New Slimming World Shopping Essentials 6/10/17

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 298,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!), one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly!

pinch of nom slimming world essentials 5th oct 17

Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

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Morrisons Wonky Vegetables Selection Box

We regularly bring you great deals on fruit and vegetables, and this week is no exception!

wonky veg box - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

Morrisons have this wonderful Wonky Vegetables selection box available for just £1.00!  That’s right…just £1.00 Such a bargain!

In the box, you’ll find a selection including:

  • 8x Wonky Potatoes
  • 4x Wonky Carrots
  • 4x Wonky Onions
  • 1x Wonky Cauliflower
  • 1x Wonky Cabbage
  • 3x Wonky Parsnips
  • 1x Wonky Swede.

That’s a whole box of Free and Speed veggies for £1.00!
You’d be able to make soups and casseroles a-plenty with this lot!

These are only available through the online delivery option, but if you do your shopping online, it’s a great way to buy vegetables at a very affordable price!

The £1 Morrisons Wonky Vegetables Selection Box will be available for delivery from yesterday but is already sold out in many places. There are £3 and £5 wonky boxes available also. e

Morrisons Wonky Peppers

If you’re a regular reader of our Shopping Essentials round up each week, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Wonky veg!

wonky peppers - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

Although they don’t necessarily look beautiful, they taste exactly the same and are often a fraction of the price.

We’ve featured these Wonky Peppers in a previous Shopping Essentials list, but as peppers are such versatile veggies, we wanted to include them again!

Sold in a 750g bag, these taste no different to their pricier counterparts and once they’re chopped up, you’d never know the difference.

This 750g bag of Wonky Peppers costs £1.17 in Morrisons.

Tesco Sweet Snowball Melon

I adore melon! I like to keep a bowl of it chopped up in the fridge, ready to grab when I get an attack of the munchies.

snowball melon - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

It’s free, and more importantly, it’s Speed food. Really sweet and refreshing, it gets rid of my sweet tooth gremlins, too!

This week we spotted Sweet Snowball Melons in Tesco.

Succulent, juicy white flesh which is very easy to scoop out with a spoon. It’s sweet, with a flavour is more like white chocolate than any fruity fragrance, though honey also comes to mind!

These would be amazing in our Syn Free Melon and Berry Bowl.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials
Syn Free Melon & Berry Bowl

These Sweet Snowball Melons have a very brief period of availability, we’ve been told that they probably won’t be around after the end of October, so grab one while you can!

Morrisons Red Gem Lettuce

In the salad world, the Little Gem lettuce really lives up to its name. Small, crisp and tasty, they stay fresh for a couple of days in the fridge, too.

red gem lettuce - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

New to the Morrisons salad range this week, we’ve found Red Gem Lettuce. This will add a splash of colour, and of course Speed food, to your plate.

Why not prepare a packed lunch with our Syn Free Sausage Rolls and a crispy salad with some Red Gem lettuce.

For a tasty Fakeaway meal, you could add Red Gem lettuce to our Chicken Shawarma. A perfect Friday night treat!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

These Red Gem lettuce are sold in a pack of two and cost just 80p from Morrisons.

Morrisons Carrots Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts

When following the Slimming World plan, we’re always looking for ways to increase our Speed food intake.

carrots broccoli srouts - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

Now that the days are cooler, salad doesn’t seem quite so appealing. Hearty stews and casseroles with a serving of vegetables are the order of the day.

Imagine serving our Half Syn One Pot Slow Cooked Beef  with a side of fresh vegetables for a perfect, on-plan meal.

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

This week in Morrisons, we’ve found the perfect combination of Speed vegetables to fill one third of your plate.

A washed, peeled and prepared selection of Carrots, Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts in a microwaveable bag, it couldn’t be simpler, and they’re Syn Free.

You can pick these up in Morrisons for £1.00 a bag. (350g)

Morrisons Leek & Potato Soup Kit

Now that Autumn is here, with all the beautiful colours, turning leaves and chilly mornings, our thoughts are turning to warming comfort foods.

leek and potato soup kit - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

We have a growing range of delicious soups  on the website, which are fab for a quick lunch.

To speed things up even more, you could grab a soup kit from the supermarket. All ingredients peeled and chopped for you, cutting down the preparation time dramatically.

Morrisons have launched a new Leek and Potato Soup Kit, made up of diced potato, sliced leeks, onion and parsley. There’s no added oil, so all ingredients are free and speed veggies.

It’s not on the app yet, but as all ingredients listed are free and speed, it should be Syn free.

It’s on sale on Morrisons at £1.00 for a 500g pack, which will give 2 servings.

Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp Original Cereal 440g

Cheerios Oat Crisp Cereal is a combination of deliciously crunchy flakes made with whole grain oats, mixed with crispy Cheerios.

cheerios - pinch of nom slimming world essentials

It makes a great start to the day, with an appealing mix of textures that makes it more interesting than some cereals.

This Cheerios Oat Crisp Original Cereal is free from artificial colours and artificial flavours.

This isn’t a new product, but Tesco are now stocking a new, bigger, 440g pack, which costs £2.60 and is great value for money.

Irwin’s Better You Fresh Wholemeal Pan 600g

Whilst searching for new products this week, I discovered this Irwin’s Better You Fresh Wholemeal bread in Iceland.

irwins better you wholemeal pan - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

I always check the Slimming World app, usually out of curiosity, to see whether products I’ve found are listed yet.

To my delight, not only was it listed, but Irwin’s Better You Fresh Wholemeal Pan 600g is also a Healthy Extra. Happy Days!!

You get 2 slices for an HEB choice. (Or 5.5 Syns per 2 slices). This would make a wonderful Low Syn BLT Sandwich!

Slimming World Shopping Essentials

The Irwin’s Better You Fresh Wholemeal Pan 600g loaf is available in Iceland for just £1.00

Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets

There are times when I’m out and about when I just need a grab and go snack. It would be all too easy to pick up a Syn filled sandwich or a bag of crisps.

taste inc chicken - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

That can sometimes be the beginning of a slippery slope! I could easily be tempted by a ‘meal deal’ offer, but NO! I won’t buckle under pressure, I want my next award!!

I usually try to fend off the hunger pangs with some Speed food and a something like a packet of ham. A combination of Speed food and Protein keeps you totally on plan.

One of our Moderators, Tracy, found these in Morrisons this week. Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets.

taste inc spicy chicken - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

They’re available in two varieties, and both are on the Syns Online app. They’d be fab for packed lunches too.

Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets, Original flavour. Each 35g fillet is Syn free!

Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets, Spicy flavour. Each 35g fillet is 0.5 Syns.

You’ll find them in Morrisons, priced at £2.70 for a pack of 5 fillets.

Good Grain Plus Cherry Multi Grain Cereal

We’re always being told that breakfast is an important meal, so we keep our eyes peeled for new breakfast options.

good grain cherry - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

We have lots of great breakfast ideas on our website, but sometimes, if time is tight, a bowl of cereal is a great option.

We have brought you several new cereal choices in our shopping round ups, including Oat Cheerios  and Honey Monster Oat Puffs.

This week in Tesco, I stumbled upon a new cereal, Good Grain Plus Cherry Multi Grain.

It has 100% puffed grains of barley and rye, plus dried cherry pieces. High in fibre, low in fat, with no added sugar or salt. It’s also suitable for vegetarians.

The recommended serving size is 16g, which may not sound much, but remember that puffed grains are really light, so you’ll get more than you realise!

These are not on the app, but the recommended 16g portion works out at 3 Syns using the Syns calculator.

Available from Tesco priced at £2.00 for a 160g box. (10 servings)

Weight Watchers sweets

Someone contacted our Facebook group this week about these Weight Watchers sweets.

We were very interested, so we decided to find out a bit more about them.

Sold through the WW website and at WW group meetings, this is a range of sweets reminiscent of old sweetshop favourites.

Remember the excitement of buying a ‘mix-up’ from the sweet shop? Fruit Salads and Black Jacks…Flying Saucers…and ooooh, Cola Bottles!

Fizzy Cola Bottles

A sweetshop classic with a twist.  Mouth-watering fizzy cola bottles. Sugar free, chewy & refreshingly sharp.

weight watchers sweets fizzy cola bottles - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

These cost 75p per bag and are 4 Syns per bag using the Syns calculator.

Creamy Rhubarb and Custard

Delicious tangy rhubarb and creamy custard flavoured boiled sweets.

creamy rhubarb and custards - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

These cost £1.75 per box and are 2.5 Syns per 1/2 box using the Syns calculator.

Smooth Caramel Mints

Caramel and mint flavour. These delicious hardboiled sweets are the perfect way to get your sweet fix.

weight watchers caramel mints - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

£1.75 per box. These work out at 2.5 Syns per 1/2 box using the Syns calculator

Chewy Yogurt Softies

A mix of shapes, textures and flavours – lemon, orange, strawberry and blackberry.

weight watchers chewy yogurt softies - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

75p per bag  and 3.5 Syns per bag on the Slimming World app.

Chewy Fruit Bears

Soft and yummy, chewy and gummy!

chewy fruit bears - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

75p per bag. 4 Syns per 40g serving using the Syns calculator

Soft Liquorice Drops

Chewy liquorice sweets.

chewy liquorice drops - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

These cost £1.75 per bag and are 3 Syns per box using the Syns calculator.

Juicy Mixed Fruit Candies

Sugar-free strawberry, lemon & orange flavoured candies.

weight watchers mixed fruit candies - pinch of nom slimming world shopping essentials october 17

Priced at £1.75 per bag. These work out at 3.5 Syns per box using the Syns calculator

These sweets are available from Weight Watchers groups and from the Weight Watchers online shop.

Fallen off the wagon and need some motivation, or want to help others on their journey?

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I must stress the following…

Everything written here about the products is my own opinion. Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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  1. I have been buying wonky vegetables from Morrison, it’s not the shape of the vegetable but what you make with it that matters

    1. Hi Debbie
      As we’ve mentioned in the article, the WW sweets are available from WW group meetings and from their online shop.

  2. I find your website valuable keep up the good work i personally would not shop in Morrisons so would miss out on valuable bargains again Thank you

  3. I’m new to this site and I LOVE it. Thank you for taking this time to keep us up to speed with all the speedy foods!!! Fantastic job. 😘👍🏻🤗

    1. Hi Vicki
      Thanks for getting in touch. Where have you been?! Glad you’ve found us now and it’s good to hear you’re finding it helpful. 🙂

  4. Hello girls

    I was so pleased to see the Irwins Better You pan was available at Iceland, however, after contacting both Irwins and Iceland I’m at a loss to find it anywhere in the UK, I do hope you can assist me in finding this product.


    1. Hi Kirsty
      We’ve put all the information that you need in the article. If you scroll through, you’ll find details about where to buy each product, as well as cost and Syn values. 🙂

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