Syn Free Asian Pulled Pork
Oh man, Syn Free Pulled pork with BBQ Sauce is one of my favourite things in the world. Especially in the summer, load one up in the BBQ and let it cook low and slow. We love Asian food, so thought we’d give pulled pork a twist with this Syn Free Asian Pulled Pork.
Servings Prep Time
6portion 15muntes
Cook Time6
Servings Prep Time
6portion 15muntes
Cook Time6
For the pulled pork
For the slaw
For the Spicy Sauce
To make the Asiain Pulled Pork
  1. Rub the pork all over with the five-spice powder and salt
  2. Add the chicken stock, soy sauce, chilli flakes, rice vinegar, orange zest and Sriracha to the slow cooker
  3. Add granulated sweetener and mix until it’s dissolved in the cooking liquor. Add the scallions, garlic and ginger. Place the pork in, and make sure it’s coated well
  4. Put the lid on the slow cooker, set it on High, and cook for 4 hours
  5. After 4 hours turn the slow cooker down to Low and cook until the meat is very tender and cook for another 2 hours
  6. Remove the pork and transfer the sauce to a pan (or turn the slow cooker on to saute if it has that setting) and allow the sauce to reduce by a half
  7. Meanwhile, shred the pork with 2 forks and place it in a bowl
  8. Remove the vegetables from the sauce and pour it through a fat separator, then stir it through the shredded pork
  9. Cut each wrap into 4 quarters, then put a spoonful of the pork mix in each quarter. Fold the edges up so they look like a taco. Put some of the Slaw on top of the pork, then top with a couple of spoons of the spicy sauce
To make the Spicy Sauce
  1. Mix all the ingredients together well…..yes it’s that easy!!
To make the slaw
  1. Place the shredded cabbage & carrots in a bowl – set aside
  2. Mix the lime juice, rice vinegar, Sriracha & fish sauce (if using) in a bowl. Mix until the Sriracha is dissolved
  3. Pour the mix over the shredded carrot and cabbage & toss to coat well