New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 2/3/18

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 516,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!) one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly, for our Shopping Essentials list!

New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 2/3/18 First ImageNot all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

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The weather has been a huge talking point up and down the country this week.

If you’ve been affected by the snow and bitterly cold weather, stay cosy and please stay safe! Make sure you’ve got Pinch of Nom on hand for warming, hearty, satisfying food ideas at your fingertips.

This is the Shopping Essentials list – our weekly round up of new, Slimming World friendly products.

We search the supermarkets on your behalf, looking for new Speed food and Free Food ideas, as well as treats to spend your precious Syns on!

As you’ll know, the Slimming World plan recommends including 1/3 of a plate of Speed Food with every meal where we can, so we always include some Speed foods in our Shopping Essentials round up, too!

If you need to double check your Speed Foods, you’ll find a comprehensive list here.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials Pinch of Nom

Aldi Super 6 Vegetables

Aldi Super 6 - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWe always keep an eye on the fruit and vegetable offers from the supermarkets to make sure we get best value for money.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free French Onion Soup

This week in Aldi, the Super 6 offer is for vegetables, some are speed, the rest are free, but all are versatile and great on the Slimming World Plan.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Half Syn Cumberland Pie

For lots more wonderful ways to use these vegetables, why not check out the Recipe Index.

All of these vegetables are available from Aldi for just 45p per pack.

Tesco Asian Inspired Salmon Fillets

Tesco Asian Salmon - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsYou’ve probably heard our expression – ‘If it swims, it slims’! We love fish and have found that if we have it a couple of times a week we often enjoy a good result on the scales.

With this in mind, I was interested to find these Asian Inspired Salmon Fillets in Tesco. Skin on salmon fillets with carrots, sugarsnap peas and spring onions and a soy and red chilli dressing.

Of course, we have some lovely salmon recipes on the website, including Syn Free Teriyaki and Chilli Salmon with Noodles.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Teriyaki and Chilli Salmon with Noodles

These Tesco Asian Inspired Salmon Fillets work out Free using the Syns Calculator. They are priced at £4.75 for a pack of 2 salmon fillets. You can find them here, on the Tesco Website.

Tesco Chilli And Lime Salmon Chunks

Tesco Chilli Lime Salmon chunks - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWe’re always on the lookout for those ‘grab and go’ solutions, whether it’s for a quick lunch or a tasty treat. These Tesco Chilli and Lime Salmon Chunks are perfect for snacking on, or for adding to a meal.

They are skinless salmon chunks, with a chilli and lime glaze, ready to eat straight from the packet, or you can add them to a recipe.

If you like the flavour combination of chilli and lime with your salmon, you should try our Syn Free Chilli and Lime Baked Salmon.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Chilli and Lime Baked Salmon

These Chilli and Lime Salmon Chunks are from Tesco, priced at £3.50 per pack. You can find them here, on the Tesco website.

Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative Original

Vita Coco alternative - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

If you are a regular reader of the Shopping Essentials articles, you’ll know that we try to include dairy alternatives for those who don’t eat dairy products.

This Vita Coco Coconut water is made from coconut cream and Vita Coco’s coconut water, for a delicious, smooth taste that is naturally sweet. Sounds delicious!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Low Syn Lamb and Pearl Barley Risotto

This would work well in our Low Syn Lamb and Pearl Barley Risotto. You can have 400mls as an HEA choice, or for 6 Syns.

Vita Coco Milk Alternative Original is available from Morrisons priced at £2.92 for a 1 litre bottle.

Kellogg’s No Added Sugar Granola With Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds – HEB Choice

Kelloggs Apricot Pumpkin - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWe know, from comments to our Facebook group, that Granola is a popular choice for breakfasts, particularly if you don’t have time to make overnight oats.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Apple and Blackcurrant Pie Overnight oats

We’ve seen people mix Granola with fruit and yogurt to create a delicious breakfast option. Kellogg’s have always been Kings of the breakfast aisle, and they’ve added some new Granola flavours to their range.

A 35g serving of this No Added Sugar Granola with Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds is also listed as an HEB choice, or you can count it as 7 Syns.

Available from Morrisons, it’s priced at £3.00 for a 570g box.

Kellogg’s No Added Sugar Granola With Coconut, Cashews and Almonds – HEB Choice

Kelloggs Coconut granola - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsKellogg’s have another new Granola flavour on the shelves alongside the Apricot and Pumpkin seed variety, and this one has also been added to the Healthy Extras list!

This No Added Sugar Granola with Coconut, Cashews and Almonds is super tasty and makes a great cereal choice with some defrosted speed berries and yogurt.

In fact, it doesn’t just have to be for breakfast, why not have it as a yummy dessert, with the granola as a crunchy base, similar to cheesecake, and topped with speed berries.

If you’re using this as your HEB choice, you can have 35g, or you can Syn it for 7.5 Syns. It’s available from Morrisons, priced at £3.00 for 570g.

Kellogg’s Super Grains Granola with Cranberry, Sultana and Spelt

Kelloggs Super grain granola - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsThere’s another new choice from the new Kellogg’s Granola range this week. Super Grains Granola with Cranberry, Sultana and Spelt.

Sadly, this one isn’t listed as an HEB choice on the Slimming World database, but it would still be a great way to start the day, as long as you don’t mind using some of your Syns on breakfast.

You can have 35g of this Kellogg’s Super Grains Cranberry, Sultana and Spelt Granola for 7.5 Syns. A 570g pack costs £3.00 in Morrisons.

Tuc Cracker Sweet Chilli Crackers

Tuc Sweet Chilli Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsCrackers are one of those savoury snacks that we don’t really think about, but they’re certainly a temptation! Finding a low Syn savoury snack is often a challenge.

I have to admit, I usually use my Syns on sweet treats, or a G & T in the evening, if I’m not on taxi duty for my children! There are times when I’ll go for savoury Syns though!

These Tuc Sweet Chilli Crackers work out at 1.5 Syns each, and they’d be great served up with a savoury grazing plate of hummus, vegetable cruditiés and even an HEA cheese allowance. Ooooh!

These Tuc Sweet Chilli Crackers are priced at £1.29 per 120g pack. You can pick them up here, on the Tesco website.

Nairn’s Gluten Free Snackers Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Nairns balsamic - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWe first featured these Nairn’s Gluten Free Snackers in our Shopping Essentials list in June last year. The multipacks were available from Tesco and Morrisons, and single packs from Sainsbury’s.

Our very own Kay uses these Nairns Snackers to make her own version of snackables as an evening snack. What a great idea!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Kay’s snackables plate

Now these Nairns Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Snackers are available in Asda in single 23g bags. They’re on Syns online for 5 Syns per bag and cost 35p each.

Prewett’s Mini’s Chunky Choc Chip Cookies

Prewett's Choc Chip - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsWe covered Prewett’s Mini’s Cheese biscuits just a couple of weeks ago in the Shopping Essentials list.

This week we bring you these Prewett’s Mini’s Chunky Choc Chip Cookies. Described as ‘Crunchy and crumbly, gluten free cookies with milk chocolate chips. Suitable for vegetarians.’

When you use the Syns calculator, these work out at 7 Syns per bag, but if you love chocolate chip cookies, they’re worth a try!

You’ll find Prewett’s Mini’s Chunky Choc Chip Cookies in Asda, priced at £1.99 for a multipack of 5 x 28g bags.

Cadbury Freddo Biscuits

Cadbury Freddo biscuits - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping Essentials

If I’m having a sweet tooth day, my go-to treats are a Curly-wurly or a Freddo! I always make sure I have enough Syns left just in case!

I was delighted to discover these Cadbury Freddo Biscuits in Tesco this week. As you might expect, they are frog-shaped biscuits, half coated in Cadbury milk chocolate.

The best bit is, these Cadbury Freddo biscuits are just 2.5 Syns each, so you can have a couple for just 5 Syns!

You can pick up a 167g pack of Cadbury Freddo Biscuits from Tesco, priced at £1.50, or here, on the Tesco website.

Fox’s Rocky Fun Size Chocolate Bars

Rocky fun-sized - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsIn pre-Slimming World days, I’d think nothing of eating a couple of the full-sized Rocky biscuits with a coffee. At 5.5 Syns each, that’s an ‘expensive’ snack!

If you really need a chocolate fix for fewer Syns, why not try our 2 Syn Double Choc Chip Cookies.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
2 Syn Double Choc Chip Cookies

Thankfully, Fox’s have now launched a fun-sized chocolate biscuit, perfect when following the Slimming World plan.

These work out at 3 Syns each, using the snackulator on the SW website. They cost £1.99 for a 20 pack of fun-sized biscuits. You’ll find then here, on the Tesco website.

Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices

Mr Kipling Unicorn - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsMr Kipling is at it again! There’s always something new to discover, and these Unicorn slices are bang on trend.

The whole Unicorn theme is incredibly popular at the moment, you can find a Unicorn design on so many products, no matter where you look.

Mr Kipling has embraced this popularity by creating these Unicorn Slices. Layers of pink sponge, sandwiching a vanilla flavour filling, topped with decorated purple fondant icing.

These Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices work out at 6 Syns, using the SW Syns calculator. They’re available from Asda in a pack of 6 slices, priced at £1.00 per pack.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Orange/Apple & Blackcurrant Mini lollies

Fruit Shoot mini lollies - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsNo matter how cold it’s been, it never seems to be too cold for an ice cream or lolly! With this in mind, we found these Robinsons Fruit Shoot mini lollies.

They’re just the right size for an after-dinner treat, with two flavours to choose from, orange, or apple and blackcurrant.

The Orange are 2 Syns each and the Apple/Blackcurrant are 1.5 Syns each, using the snackulator on the SW website.

These Robinsons Fruit Shoot Orange or Apple and Blackcurrant Mini lollies are available from Asda in a box of 8 x 35ml lollies, priced at £2.80.

Rowntrees Watermelon Ice Lollies

Rowntrees Watermelon Lollies - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsStill on the subject of desserts, we’ve found another mini-dessert option in the form of these Rowntrees Watermelon Ice Lollies.

These lollies are a watermelon & apple water ice with chocolate flavoured pieces to represent the watermelon seeds!

Using the Snackulator on the Slimming World website, these Rowntrees Watermelon Ice Lollies work out at 3 Syns each.

They come in a box of 4 x 73ml lollies, priced at £2.20 in Asda.

Haagen-Dazs Caramel Collection Mini Cups Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs pots - Pinch of Nom Slimming World Shopping EssentialsAs you know, ice cream has been a big talking point over the last few weeks, with Halo Top and Breyers featuring in Shopping Essentials articles in recent weeks, and Magnum Bomboniera too.

This week, we’ve decided to push the boat out as far as Syns are concerned and dive into some very indulgent Haagen-Dazs ice creams.

These Haagen-Dazs ice cream cups are available in 4 sumptuous flavours;

  • Salted Caramel – Caramel ice cream with salted caramel swirl and salted caramel brittle – 12 Syns per pot
  • Vanilla Caramel Brownie – Vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl and brownies – 12.5 Syns per pot
  • Dulce de Leche – Caramel ice cream with caramel swirl – 11.5 Syns per pot
  • Speculoos Caramel Biscuit & Cream – Caramel and Speculoos ice cream – 12.5 Syns per pot

As mentioned, these are an indulgence, and the Syn values are higher, but if you save your Syns, you can enjoy these decadent flavours guilt free!

This pack of four flavours, 4 x 100ml pots, costs £4.20 from Asda.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick

Picture: Nestle

Our Shopping Essentials Top Pick is a featured highlight of the week! This week, it’s bite-sized Kit Kat Senses, due to launch mid-March.

You can read more about them here, in our Shopping Essentials Top Pick article.

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I must stress the following…

Everything written here about the products is my own opinion. Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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