New Slimming World Shopping Essentials – 7/4/17

Over in our Facebook group (where we now have over 170,000 members 😱 it keeps going up each week!), one of the hot topics of each week is spotting new products that are Slimming World friendly!

New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Not all of you are in our Facebook group (you should be!), so I thought I’d add it to the website as a weekly feature.

This week we’ve got lots of new products that are perfect for the weather warming up, and Summer rolling in ☀️ I’m excited about BBQ, are you?

pinchofnom facebook group

Asparagus – Speed Food

the start of the British asparagus season is finally here!

asparagus - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

You can, of course, get asparagus all year round, but in my opinion, nothing beats British asparagus.

It’s so versatile and you can put it into practically any kind of dish. We like to have it in our Syn Free Creamy Salmon & Asparagus Pasta.

syn free creamy salmon and asparagus pasta | slimming world

So perfect to make and place in the fridge, or as a side dish when you have a BBQ!

Tesco Frozen Lemon & Lime Wedges – Free Food

Summer is nearly here, and it’s nearly time for refreshing drinks in the garden!

Tesco lemon and lime wedges - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Prepping fresh lemon and limes can be such a chore, so why not buy some already done!

The bonus is you don’t need to worry about them going off, as you keep them in the freezer. Perfect for a G&T or a cocktail this summer.

Tesco Garlic & Herb Raw King Prawns – Syn Free

I don’t know about you, but I always have good losses when I eat fish.

Tesco garlic and herb king prawns - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

I lost 6.5lb this week, and I’m putting it down to upping my intake of fish & protein.

These raw king prawns are perfect for defrosting, then placing on some skewers and grilling them on the BBQ.

I’ll certainly be adding a bag of these onto the weekly shop!

Talking of Skewers and BBQ ideas – we’ve got LOADS of Syn free ideas.

slimming world bbq ideas -

Mor Chicken, Tomato & Basil Chipolatas – 1 Syn A Sausages

This week we have 3 new sausages for you! Yes, 3! It seems like there’s at least one new one every week!

mor sausages - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

If you prefer a chicken sausage to a pork one then there’s this new offering from MOR… Mediterranean Chicken with Sundried Tomato & Basil Chipolatas.

They are made with British chicken breast with cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, spring onions, red onions, basil, and sun-dried tomato paste added to give that Mediterranean flavour.

You get 10 in a pack and work out at 1 Syn a sausage.

You can pick them up at Tesco for £3.00 a pack.

Heck Spring Chicken Sausages – 0.5 Syns for 2 Sausages

Heck wanted to create a fresh new taste for Spring!

Heck Spring Chicken Sausages - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Their new HECK Spring Chicken Chipolatas taste pretty nice and are available to buy from Asda and online in their shop now.

We think that they are really tasty. They will be stocked exclusively in Asda stores from the 3rd of April.

Asda Extra Special – Light & Lean Sausages – 0.5 Syns Each

Facebook has been awash of sightings of these new sausages made by Asda.

Asda light and lean sausages - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials

After running them through the Syns Calculator on the Slimming World website – they come out as Syn free.

BUT until they’re in the database, we don’t know if they’ll officially be Syn free or not.

EDIT – they’re now in the database at 0.5 Syns each!

Before you rush out to grab these new sausages, you might want to continue reading…

We grabbed a pack of these on Wednesday and must say we’re really disappointed with them. The texture is just all wrong – blerg. They’re no Porky Lights!

You can grab them in Asda stores now for £2.75 a pack.

Robinsons Citrus Sour Squash – Syn Free

Last week we covered the new Robinsons “Refresh’d” range, now it’s Citrus Sours turn!

robinsons squash - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Robinsons Citrus Sours is a concentrated, low-calorie, orange, lemon and lime Soft Drink with Sweeteners.

It contains no artificial colours or flavours, making it the perfect choice for your family.

It’s also suitable for vegetarians and you can get it at most major supermarkets now.

7up Mojito – Syn Free

The Mojito version of 7up is BACK, and boy are we glad to see it!

7up mojito - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

We first saw these last year, so they’re not strictly “new”, but they disappeared completely over the winter months.

7up Mojito is now out of hibernation and has been spotted in Asda by several members of our Facebook group.

In my opinion, it’s well worth hunting down!

Perfect over some ice, and even adding a little rum if you’re feeling in the mood. You can get it in large 2l bottles or smaller 500ml bottles as in the picture.

M&S Diet Sparkling Drinks – Syn Free

M&S have this knack of knowing what works when it comes to food and drink, and these diet sparkling drinks are fabulous!

M&S sparkling diet drinks - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Here we have Diet Sparkling Pink Cranberry Lemonade & Diet Sparkling Florida Orange.

Both have no added sugar and are included in the meal deals!

The Sparking Pink Cranberry Lemonade is FREE and the Florida Orange is 1 Syn per 250ml.

Most M&S Simply Food stores have these, but as with all summer products, they may take a couple of weeks to appear everywhere.

Vim20 – Syn Free

Vimto has launched it’s very first flavoured water!

Vim20 - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

The still spring water drink, which is flavoured with the taste of Vimto and contains no added sugar, will be available in 500ml and 250ml bottles.

Personally, I love Vimto, so I’m really looking forward to getting my chops around this.

We’re not sure where it’ll be available yet, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hellmann’s Tomato Ketchup Sweetened With Honey – 0.5 Syns Per Tbsp

Hellmann’s have released a new tomato ketchup sweetened with honey.

hellmann's honey ketchup - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Most companies are reformulating their products to take account of the new “sugar tax”, and this is Hellmann’s latest effort to reduce the sugar in tomato ketchup.

I’m a big ketchup fan, and I really rate Hellmann’s ketchup, so I have high hopes! They’ve also released a ketchup made from red & green tomatoes.

I wonder if it’ll taste any different? Who knows!

You can get this new Hellmann’s tomato ketchup in most major supermarkets for no more than £1.50 a bottle.

Aldi New Cooked Meats

Summer is on the way so we’re starting to see all the new summer/bbq ranges in the shops now.

Thanks to Rhiannon from our Facebook Group for bringing these to our attention, and working out the Syn values using the online calculator!

Aldi have 4 ready to eat, flavoured chicken pieces and skewers;

Aldi Spicy Mango Chicken Mini Fillets – 1 Syn For The Whole Pack

Made with 100% British Chicken these Spicy Mango Chicken Mini Fillets.

aldi mango chicken - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

They can be eaten hot or cold, so they’re great for a quick and easy lunch or even a picnic now the weather’s getting warmer.

They come out at 1 Syn for the whole pack.

Aldi Indonesian Coconut & Chilli Chicken – 1 Syn For The Whole Pack

Again, made from 100% British chicken. Delicately seasoned with black pepper & coriander to complement the chilli and coconut flavours.

aldi coconut chicken - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

They were calculated at 1 Syn for the whole pack.

Aldi Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers – 1 Syn Per Skewer

These are 100% British Chicken pieces, served on a mini skewer.

aldi sweet chilli skewers - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

They’re flavoured with Sweet Chilli and accompanied by a Tomato & Jalapeño dip.

Great to take to work for lunch, or for a picnic. They were worked out to be 1 Syn for each skewer.

Aldi Tandoori Chicken Kofta Skewers – 2 Syns Each

These are seasoned minced British Chicken, reshaped and skewered to make little kebabs.

aldi chicken koftas - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

They can be eaten hot or cold, and they come with a little pot of sour cream to dip them in.

They came out at 2 Syns per skewer, probably due to the sour cream dip.

As mentioned, these are not yet on Syns Online, so the Syn values have been worked out using the Syns Calculator, so please check yourself just to be on the safe side.

These are now on the database at 8 Syns for the whole pack, or 2 Syns per skewer.

Arla Protein – Mango, Kale & Lime – 1.5 Syns Per Pot

Arla has just added a new flavour to its Protein range.

arla protein greens mango kale lime quark - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

I’m not sure how I feel about Kale in my yogurt (or rather Quark), but I’ve been assured by someone who’s tried it, that it’s actually nice.

You can grab it in Tesco and Asda stores now for £1.59 a pot.

Muller Pud – Dark Chocolate Mousse – 8.5 Syns For Half A Pot

We thought we’d include these, as Easter is on the way and we need all the help we can get to stay away from any Easter Eggs!

Muller pud chocolate mousse - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

Firstly, there are two different types of this new mousse from Muller, and both vary in Syns ever so slightly. There is;

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate – 8.5 Syns per half pot
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate – 9 Syns per half pot

Muller pud chocolate mousse - New Slimming World Shopping Essentials - - April

We picked them up on Wednesday, and I can confirm that they are AMAZING.

Lights, fluffy, and sooooo chocolatey. It’s heaven on a spoon!

You can grab these in Asda, with more supermarkets following suit soon.

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I must stress the following…

Syn values given are correct at time of writing but may not always be accurate.

Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

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  1. Do you do any vegetarian cooking at al? . Mousse and all Mueller stuff has geletine in it. Obviously these sausages are a no go and so is fish.

    1. Hi Sarah
      We actually have quite a large vegetarian section on the website and many of the recipes that include things like Muller Lights give a vegetarian alternative

  2. Please can you confirm are the aldi tandoori chicken minced skewers on syns online yet please? I haven’t been having the dip and hoping they were low without it. Thanks jo

    1. Hi Jo
      They are now on the SW database at 8 Syns per pack, which works out at 2 Syns per skewer (including the dip), which is what we worked them out at using the calculator.

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