Protein Food Shop Sausages Review | Slimming World

Everyone knows that I love a sausage and if there’s one thing lacking when it comes to the Slimming World plan it’s a good sausage.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review

Given the recent drama around sausages, I have become a little sceptical about low fat varieties. So when I was asked to review Protein Food Shop Sausages I was more than happy to oblige and see if my mind would be changed!

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review
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What do Protein Food Shop Sausages taste like?

Protein Food Shop have a variety of sausages available: Traditional Pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Pork and Leek.

They also have Traditional Chipolatas and Cumberland Chipolatas.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review | Slimming World

I’ve tried all of these sausages (it’s a tough job…) and they are hands down the best flavoured and best textured sausages I’ve had, from any sausage, let alone a low fat variety.

The flavours are balanced well, they are well seasoned and aren’t packed full of herbs to mask the fact that there isn’t a lot of meat.

The meat to rusk ratio is perfect – they’re meaty whilst remaining moist. They cook well in the oven, in a frying pan or on the barbecue.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review

I personally enjoy the Traditional Pork Sausages the best, but that’s just my taste!

The packaging for these sausages isn’t fancy but I liked that it wasn’t excessive like some companies use. All the nutritional values are available on the Protein Food Shop website.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review
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How many Syns in Protein Food Shop Sausages?

All varieties of Protein Food Shop Sausages are 1.5 Syns each. Both varieties of Chipolatas are 0.5 Syns each.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review

You get a lot of sausage for your Syns!

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review

The sausages and chipolatas are big so although the sausages aren’t as low in Syn as some other brands, they are definitely the largest. These Syn values have been calculated, and you should be sure to check the Syns yourself.

How much are Protein Food Shop Sausages?

The sausages range from £3.30 – £3.40 for a pack of 6. Chipolatas are £4 for a pack of 16. They have variety packs and hampers available too which work out cheaper.

Protein Food Shop Sausages Review
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Where can I buy Protein Food Shop Sausages?

You can only purchase these sausages on the Protein Food Shop website. Delivery costs £4.95 and is via Parcel Force with fantastic insulated packaging to keep the meat properly cool.

Delivery is free if you spend more than £75. There is a minimum order value of £34.94 so buying in bulk is recommended.

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Delivery is available across the UK but unfortunately not in Ireland.

We’ve been on the hunt for a new meat supplier for a while now. As you know, we used to use Musclefood, but not anymore! We’ve found a company that not only has a better moral compass but also has some of the best quality meat we've seen in a long time.

Protein Food Shop is a family run business, and really care about where their meat comes from. They also produce Slimming sausages that in my opinion, are the best “diet” sausages we’ve ever had.

You can grab their sausages in a few of our hamper deals, you really should give them a try.


We even have a special Sausage selection box! Their full-size sausages come in at 1.5 Syns each, and Chipolatas at 0.5 Syns each.

Either are PERFECT for any of our recipes that require sausages.

Would I buy Protein Food Shop Sausages again?

In a word, YES! The best sausages I’ve had, they outshine every other sausage available at the moment!

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Protein Food Shop Sausages Review | Slimming World
  • Taste
  • Availability
  • Value for money
  • Slimming World Friendliness
The Good

Excellent flavour

Lots of variety

Low Syn

The Bad

Not gluten free

Only available online

  1. Hi I’m interested in buying…. Do the sausages and chipolatas contain sulphites? I’m dairy intolerant and lots of sausage contain them and upset my tum.

  2. Thanks to Pinch of Nom recommending Protein Food Shop, I bought some sausages (and some other meat)…..I was a little nervous trying the sausages as I’ve tried a variety of low fat sausages and have been so disappointed by both the texture and flavour. The other evening, I convinced my partner (an infrequent event but always much appreciated) to follow your recipe for low syn toad in the hole using the Protein Food Shop pork sausages……..MY GOD! What a revelation…..they were juicy and succulent and they tasted like proper butchers sausages. These are absolutely worth the £34.95 minimum spend… sausages alone! However, I have to say that the other meats that we have tried have so far been excellent too. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be using Protein Food Shop a lot more in the future.

    1. Hi Kate,
      We’re delighted that you’ve discovered why we’ve been raving about Protein Food Shop products! The sausages are unbelievably good! I was very happy with my hamper too and hope to be enjoying more great quality meat as soon as my next delivery arrives! 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa
      We don’t have WW Smart Points information for these sausages. If you’re a WW member, you should be able to work it out using the tools on the WW website. 🙂

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