to show if you plan your meals and stick to plan what you are able to achieve. Love Pinch of Nom and well done to you, what a great weight loss. Thank you for sharing x

  9. Well done you!
    Ive been going to SW for 16 month and I seem to be at a brick wall afte losing 30lb. I’ll have to take it back to the start and write everything down again!

  10. This is brilliant!!! I’ve been, very ‘lightly’ attempting SW only for a few weeks but gone totally off plan this last week due to a number of reasons! However I am going to make a big effort to stick to the plan from Monday! Thanks for these ideas, I would be the same and would rather keep syns and HEX for the evening, when I am most likely to fall off the wagon!!

  11. I wish I could lose at all these wonderful dishes but do to medical problems I have to stick to plain boring food. Curries and spicy dishes leave me really ill. I have picked up some ideas from your site though and they do work wonderfully. I will keep plodding on and hopefullly losing even if it is slow. I love your site and the dishes look amazing. X

  12. Congratulations on your whopping weight loss this week. I too have been stuck at the same weight for a few months now (although I did spend 5 weeks in Australia and maintained ) so have been really keeping to plan this week . I am having lots of fruit for breakfast with syn free yogurt and salads for lunch and very little beer so if I could get even 3 pounds off this week I will be thrilled. Fingers crossed. x

  13. This all seems amazing. Could you present your diet in the form of a chart so that I can print it off for inspiration.
    Well done by the way.
    I need to get a stone off having put on half s stone on holiday. Stilll in France actually

  14. Wow wow wow. Soooo amazing. Been trying hard at the moment and after a week of putting on unexpectedly I might add I did a SP week and was disappointed with only a 3 lb loss………. I write it all down and cook from scratch but I’m not having all my syns think this must be where I’m going wrong lol . I’m just full and don’t like having sweet treats just for the sake of it. Must try and eat more syns in with my meals …….. keep up the amazing journey.

  15. Gonna give this a go…..for some reason though when I’m clicking on the recipes at the bottom the links aren’t working? Anyone else?

  16. Have to say there is not one thing on your plan that I didn’t like. You’ve really inspired me as both me and my hubby have slipped a bit recently. So looking forward to giving this a go.

  17. I’ve been a long time sort of Slimming World member. By sort of, I mean I constantly rejoin and then quit. I love the plan and it really is a way of life but the thing I struggle with the most is that I don’t like fruit so snacking on speed foods is a real issue. Do you have any tips? Also congratulations on that loss!! Amazing!

  18. I Would love it if you could help me lose more weight. I’ve been doing SW for 4 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds. So any help I can get is great. I need to lose another 2st going to Italy on the 25th August and will try to keep to plan as much as I can on holiday!!

    Many thanks
    Lily x

  19. Just wondering if anyone else has stuck to the plan and how much they have lost? I’m on day 3 just curious really.. thanks for sharing, I’m loving the recipes 😊

  20. I was 7lbs from target, then family illness happened so ended up running to/from hospitals, gained 8.5lbs now finding it difficult to get focussed and on track. Love the recipes you posted, meals look delicious – I’m vegetarian so I usually tweak recipes to suit. Well done on your weight loss – an inspiration. ☺

  21. Hi Janie
    I started SW for the second time in Oct. 2016 and have lost 4 stone and change and am really chuffed I stuck with it this time however for the last month or 2 I’ve been plateauing – losing a few and then gaining a bit back. Promise that I’ll do better next week lose a few then do nearly everything verbatim the following week and have a little gain… so frustrating! Your blog has been a real inspiration reading and would love the same results, it would be a real confidence boost. Only difference is I’m a vegetarian and can’t seem to find a good selection of recipes on the official website that are syn free and most importantly I would want to eat. Is there any you could suggest for me? Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Mackenzie,

      Are you a member of our Facebook group? It’s a great place for support, recipes ideas and inspiration

      We have hundreds of recipes on this website so hopefully you’ll find something you like 😊

    1. Hi Nicola,

      Pickling juice is just the vinegar from the jar of pickles – it usually has some herbs or spices in and tastes flavoursome!

  22. Brilliant thank you for posting this, although I am at target I do still need help. I go to class and help every week otherwise I would not be able to keep my weight off. It is so easy to put it on again.

    You are brilliant and look forward to all your recipes.

  23. Best website ever! Keep it up. I’m always concocting syn free dishes! Best one this week was my chicken risotto using pearl barley. Super tasty and so filling!
    Well done on your weight loss xx

  24. This is amazing. I see that you haven’t had much fat free yoghurt or quark with fruit for breakfast, do you think this improved your weight loss?

  25. You lovely ladies have saved the day! I’ve followed your 13.5lb weight loss plan for a week and shifted 9.5lbs…….I’m so grateful. It’s given me the incentive to keep going after struggling for months. The recipes you’ve produced are a joy to cook…..thank you, thank you, 😊

    1. Hi Jo
      If you have a look in the article, just before Kay sets out the diary of what she ate, she explains that she uses all 15 syns each day and what she uses them on. Hope that helps. 🙂

  26. I’m really struggling to shift weight at the moment so I’m Gonna give this week a go! I would like every single thing on here. When we generate the shopping list is that every ingredient that we would need to be able to do this whole week of cooking? We just walk round and tick off the list?

    Very inspiring, can’t wait to have a go

    1. That’s the idea, yes! If you already do some cooking, you’ll probably find that you have lots of the basic ingredients already. 🙂

  27. Just a quick question, don’t you get hungry quickly when you only have fruit for breakfast? I. Pretty sure that wouldn’t keep me full for long.
    Some great recipe ideas though. Well done on an amazing loss!

    1. Hi Rachel
      The plan shows Kay’s main meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget SW recommends snacking on a range of free, speed and protein foods in between meals. Fruit, cold meats, hard-boiled eggs, homemade hummus with veg sticks, that sort of thing. Hope that helps.

  28. Well done on your weigh loss. Thank you so much for p.o.n. you have fab recipes on here. I get fed up eating the same food so come on here for great ideas. Xxx

  29. Hi I could do with a huge boost this week so will be starting the week over this weekend as my weigh in is Thursday and I’m going to Gatwick on Friday for holiday using this to have one last super boost ! May need to use it again when I come back hopefully not lol. Hope it will work. Fingers crossed and ty for sharing :-))) xx

  30. Just wow 13.5 lbs that is amazing well done you.
    Would you be able to share your weekly planner for last week and do you always do SP?
    I love this page so encouraging and great recipes of course.
    Thank you kindly muchly.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Tonia
      If you have a read through the article, Kay has included a detailed diary of her weekly meal plan for this week! Her advice is that she’ll always try to have half a plate of speed, but she doesn’t do SP. 🙂

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