New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 2.11.18

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 696,707 members – it keeps going up each week!) one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly, for our New Slimming World Shopping Essentials list!

shopping first image 02-11-18 - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), but you can join up using the link below for the latest news and discussions on brand new Slimming World-friendly products.

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Slimming World recommend having 1/3 Speed Food with every meal where appropriate as part of the Extra Easy plan.

If you’re not sure whether your fruit and vegetable choices are Speed Foods, you can check our Speed Foods list.

Speed Food List - Slimming World Shopping Essentials


We’re always searching for a range of Speed Foods, some Free Foods and a few different ways to use your Syns allowance in our weekly Shopping Essentials round up.

We check the supermarkets and food websites every week to find a selection of new products and special offers to help you stay on plan with Slimming World.

Lidl Pick of the Week

Lidl POTW 2-11-18 - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Our weekly round up this week starts with a selection of vegetables/fruit from Lidl. As you’ll already know, Speed foods are a really important part of the Slimming World plan.

We’re encouraged to food optimise our meals with 1/3 of a plate of Speed food.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Chicken Tartiflette – Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly

With this in mind, we always look for bargains, then give you recipe suggestions, too! So this week, the choices at Lidl are;

This selection is available until the 7th November from Lidl stores, subject to availability. Prices range from 59p to 99p per pack.

Iceland Luxury Kanikama Sushi Collection

Iceland Sushi Collection - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

If you are a sushi lover, here’s something you’re going to like…a lot. Iceland have this Luxury Kinikama Sushi collection.

It makes sense that sushi should be low in Syns, as essentially, it’s just rice and fish, with vegetables. Food optimising, right?!

The Luxury Kanikama Sushi Collection has;

  • 3 x California Pinwheels
  • 2 x Salmon Nigiri
  • 2 x Shrimp Nigiri
  • 1 x Surimi Hosomaki
  • 2 x Salmon Hosomaki

All you need to do is defrost and serve! It costs £3.00 for a 235g box, and the full pack is listed as 3 Syns on the Slimming World database. You can find it here, on the Iceland website.

Iceland Fish Pie Mix

Iceland Fish Pie Mix - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

A great fish pie is comfort food at its best. In fact, we have a fabulous recipe on the Pinch of Nom website for a delicious Syn Free Fish Pie.

It’s a great combination of cod, salmon and smoked haddock, with prawns and vegetables, smothered in sauce and topped with yummy mashed potato. Perfect as a mid-week quick and easy dinner dish.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Fish Pie

Fancy making this for yourself? Grabbing a bag of this fish pie mix will cut down your preparation time even further.

Fish is free and protein ‘P’ food, too! It’s a mix of pollock, smoked and coloured pollock, and pink salmon. £2.00

You can pick this up from Iceland, priced at £4.00 for a 450g pack. You can find also find it here, on the Iceland website.

Iceland No Bull Vegan Range

No Bull - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Our weekly Shopping Essentials list includes a huge range of new products each week.

The vegetarian and vegan food sector seems to be expanding really quickly, with lots of new choices to explore.

No Bull - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Iceland launched their No Bull Vegan range earlier in the year, but have been quietly adding more products to the freezer. This week I found all these new products for you!

  • Meatballs – 2.5 Syns per 100g
  • Green Vegetable Balls – 5.5 Syns per 100g
  • Asian Wheat Protein Burgers – 2.5 Syns each
  • Jalapeño burgers – 3 Syns each

No Bull - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

If you need a sauce for the meatballs, have a look at our meatball recipes on the website! How about a Marinara sauce?  You can find all of these new additions to the No Bull range in the freezer at Iceland.

You can find them here too, on the Iceland website. All items listed here at priced at £2.00 per pack.

Vivera Chicken Pieces

Vivera Chicken Pieces - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

In last week’s Shopping Essentials round up, we brought you some additions to the Vivera meat alternative range. When I was in Sainbury’s this week, scanning the shelves for new products, I spotted this.

Vivera is another name in the vegan foods range, with products suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Of course, it’s also a tasty, healthy alternative for anyone who may be trying to reduce their meat intake. (The ‘MeatFree’ hashtag can be widely found on social media, too.)

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Chicken Fajita Pasta

These Vivera chicken pieces could be used in a stir fry, or in any recipe in place of chicken. Why not try them in our Syn Free Chicken Fajita Pasta dish?

They are free on the Slimming World Syns Online app. A 175g pack costs £2.50 from Sainsbury’s.

Heck Hallowiener Sausages

Heck Hallowiener - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

I found these Heck Hallowiener sausages in Sainsbury’s this week, so thought they’d be a fun addition to this week’s Shopping List.

Obviously they’re a limited edition, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to try them!

These Heck sausages are made with pork, pumpkin and black treacle, perfect for Halloween munchies! They work out at 4 Syns per sausage using the Syns Estimator on the SW website.

They cost £2.00 for a pack of 6 in Sainsbury’s, while stocks last.

Uptons Thai Curry Jackfruit

Uptons Thai Curry - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

We recently featured some new Jackfruit products by Uptons in a Shopping Essentials list. Well, now there’s a new flavour to add to the range.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Jackfruit before, it’s a plant-based vegan meal replacement. A relative of the fig family, the consistency is similar to chicken or pork. It has a fairly neutral taste, so will readily take on flavours.

Thai Curry Jackfruit from Uptons consists of Jackfruit pieces in a Thai inspired coconut sauce. It costs £3.00 for a 200g pack. We’ve used the Syns estimator to work out at 1 Syn per 100g.

Vegi Sweet Potato Rice

Vegi Sweet Potato Rice - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Vegetable rice is a great way to mix things up at mealtimes. We often see members of the Facebook group posting plates of food with cauliflower or broccoli rice, especially when following an SP day.

If you fancy trying some vegetable alternatives, have a look at our article here. Whether you choose vegetable rice, spiralised veg or a root veg mash, it’s a good way to try something different. You’ll find it in Asda, priced at £1.99 for a 200g pack.

This sweet potato rice is certainly different, and as it’s made from 100% sweet potato and nothing else, it works out free using the Syns estimator. As a low calorie rice alternative, it’s gluten free, suitable for vegans and has no preservatives.

Danone Light & Free Fab Fig n’ Honey

Danone Fig n Honey - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Now that the Syns in flavoured yogurts furore has subsided, we can have a look at these delicious Danone Light & Free yogurts. If you missed the news about Syn changes to yogurt products, as well as instant mash, click here to read more.

Danone Light & Free yogurts have always been a great alternative for those who prefer a vegetarian-friendly yogurt, as they don’t contain gelatine. These Light & Free Fab Fig & Honey yogurts are 1 Syn per pot on the Slimming World website.

They come in a multipack of 4 x 115g yogurts, priced at £2.00 in Sainsbury’s.

Muller Bliss Corner Cheesecake Inspired

Muller Bliss Cheesecake Corner - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The corner range of yogurts from Muller have always had a Syn value that was indisputable.

Toppings ranging from fruit compote to chocolate pieces mean a higher Syn tariff than pots of Muller Light.

As an indulgent treat, these could be worth a look, especially if you really miss the taste of cheesecake! Someone posted these in our Facebook group last week and said that they really hit the spot as a quick dessert. They’re on the app at 7.5 Syns each.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Low Syn Stuffed Cheesecake Strawberries

If you love the taste of cheesecake too, why not try our cheeky variation – Low Syn Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries, for all the flavour and fewer Syns!

There are two flavours of Muller Bliss Corner Cheesecake Inspired yogurts to try – Strawberry and Salted Caramel. They cost £2.75 for 4 x 100g desserts.

Sainsbury’s Non-alcoholic Cocktail Inspired Drinks

Sainsbury Grapefruit Twist - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

I really loved the look of these bottles on the shelf when I spotted them!

They just look so pretty, with real shelf appeal! For something a little bit different to drink, these are worth a look.

Sainsbury Rosemary Mojito - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

I quite often end up being the designated driver for the evening, even if I’m not actually going out!

My children have a more active social life than I do, so I’m often required to drive Mum’s Taxi, meaning I can’t have any alcohol.

Sainsbury Ginger Mule - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

These non-alcoholic cocktail drinks are certainly more interesting than a standard can of pop. They’re available in 3 flavours;

  • Grapefruit Twist
  • Rosemary Mojito
  • Ginger Mule

I bought the Grapefruit Twist flavour to try and it’s just as tasty as it looks!

It’s not listed on Syns Online, so we’ve used the Syns Estimator to work these out at 1.5 Syns per 150mls. They cost £1.75 for a 750ml bottle, found in Sainsbury’s chilled aisle.

Coco Pops Choco Bakes

Coco Pops Bakes - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

New cereal bars and bakes are appearing all the time, so when you spot something a bit different they’re worth a look. These Coco Pops Choco Bakes are a tasty blend of wheat flakes and chocolate chips.

They’ve been formulated with 40% less sugar than many other cake-type bars on the market, possibly to comply with the ‘sugar tax’ introduced the the government in April of this year.

Coco Pops Choco Bakes are listed on the Slimming World website at 5.5 Syns per bake, so not bad for a cake-type bar. They’re available from Sainsbury’s and currently on offer, priced at £1.00 for a pack of 5.

Mr Kipling Slices

Mr Kipling Choc Mallow - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsGood old Mr Kipling has wheeled out more seasonal offerings suitable for Bonfire Night. His traditional cake slices often have a theme, and these are no exception.

For a huge Syns saving, why not take a look at our cake section on the website for some delicious home made treats!

Mr Kipling Toffee Apple - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The new flavour cake slices from Kipling’s kitchen are Chocolate Marshmallow and Toffee Apple. They work out at 6 Syns per slice using the Syns Estimator, which is line with the other flavours on the Syns Online app.

Mr Kipling Chocolate Marshmallow or Toffee Apple flavour slices are currently on offer in Sainsbury’s for £1.00 a pack.

Free’ist Cookies

Freeist Choc Striped - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsOne of the Pinch of Nom admin team spotted these new sugar free cookies in Sainsbury’s last week, so I went in search of them for our Shopping Essentials list!

Freeist Coconut - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The Free’ist range consists of no-added sugar and sugar free cookies, perfect for a tasty treat. Sainsbury’s are selling these delicious flavours;

  • Coconut – 4 Syns each
  • Choc striped peanut – 3.5 Syns each
  • Choc chip – 5 Syns each

(all values based on the Syns Estimator on the SW website)

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
2 Syn Double Choc Chip Cookies

If you’d prefer to save a few Syns, why not try making our amazing 2 Syn Double Choc Chip Cookies instead!

Free’ist Cookies are available from Sainsbury’s priced at £1.50 per pack. Other stockists listed include Tesco and Holland & Barrett.

Siro Sugar Free Biscuits

Siro Vanilla Wafers - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

We’ve found more biscuit goodies for the list this week, in the shape of these Siro Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers and Digestive Biscuits.

Manufacturers seem to be making much more of an effort to produce items that are low in added sugar, and even sugar free. As mentioned previously, some of this has come about after the government introduced their sugar tax earlier this year.

The vanilla wafers are very similar to the pink finger wafers that I remember from my childhood. I know that you can still buy them in supermarkets, but the pink wafers were the biscuits my sister and I fought over in the Christmas assortment tin!

SIro Digestive - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The Digestives look appetising, and the reviews I’ve read seem very favourable! Best quote of them all was this one – ‘Very crisp and a lovely flavour. Less crumbs and don’t dissolve so easily when dunking in tea so no dropping into it!’ Enough said, I think!

Vanilla Wafers work out at 3 Syns each using the Syns Estimator and the Digestives come out at 3.5 Syns each. They cost £1.00 per pack from Sainsbury’s.

Asda Lemon Meringue Teabags

Asda Lemon Meringue tea bags - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

We can’t mention biscuits without talking about tea, can we? Asda do a range of dessert-inspired tea bags, and whilst they may not quite as good as the real thing, they do taste lovely!

These Asda Lemon Meringue Teabags are described as a sweet and tangy infusion. If you like flavoured tea, why not give it a try. The tea bags are Syn free, and cost just 74p for a pack of 20 teabags.

Dark Mint KitKat

KitKat Dark Mint - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

For many people, chocolate and mint are a classic combination, so these Dark Mint KitKat biscuits will be a big hit!

They are currently on roll back at Asda, priced at £1.00 for a 9 pack of the 2 finger biscuit bars. This is a huge saving on the usual price of £1.99 per pack. If you love this flavour, it would be worth topping up your treat stash!

Dark Mint KitKats are listed on Syns Online at 5.5 Syns per 2 finger bar, so you can certainly enjoy one within your daily Syns allowance.

Jude’s Low Calorie Ice Cream

Judes Salted Caramel Low Cal - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

2018 has been the year of the low calorie ice cream! We’ve seen Halo Top, Breyers and Ben & Jerry’s fill the freezers with an incredible range of reduced fat, low sugar ice creams. The flavours are fabulous too!

In the past, ice cream has been pretty much off the menu if you’re following a low calorie eating plan, but now that’s all changed. Jude’s Ice Cream has now joined the revolution, launching their own range of ice creams that fulfil the low calorie brief.

Judes Vanilla Bean Low Cal - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Ice cream always causes confusion, as nutritional information is given in millilitres, but when you want to weigh out a serving, you need to measure in grams. Even with fancy electronic scales, this isn’t possible with ice cream.

(Without getting too technical, 100ml of ice cream doesn’t weigh 100g, it’s to do with the composition of ice cream being a different density to water.)

Judes Peanut Butter Low Cal - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Fortunately, these tubs of ice cream are fairly low in calories and therefore low in Syns, too. Using the snackulator on the SW website, we’ve worked out the following;

  • Vanilla Bean – 16 Syns per tub
  • Salted Caramel – 16 Syns per tub
  • Peanut Butter – 19.5 Syns per tub

So even if you got carried away and ate half a tub, you’d still be within your Syns allowance for the day. Phew! They cost £4.50 for a 460ml tub from Sainsbury’s.

Asda Unicorn Lollies

Asda Unicorn Lollies - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Anything with a unicorn on it has sold well this year, so I had to pop these lollies on the list here when I found them in Asda this week! They are made from strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream, which has been formed into a unicorn shape for the cute-factor.

They’re not listed on the Syns Online database, so we’ve used the snackulator on the website to calculate these. They work out at 4 Syns each. A pack of 4 x 70ml lollies costs £1.00.

Freddo Variety Pack

Freddo Variety Pack - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The humble Cadbury Freddo bar is a big favourite in Slimming World circles. The chocolate is pretty chunky, so although Freddo is small, he’s satisfying! At 5 Syns for a standard Freddo, it’s fine to enjoy as part of your allowance.

When I was in Poundland yesterday, buying Halloween goodies in case we had hoards of trick-or-treaters calling, I spotted this Freddo multipack.

  • Original – 5 Syns
  • Caramel – 4.5 Syns
  • Popping Candy – 4.5 Syns

You get 2 original, 2 caramel and 1 popping candy Freddo in the pack, and as they’re from Poundland, they cost £1.00, as you’d expect!

Daim Mint Bars

Daim Mint - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Daim bars are always a treat. Whether you have the full sized bar or the treat-sized pieces, (IKEA, I blame you entirely!) they are really yummy!

I spotted somebody talking about these on Instagram earlier this week, so I had to go on a mission to find them. The post I saw said Iceland, so I called in whilst out doing shopping research for this article.

I’d pretty much given up, when I asked one of the staff if they knew about them. He told me that they were upstairs in the stock room and due to go out on the shelves on Sunday…then offered to get me a pack! Hallelujah!

A pack of 3 Daim Mint Bars costs £1.00. They work out at 7.5 Syns each using the snackulator.


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I must stress the following…

Everything written here about the products is my own opinion. Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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