Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

Being a coffee addict, I was more than happy to review Real Coffee pods!

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

I absolutely adore coffee, particularly freshly brewed.

I’ve had a coffee machine for years but have never tried a coffee pod machine until I tried these Real Coffee pods…I have to say, I’m something of a convert.

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

Being a mum to a tantrum throwing toddler, it can be difficult to get 5 minutes to make a cuppa.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to make an entire pot of coffee during the week so always had to stick to the instant variety. Not anymore!!

What does Real Coffee taste like?

Well…it tastes like coffee! But there are loads of different varieties and strengths. I made mine in a Nespresso machine, on the large cup setting.

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

I absolutely loved the packaging. Some of the boxes have really lovely pictures on, so first impressions were definitely good!

My favourite is probably the Espresso Sumatra, which had a surprisingly fruity after taste, and I thought it was perfect with breakfast.

In all honesty, I enjoyed the whole range. The caramel flavoured espresso was also surprisingly well flavoured, without being overpowering or artificial.

How many Syns are in Real Coffee pods?

All of the coffee pods are all syn free! Real Coffee also do Hot Chocolate pods, which produce a small (but perfectly formed!) hot chocolate, without the need to add any milk.

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

These are not on the Slimming World database but are likely to work out at around 1.5 syns per pod which isn’t bad.

The hot chocolate pods weren’t completely to my taste as they were very sweet, but they were chocolately, and very quick to prepare like the rest of the pods.

Where can I buy Real Coffee pods?

Real Coffee pods are available from Amazon and Real Coffee’s own website.

These pods are available in various different pack sizes ranging from single boxes of 10 pods for around £2.75, to absolutely ginormous Giga Pack boxes of 550 capsules of your choice of variety for £110.

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

Basically, the bigger the pack, the cheaper the pods are individually – however, even in the smallest packs, the price is VERY good when comparing to branded versions, and in my opinion there is no compromise on flavour.

Also, delivery is free!

Would I buy Real Coffee pods again?

Yes! Excellent value for money, excellent flavours and a large range of strengths and varieties.

I was also impressed with the ethics of the company.

They are working towards being 100% Fairtrade (currently 80%) and also have 3 organic varieties of coffee.

Real Coffee Review | Slimming World

One of the biggest bug-bears of coffee pods is that they are not recyclable, but Real Coffee are working on a real solution to this problem by trying to create a compostable pod.

All of which, I think is pretty commendable for a small company.

All in all, I’ve been really impressed by this coffee, as I’m sure all coffee lovers will be!

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Real Coffee Review | Slimming World
  • Value for Money
  • Availability
  • Taste
  • Slimming World Friendliness
The Good

Good Variety of Types

Good Value for Money

Free Delivery over £20

The Bad

Only Available Online

Expensive Delivery under £20

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