New Slimming World Shopping Essentials – 22/9/17

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 286,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!), one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly!

shopping - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

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Aldi Watermelon Plums

We’ve brought you some pretty unusual fruits over the past couple of months, from Plumigranates and Mangosteens to Cotton Candy Grapes.

Another variety returning this year is the watermelon plum.

watermelon plums - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Described as “sweet and juicy”, the fruit has speckled green skin and succulent red flesh.

100 per cent natural, the Watermelon Plums are made by cross-pollinating different varieties to achieve their unique taste.

Someone in the Facebook group posted a photo of some Watermelon plums that they’d found in Aldi this week, but we’re not sure if this is nationwide or just in selected stores.

Morrisons Organic Veg boxes

If you’re more inclined to buy organic veg, Morrisons have just started selling these organic veg boxes.

morrisons organic veg box - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Usually organic veg is pretty steep, but this box is only £8!

The seasonal selection Includes:

  • White Potatoes 750g
  • Loose Carrots 400g
  • Red Onions 300g
  • Large Garlic Bulb
  • Fresh Fennel 180g
  • Golden Bunched Beetroot
  • 4 x Leeks

In my opinion this is an absolute bargain!! You can grab them in Morrisons stores now.

Ryvita Rye Cakes Lightly Salted

I’m often guilty of getting stuck in a rut with my Healthy Extras, especially my B choice. I’ll grab a couple of Hi-Fi or Alpen bars just because it’s convenient.

ryvita rye cakes - watermelon plums - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

However, I’m more successful with my losses when I mix it up a bit! I love to make Baked Oats when I have time.
bakewell oats - Shopping essentials

Occasionally I’ll treat myself by making these Marshmallow bars.low syn marshmallow bars | Slimming World - Shopping essentials

We get quite excited when a new Healthy B choice is added to the database, so we were really happy this week, when we found out that these rye cakes have been added.

Made with popped wholegrain rye, Ryvita Rye Cakes are naturally high in fibre and low in fat, making them a delicious and wholesome snack.

They’d make a great lunch option, filling and tasty served with a nice Syn Free or Low Syn soup.

They’d also be fab for snacking on throughout the day, maybe with some Syn Free hummus!

The Lightly Salted Ryvita Rye Cakes are on the app for 1 Syn each, or 5 for your HEb choice.

Available in Tesco for £1.39 a pack.

Ryvita Rye Cakes Multigrain

Also added as a Healthy Extra B choice are these Multigrain Ryvita Rye cakes.

ryvita rye cakes - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Like the Lightly Salted variety, Ryvita Rye Cakes are naturally high in fibre and low in fat, making them a delicious and healthy snack.

The multigrain Rye Cakes are made with popped wholegrain rye. Get creative with your favourite toppings or have them on their own.

These are also on the app for 1 Syn each, or 6 for a Healthy Extra choice.

These are available from Tesco at £1.39 a pack.

While we are talking about Healthy Extras, there have been quite a few changes this week, with a lot of products being added, amended or removed from the list, so if you have access to the SW websites it’s well worth heading over there to check it out.

Teisseire Gourmet Drops

I love coffee. I usually need a large mug (or two) of fresh coffee to get me going in the morning!

gourmet drops 2 - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

If you’re out and about, enjoying a barista-brewed coffee is a real treat.

Some coffee shops offer sugar free syrups to give you an indulgent tasting latte, cappuccino, or caramel frappamachadoodah!

They taste so indulgent, and as the syrups are sugar free, a shot of them is free on Syns online.

You can buy large bottles of the sugar free syrups from retail stockists, including the Protein Food Shop!

gourmet drops 2 - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

We’re really excited that we’ve found a much more convenient and portable way to recreate those delicious flavours – Teisseire Gourmet Drops.

These have been around before, but were discontinued, to the horror of Slimming Worlders everywhere.

Well now, they’re back!

Naturally flavoured coffee syrups, available in Vanilla and Caramel flavours, with a chocolate flavour on the way, too!

You only need a few drops to transform your drink.

If you recognise the brand, it might be because we used Teisseire Sugar Free Syrups to create our low Syn cocktails, like this 4 Syn Elderflower Gin Fizz!

4 Syn Elderflower Gin Fizz | Slimming World - shopping essentials

The Teisseire Gourmet Drops are available exclusively from their website, priced at £3.99.

They’re free on the Syns Online app, too! Happy days!

Linda Mccartney Vegetarian Mini Sausages

The Linda Mccartney range of sausages has always been popular with people following Slimming World, whether you’re vegetarian or not!

linda mcartney - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

They are really low in Syns, so they’re great for a filling meal. You can even use them to make our famous Toad in the Hole!
Low Syn Yorkshire Pudding Wrap | Slimming World - Shopping Essentials

Now there are Cocktail sausages being added to the range.

Linda Mccartney Vegetarian Mini Sausages – seasoned vegetarian cocktail sausages made with rehydrated textured soya protein.

They are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

You’ll find these in Tesco. A 320g bag of cocktail sausages costs just £2.00.

linda mccartney sausages- pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

They’re not on the app yet, but based on the other sausages in the range, they’ll be pretty low – The regular 50g Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages are only half a Syn each!


Ryvita Vegetable Crackers

It seems that the Ryvita product development team have been busy coming with lots of new ideas. We’ve shown you the Rye cakes, now here are some more new products.

Ryvita Carrot & Cumin Vegetable Crackers

These new Ryvita Vegetable Crackers are made from Wheat and Rye, with Dried Carrot Pieces and Carrot and Cumin Seasoning for a unique flavour experience.

ryvita crackers - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

These aren’t on the app yet, but using the Syns Calculator they work out at 1 Syn each.

Ryvita Beetroot and Quinoa Vegetable Crackers

These distinctively crispy crackers have been blended with beetroot and quinoa for a unique flavour experience.

ryviat crackers - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Again, these are not on the app yet, but using the Syns calculator they come out at 1.5 Syns per cracker.

Both flavours are sold in Tesco for £1.29 a pack.

Soreen Apple Lunchbox Loaves

I adore Malt Loaf! I used to eat it a lot. Slathered in butter, sticky, fruity and delicious, but costly when using your Syns!

soreen apple bars - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

When I started Slimming World, I stopped buying Malt Loaf as I just found it too tempting.

I was delighted when we discovered Soreen Lunchbox loaves in Milk Chocolate and banana flavours. We featured them in our Shopping Essentials round up back in June.

These lunchbox sized loaves provide that gorgeous, squidgy experience, without the need to add butter!

Well, now there’s a new flavour being added to the range. New Soreen Apple Lunchbox Loaves.

Available in a pack of 5 mini loaves, these are now in Tesco, priced at £1.35.

They’re on the Slimming World app at 4.5 Syns each.

Popchips BBQ Popped Chips 85g bag

We’re always on the lookout for savoury snacks that don’t break the Syn bank. Some crisps are pretty high in Syns, so many of us avoid them instead of being tempted to over-indulge.

popchips - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Popchips have been around for a while, but they’re a super tasty way to enjoy crisps without feeling too guilty.

The potatoes are heated under pressure and popped, rather than fried in oil.

The 23g bags are listed on the Syns online database at 4.5 Syns.

Tesco currently have an offer on for the 85g bag of BBQ Popchips – £1.00 instead of £1.79
The website states that the offer is valid for delivery from 13/9/2017 until 3/10/2017.

Cadbury Roses Strawberry Cake Bars

I don’t know about you, but now that the new series of Great British Bake Off is in full swing, I’m craving cake! We have lots of ideas for cakes on our website!

strawberry roses cake bars - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

However, if time is tight, a bought cake just fills that gap. A few weeks ago, we brought you some new flavours of Cadbury Mini rolls.

Well, now Cadbury have worked their chocolatey magic again, with these Cadbury Roses Strawberry Cake bars.

Chocolate flavoured sponge with a strawberry flavour topping, covered in Cadbury milk chocolate.

They’re not on the app yet, but come out as 5.5 Syns on the Syns Calculator.

Available from Morrisons, they come in a pack of 5 cakes and cost £1.00

Cadbury Roses Orange Cake Bars

If you’re not a fan of Strawberry Roses (everyone has their favourites, right?), how about Orange?

roses cakes - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

Still the delicious chocolate cake, and covered in yummy Cadbury chocolate, but with an Orange flavour topping.

They’re not on the app yet, but come out as 5.5 Syns on the Syns Calculator.

Available from Morrisons, they come in a pack of 5 cakes and cost £1.00.

Cadbury Roses Coffee Cake Bars

If the idea of fruity toppings to a chocolate cake doesn’t float your boat, Cadbury have another offering for you.

roses cake bars coffee - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

A delicious, chocolate flavoured sponge, with a coffee flavour topping, covered in Cadbury milk chocolate.

These sound perfect to enjoy as an indulgent treat with a mug of coffee.

Like the other flavours, these are sold in a pack of 5 cake bars, individually wrapped to keep them fresh.

They’re on sale on Morrisons at £1 a pack.

Not on the app yet, but they work out at 5.5 Syns each on the Syns calculator.


Caramac Button Giant Tube

I absolutely adore Caramac…and there is nothing like it! Creamy, caramelly, white chocolatey goodness, in this case, wrapped up in a button!

caramac buttons - pinch of nom new slimming world essentials

I’m pretty surprised at how many you can have of these for your syns as they’re a good size and certainly hit the sweet snack spot!

You can have 23 buttons (one serving) for 5 syns according to the Snackulator – WOW!

You could even pop them on top of a cake to decorate and add some added luxury without breaking the syn bank!

These Caramac Button Giant Tubes are available in Tesco for £1!

Fallen off the wagon and need some motivation, or want to help others on their journey?

Our Facebook group is growing by the day. If you haven’t joined yet head over there and take a look. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, would you?


You might just find the inspiration you need from our awesome members. If you’ve joined already why not invite any friends that may find it helpful?


I must stress the following…

Everything written here about the products is my own opinion. Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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  1. Absolutely love your website and Facebook page and now these weekly emails are so encouraging. However I am finding myself stuck in a rut. I feel I am eating same meals all of the time despite trying my best to do your recipes. I’m as really missing my Italian food as I have discovered I’m severely Lactose intolerant following a medical mishap.
    Can you give me some ideas for Italian dishes but with Quark, Greek yoghurt, cheese, etc?? I can use Soya substitutes….
    I cook spaghetti bolengese on a weekly basis but getting fed up of it. Granted it’s Italian food that got me this size!! Ha ha! Really appreciate any ideas you may have.

    1. Hi Mariam
      We really enjoy finding new Slimming World-friendly products to help keep things fresh and exciting. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut! Glad you’re finding it helpful!

  2. Hi guys. Bought the caramac buttons today. They show on the app as 5.5 syns for 10 buttons. Just checking I’m looking at the same as you as don’t want to have 23 buttons if its 10 lol. Love your page btw

    1. Hi Marie
      The hanging bags are the Giant Caramac buttons, but the tube featured in the list has standard sized buttons.
      The article says you can have 23 standard buttons from the tube for 5 Syns, according to the Syns calculator.
      The app lists 10 giant buttons for 5.5 Syns. Hope that clarifies things. 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy
      Me too! Just a word of caution – the ones in the tube are standard button size and work out at 23 buttons for 5 Syns on the calculator. The hanging bags of Caramac giant buttons are 10 for 5.5 on the app! Don’t get them confused! 😀

    1. Hi Neelam
      As stated on the photo caption, you can have 5 of the lightly salted rice cakes pictured as your HEB choice.
      If you choose not to use as your HEB, they are 1 Syn each. 🙂

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