New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27/10/17

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 312,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!), one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly!

New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

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It’s Halloween in a few days, so it’s time to get carving those pumpkins.

pumpkins - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

All the major supermarkets are stocking them and they range from £1 to £3.

They come in many varieties including Ghost Pumpkins, Red Devil Pumpkins and the weirdly nobbly Superfeak Pumpkins (which are available from Tesco and Sainsbury’s)!

superfreak pumpkin - new slimming world shopping essentials

Pumpkins are pretty similar to Butternut Squash, so you can use up the scooped out flesh for any recipes that require squash, like our new 2 Syn Chicken Korma Curry recipe.

2 Syn Chicken Korma | Slimming World-1 - shopping essentials

Persimmons aka Sharon Fruit

The Spanish Persimmon season has just started and most of the major supermarkets are now stocking them.

persimmon - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

They’re not a speed food, but they are free.

Vanilla persimmons are a from the family of fruit also known as ‘kaki’ or ‘sharon fruit’.

They hold a firm flesh, and a lovely, sweet delicate flavour.

Just wash the fruit, cut off the leaf and eat. Persimmons can be eaten when they’re hard or soft, but the softer the fruit the sweeter the it is.

As it gets riper the fruit gets darker in colour and softer.

The season lasts from mid October to January, and you can pick up a pack of 3 for around £1.00.

Tesco Frozen Vegetable Stir Fry Mix

As we all know, Slimming World encourages cooking from scratch…and here at Pinch of Nom, we do too!

tesco frozen stir fry veg - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

If you haven’t had a browse around our website yet, make sure you check it out here.

Of course, there are occasions when there isn’t enough time to cook, so we just need something really quick.

Enter Tesco Frozen Vegetable Stir Fry Mix. Prepared and mixed vegetables ready to stir fry in under 8 minutes.

Just add your choice of noodles, chicken or beef and add a sauce for a complete meal solution. How about an amazing, Syn free sweet chilli sauce?

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

A mix of Carrot, Broccoli, Bean Sprouts, Red Onion, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Sugarsnap Peas, Babycorn and Water Chestnut.

The Tesco Oriental Vegetables Stir Fry is free on Syns Online and costs £1.30 for a 600g bag.

Quaker Oat So Simple Pumpkin Spice and Toffee Apple – New HEBs

Quaker have brought out two new limited edition Oats So Simple….Pumpkin Spice and Toffee Apple!

pumpkin oat so simple - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

They come in boxes of 8 x 35g sachets, and they are an HEB option, or 6 Syns.

You can pick them up from Asda for £1.00 a box.

Tesco Worcester Sauce

We’ve all heard of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.

tesco worcester sauce New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

It’s a classic condiment that’s been around for as long as I can remember. There’s always at least one bottle in my kitchen cupboard.

It’s great for introducing a real depth of flavour to casseroles, stews, such as our Syn Free Caribbean Jerk Stew. A really nice twist on a beef stew!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Or maybe in some of our other Syn Free dishes like our Syn free Cajun Dirty Rice?

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Now Tesco have launched their own label brand of Worcester sauce. You could add it to our Syn Free BBQ sauce, which is ace with some Syn Free Rustic Wedges!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Or use it to make our amazing Syn Free Slow Cooked Hunter’s Chicken. So many people in our Facebook group have been making this recently!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The Tesco Worcester sauce costs 85p for a 150ml bottle.

Worcester sauce is free on Syns online and in the SW Food Optimising handbook.

Tesco Reduced Sugar And Salt Spaghetti Letters

Spaghetti letters! The very mention of them sends me straight back to my childhood. Add in some Potato Alphabet letters and I was in seventh heaven!!

spaghetti letters New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

We are always being advised to reduce our salt and sugar intake, so we were particularly pleased to find these on the shelves this week.

Tesco have now launched a range of reduced sugar and salt spaghetti in 410g cans.

These spaghetti letters are in a reduced sugar and salt tomato sauce.

Suggested portion size is half a tin, and although not on the app yet, these work out Free on the Syn Calculator.

Tesco Reduced Sugar And Salt Spaghetti Rings

Also new in Tesco this week are these Reduced Sugar And Salt Spaghetti Rings. If you don’t fancy reading and spelling while you eat, you can stick to rings.

spaghetti rings - slimming world shopping essentials

Hoops of spaghetti in a delicious, reduced sugar and salt tomato sauce.
Ideal for a quick lunch, maybe on toast using your HEB choice.

You could add some mushrooms on the side for speed and you’ve got a food optimised meal!

These come in a 410g can and cost just 35p in Tesco. Suggested portion size is half a tin, and although not on the app yet, these work out Free on the Syn Calculator.

Tesco Flying Saucer Jar

Speaking of being transported back to childhood (with spaghetti letters) these Flying Saucers really do send you back in time!

flying saucers New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

At the risk of showing my age, I used to get a 10p mix-up and a copy of Smash Hits on a Saturday morning. (Don’t laugh! 10p went a lot further in those days!)

One of my favourite sweets was the humble flying saucer. Colourful discs of edible rice paper, filled with magical sherbet powder that would tingle and fizz on your tongue.

flying saucers 2 - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

This jar of Flying Saucer sweets from Tesco costs £3.00, but because the sweets are as light as a feather, you get an awful lot of sweets in the jar!

These work out at 3 Syns for 15g, which is about 11 sweets.

Cake Decor Eyes Edible Eyes

If you have children, they have probably been planning their Halloween shenanigans for weeks now. Mine certainly have!

edible eyes - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Costumes, activities and Halloween Food. You may even be planning a Halloween Party! If you are, we have lots of ideas here!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

One of the things we’ve found this week are these Edible Eyes decorations.

You could add some edible eyes to our Boonanas for a fun and healthy Halloween snack.

They are not on the app, but working on the 20 cals to 1 Syn rule, these are 4.5 Syns for the whole pack.

Available from Tesco, this 25g pack costs £1.50

Tesco Finest Meringue Nest Dark Belgian Chocolate

I do love meringue! It’s probably one of my favourite puddings. When I’ve been on plan all day and I have Syns left, I’ll often make my own Eton Mess.

meringue - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

I crumble a meringue nest into some yogurt with some fresh strawberries or raspberries.

Of course, the calorific, Syn-laden version of Eton mess involves a combination of fresh berries, whipped cream and meringues.

Obviously that recipe is a no-no, but we have our own, Low Syn Unicorn Eton Mess which is far better value, Syns wise.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

It turns a boring, everyday yogurt into a dessert that feels quite decadent!

To really ramp up the luxury, you need to try these Dark Belgian chocolate Meringue Nests.

These are 4.5 Syns each on the Syns Calculator and a box of 8 nests costs £2.00 from Tesco.

Saxa Sea Salt And Lemon

We have regular discussions over in our Facebook group about herbs and spices.

saxa lemon salt - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

If you’ve been doing Slimming World for a while, and you like to cook, your spice rack is probably overflowing. I now have an entire shelf in my cupboard devoted to herbs and spices!

Of course, the most obvious ingredients to add to your cooking are salt and pepper. A sprinkle of seasoning makes all the difference in the world to your food.

Saxa have introduced a couple of new products that look really good. The first one is this Sea Salt with Lemon.

A 100% natural blend of sea salt & lemon which can be used for cooking & final seasoning.

Add a dash to chicken or fish before cooking, or sprinkle over potatoes and salads for colour and a twist of lemon.

It’s Syn free and available from Tesco. A 90g tub costs £1.50

Saxa Sea Salt And Rainbow Pepper

Saxa have always been a household name for seasoning.

saxa rainbow salt - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

As well as their new Sea Salt and Lemon, Saxa have launched Sea Salt and Rainbow Pepper.

A 100% Natural Blend of Sea Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Green and Red Bell Peppers for cooking & final seasoning.

Rub into steak before frying, add to soup or sprinkle on cooked chips for subtle pepper heat and colour.

This is Syn free and costs £1.50 for a 90g tub, available from Tesco.

Tesco Stock Pots – various new flavours

We love stock pots! They add an instant flavour hit to any dish. So many of our recipes use stock pots.

fish stock pots - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

They’re quick and easy to add to a dish, mess free, no crumbly cubes and because they’re jellyfied, they melt into a stew, sauce or soup really easily.

Tesco have a great range of stock pot flavours, and they’ve introduced some new flavours to the line-up!

Tesco Roasted Garlic And Thyme Stock Pots with White Wine

Tesco Fish Stock Pots – ideal for making our Syn Free Fish Pie!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

Tesco Mediterranean Stock Pots with red wine and herbs

Tesco Rich And Smoky Stock Pots – these would be amazing in our Syn Free Pulled Pork!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

These stock pots are not on the app yet, but similar stock pots from Tesco, including red/white wine stock pots, are Syn free, so we’re pretty sure these will be too.

A pack containing 4 stock pots costs £1.25 from Tesco.

Flava-It Siracha Marinade

Sriracha is a hot, or chilli flavour used in Thai cuisine. Usually a sauce or marinade, but sometimes used as a dipping sauce, especially in seafood.

flava it sriracha marinade - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Flava-It have a wide range of marinades for meat and fish. Sold in sachets, you literally rip off the top of the packet and tip over whatever you want to marinate. It’s as easy as that!

Tesco stock a range of these Flava-It sachets, usually priced at 99p, but at the moment they’re a bargain price of 75p.

A sachet contains 4 portions, which work out at 1.5 Syns per portion on the Syns Calculator.

Tesco Reduced Salt Stock Cubes

Stock cubes are notoriously high in salt, so it’s always worth trying alternatives, particularly if you’re trying to reduce your sodium intake.

chicken stock cubes - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Tesco have introduced a new range of reduced salt stock cubes, ideal if you’re wanting a healthier alternative for the family.

Available in 3 traditional flavours;

  • Reduced Salt Beef Stock Cubes
  • Reduced Salt Chicken Stock Cubes
  • Reduced Salt Vegetable Stock Cubes

All stock cubes are Syn free, according to the Slimming World food optimising handbook.

vegetable stock cubes - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

These Tesco Reduced Salt Stock Pots cost just 49p for 10 cubes.

Morrisons The Best Mini Macarons 12 Pack

Morrisons have launched these mini macarons for £3.00 a box.

macarons - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Each box contains an assortment of flavours, vanilla, lemon, pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry and mint chocolate.

They’re not on the Slimming World database yet, but each 10g macaron is 43 calories which works out at 2 Syns on the Snackulator.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin

This Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin is currently on offer for £14 a bottle from Morrisons.

pink gin New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 27:10:17

Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin has been created to offer a sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with the tang of redcurrant give an authentic real berry flavour.

Gin is a favourite tipple of Slimming Worlders everywhere due to it’s relatively low Syn value….only 3 Syns for a 25ml measure.

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I must stress the following…

Everything written here about the products is my own opinion. Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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    1. Hi Amy
      Obviously the photo is for illustrative purposes. Maybe one of the flying saucers had lost it’s sherbet filling?! To be absolutely certain, you can weigh out 15g, but we do say ‘approximately’ 11 sweets in the article! 🙂

    1. Hi Liz
      The standard original sachets of Oats So Simple are not an HEB. For up to date Syns advice and HEB choices please refer to the Slimming World website.

  1. If I am down-sizing a recipe, can I use half a stock pot, like I would use half a stock cube? If so, how do I store the other half?

    1. Hi Nicola
      If you alter the number of servings, the quantities of all the ingredients will change accordingly. It’s not going to be easy to save half a stock pot, so maybe you could cook something else at the same time, or batch cook the full recipe and freeze what you don’t use.

  2. I love reading your daily recipes and your updates on new ingredients, which I find so helpful. I made the lamb rogan josh and bhajis all syn free and was one of the best currys I’ve eaten! Thank you ! 👍

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