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Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 332,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!) one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly!

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Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

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Fresh and Natural Baby Kale Salad leaves

As you’ll know, every week we try to bring you some ideas for Speed foods in our Shopping essentials round up.

Fresh and Natural Baby Kale - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsThis week is no exception! We have some great fruit and vegetable ideas, starting with these Fresh and Natural Baby Kale Salad leaves.

The baby leaves are perfect for a salad, or to beautifully present a platter of cold meats or smoked salmon. Worth bearing in mind over the next few weeks.

Fresh and Natural Baby Kale Salad leaves are new in Tesco, priced at 95p for a 60g bag. You’ll find it here on the Tesco Website.

Florette Crunchy Cut Salad

Florette Crunchy Cut Salad - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsAnother speedy offering for you now. This Florette Crunchy Cut salad adds crunch and colour to any dish, with pink cabbage and ribbon cut carrot.

It’s a really appealing combination of carrots, white cabbage, pink cabbage, and frilly frisée leaves.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

It would be a perfect as part of a tasty lunch, as a side dish to a meal, or in wraps. Why not combine those ideas and use this salad to create our Syn Free Chicken Shawarma

This is available from Morrisons, priced at £1.25 for a 310g bag.

Frozen Sliced Leeks

Frozen Sliced Leeks - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsLeeks are a really versatile ingredient. Great for soups and casseroles, or as a side dish for a main meal. They’re also a speed vegetable, so a winner all round!

I like to keep a couple of bags of frozen vegetables in the freezer, as they’re so quick and convenient.

All the hard work, the prepping, chopping and peeling has been done for you! You can use them in our Slow Cooker Syn Free Ham Leek and Potato Soup.
Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Frozen vegetables and fruit are great value for money too, as you only cook what you need, so there’s no waste.

This pack of Asda Frozen Leeks costs just £1.00 for a 700g bag.

Frozen for Freshness Asparagus

Fresh Asparagus is a very seasonal vegetable, but the season just isn’t long enough! I love freshly picked, local asparagus, but it’s only available for around 8 weeks of the year in late Spring.

Frozen for Freshness Asparagus - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWith this in mind, I was delighted to discover this new product in the freezer at Asda. Frozen Speed Food is so handy to have on standby.

Freshly frozen asparagus, no mess, no fuss and boils from frozen in just 4 minutes. It would be perfect for making our Low Syn Mozzarella and Asparagus Stuffed Chicken.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Asparagus is also a great alternative to toasted soldiers for a soft boiled egg, too. This Frozen for Freshness Asparagus is from Asda, priced at £1.58 for a 250g bag.

Aldi Super 6 Fruit and Vegetables

Supermarkets such as Aldi offer a great range of foods when you’re following Slimming World.

They always have a great deal on a range of fruit and vegetables, too. It’s well worth keeping an eye on their fabulous Super 6 promotion, as they offer 6 different fruit and vegetables at a bargain price.

In Aldi, the selection on offer in the Super 6 changes fortnightly, so you won’t get bored of having the same vegetables over and over again!

The current Super 6 deal includes;

Chantenay Carrots – 39p

Aldi Super 6 Carrots - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Whole Swede – 39p

Aldi Super 6 Swede - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Mushrooms – 39p

Aldi Super 6 Mushrooms - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Baby Maris Peer Potatoes – 69p

Aldi Super 6 Potatoes - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Whole Cauliflower – 69p

Aldi Super 6 Cauliflower - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Green Beans – 69p

Aldi Super 6 Green Beans - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Dole Sliced Strawberries

Dole Sliced Strawberries - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsStill riding the Speed Food train, we have these frozen sliced Strawberries from Dole.
Slimming World Shopping Essentials
These would be great in overnight oats, or as part of a dreamy, post-dinner dessert with a meringue nest and some yogurt. You could use them in a Low Syn Unicorn Eton Mess!

Or how about using them to make our delicious, Low Syn Mini Strawberry Sponges?

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

You’ll find these in the freezer cabinets at Asda priced at £2.29 for a 350g bag.

Dole Triple Berry frozen fruit

I love summer berries. In the summer, I buy them fresh and eat them by the punnet! When in season, they’re delicious and plentiful, and more importantly they’re reasonably priced!

Dole Triple Berry - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsSo at this time of year, when the punnets are overpriced and seemingly half-empty, I just feel short-changed. Frozen berries are a great way to boost your fruit intake, and as they are frozen, you avoid wasting fruit, too.

Dole Triple Berry frozen fruit mix contains both free and speed berries.

If you’re not sure which are free or speed, you can check our list here.

This is available from Asda in a 350g bag for £2.29

Extra Special Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Asda Sockeye Salmon - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsSalmon is a fantastic Free and P food on the Slimming World Plan. It’s a pretty impressive food anyway, as it’s nutrient rich, packed full of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

It’s suggested that we eat 2-3 portions of oily fish a week, so this Asda Extra Special Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is perfect.

Our Syn Free Chilli and Lime Baked Salmon would be an ideal recipe for this salmon.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

These skin-on and boneless wild sockeye salmon fillets are frozen, so you can cook them straight from the freezer or defrost before use.

A pack of 2 Extra Special Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets costs £5.00 from Asda.

ASDA Extra Special Whole Cooked Canadian Lobster

Asda Whole Lobster - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsThere’s no escaping it now, Christmas really is coming, so it’s time to look at some luxuries.

What could be more luxurious than Lobster? This would make such an impressive centrepiece to a Christmas buffet table.

Lobster is a free food with a P symbol in the Slimming World handbook, so it’s perfect for staying on track!

The Extra Special Whole Cooked Canadian Lobster is from the freezer section at Asda, priced at £10.00

Extra Special Raw Canadian Lobster Tails

Another option for the Christmas buffet, or even a special dinner for two, could be these Canadian Lobster Tails.

Asda Lobster Tails - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsLobster always sounds very extravagant, but at this time of year, I think we’re allowed to push the boat out a little! Don’t forget, they’re free and a P food too!

These raw frozen Lobster tails are from the Extra Special range at Asda. They can be boiled from frozen, or defrosted in the fridge overnight and cooked for your special occasion.

They are available from Asda priced at £10.00

Protein Food Shop 20% Off

Protein Food Shop are offering 20% off all orders, excluding Christmas hampers, right up until 10pm on Wednesday 6th December.
It’s a great opportunity to fill your freezer ready for Christmas with 20% off your order.

Why not order some beef so that you can make our Syn Free Mexican Chilli Beef?

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Standard Delivery Charge of £4.95 applies  (free for orders of £75 and over.)

Protein Food Shop are using a new courier, DPD, who can arrange delivery with 1 hour text time slots.

To Order, use discount code: SAVE20

Tesco Bubble and Squeak Bites

Tesco Bubble and Squeak - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsBubble and squeak is one of those dishes that takes me straight back to my childhood.

It would be a regular Monday night tea if we’d had a Sunday Roast. Leftover potatoes and vegetables all smooshed together and shallow fried until crispy and golden.

Served with sliced cold meat, it was a meal I used to look forward to almost as much as the roast dinner itself!

These would be super handy to have in your freezer for a post-Christmas supper to serve up with some leftover turkey!

They are 1 Syn each using the Syns calculator and cost £1.00 for a box of 12 from Tesco. You’ll find them here on the Tesco website.

IKEA Ginger Thins

Ikea Ginger Thins - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIf you happen to live within travelling distance of an IKEA store, it’s worth checking out their delicious biscuits.

(Of course, in pre-Slimming World days, I’d have been all over the Daim cheesecakes and other delicious Swedish treats, too!)

Aisha in our Facebook group posted about these Heart-shaped Ginger Thins a couple of days ago and they looked good enough to share.

These crispy, delicious Ginger Thins are 1 Syn each on the Slimming World calculator, so you can afford to have a couple without breaking the Syns bank!

A tin of these biscuits costs £3.25 for a 500g from IKEA.

Yeo Valley Bio Light Peach flavour

Yeo Valley Peach - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIn last week’s Shopping Essentials round up,  we brought you the Strawberry flavour Yeo Valley Bio Light Yogurt.

When I popped into Sainsbury’s to grab some for myself, I spotted the peach flavour on the shelf too, so I thought I’d just let you know!

It’s a blend of real organic fruit and thick, creamy, fat free Greek Style Yogurt. As well as being organic, it’s fat free and contains nothing artificial.

It’s Gluten Free too, with no artificial sweeteners.
It’s suitable for vegetarians, too. They’re Free on the Slimming World app.
They cost £2.50 for a pack of 4 in Tesco. You can find them here on the Tesco website. 

The Tofoo Co Organic Smoked Cubed Tofu

We always like to find you options for Vegetarians. This week we found a new product in Tesco, The Tofoo Co Organic Smoked Cubed Tofu.
Tofoo Smoked Tofu - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

This Smoked Tofu can be used in lots of vegetarian dishes, including our Syn Free Salt and Pepper Tofu.

In the run up to Christmas, it’s worth having something up your sleeve for a vegetarian visitor, just in case.

The Tofoo Co Organic Smoked Tofu is cubed & ready to go. It’s Gluten free and Suitable for vegans, and Syn Free on the Slimming World app, too.

Available in Tesco, priced at £2.50 for a 160g pack. You can find it here on the Tesco website.

Tesco Ham And Egg Salad 220g

Tesco Ham & Egg Salad - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsHam and Eggs are perfect protein foods for a healthy snack. Throw in some speed salad too and you’ve got a great grab and go lunch.

This salad bowl from Tesco is ideal for those days when you just ran out of time to prepare lunch, but you want to stay on plan.

The salad bowl includes a sachet of salad cream, which you would need to Syn. (1 level tbsp of standard salad cream is 2 Syns)

Tesco Ham And Egg Salad costs £2.50. You’ll find it here on the Tesco website. 

Clear Seas Peeled King Prawns

Clear Seas 1kg prawns - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsPrawns are great for throwing in a salad, but you can also make some other great dishes with them. They’re free and a Protein food, too.

Of course, there’s a traditional Prawn Cocktail, which would make a fantastic starter for your Christmas day celebrations.
They’d work really well in our Syn Free Fish pie, too.

This 1kg bag of cooked & peeled king prawns is individually quick frozen, so they won’t stick together in one big clump. You can take out as many as you want and keep the rest in the freezer.

These are from Morrisons, priced at £10.00 for a 1 kg bag.

Aldi Raw Jumbo King Prawns

While trawling the freezers for seafood bargains this week, we spotted these Aldi Raw Jumbo King Prawns.

Aldi Raw Jumbo King Prawns - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsThese prawns would be great in a stir fry, to make a really quick evening meal. Add a stir fry veg pack and prepare some dried noodles. You could even knock up our Syn Free Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
If you have a little more time, why not try our 1 Syn Paella?
Slimming World Shopping Essentials
These delicious Raw Jumbo King Prawns are available from Aldi, priced at £2.49

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream

Oppo Chocolate - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsOppo Healthy Ice Cream has been available in Ocado for quite a while, but it’s now sold in Asda. It comes in 4 amazing flavours.

Oppo Vanilla - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIf you haven’t discovered Oppo Ice Cream yet, you really should try it this delicious ice cream made with fresh milk, virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf.

Oppo Salted Caramel - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsOppo Mint choc - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIt’s now in the freezer at Asda, priced at just £3.00 for a 500ml pot.

Nestle Skinny Cow Mint Double Choc Ice Creams

The Skinny Cow Ice Cream range has been around for a while, but these Mint Double Choc Ice Creams are new to Asda.

Skinny Cow mint choc - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIt’s always nice to save a few Syns for a treat after your evening meal. These ice creams are ideal for such an occasion.

Mint Double Choc ice cream is a classic combination, and these delicious ice creams are 6 Syns each, which is pretty good in my opinion.

They cost £2.50 in Asda for a pack of 3 ice creams.

Claudi & Fin Mini Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies

Claudi Fin lollies - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWhen it comes to Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies, Claudi & Fin have got it licked!

With 100% natural ingredients, kids are crazy about their delicious, fruity flavour, and there’s no reason why us Slimmers can’t be either!

Ideal to keep in freezer for a low Syn treat after tea, they’re on the app at just 1.5 Syns each.

Asda are selling these and they cost £2.70 for 9 mini lollies.

The Gruffalo Ice Tusks Chocolate Flavour Coated Milk Ice Sticks

Gruffalo Tusks - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsThese cute little things are Vanilla, Chocolate and Orange Flavour Milk Ice Cream sticks covered in a Chocolate Flavour Coating, Enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D.

If you can prize these away from the little ones, this classic blend of chocolate and orange combines to make a yummy treat for just 4 Syns.

These are new to Asda, priced at £2.49 for 8 lollies.

Tesco Finest Mini Mince Pies

Over the last few weeks, we’ve brought you a range of Christmas Goodies to spend your Syns on. This week, we’ve got another to add to the collection, Tesco Finest Mini Mince Pies.

Tesco mini mince pies - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials12 Mini all butter pastry cases filled with mincemeat, containing vine fruits, glacé cherries, almonds and walnuts, with Italian citrus peel and festive spices, plus a splash of cognac, French brandy and port.

These are on the Slimming World app for 4 Syns each.

A pack of 12 mini mince pies costs £2.00. You’ll find them here on the Tesco Website.

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Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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