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Before we get to the recipe for this Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle, we need to mention our Facebook group.


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When we started the group we never thought anyone would join. But now a few months down the line we have over 53,000 members!

One of the things we love about the Facebook group is the recipes that others are sharing. This Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle was created by Natalie, a member of our Facebook group.

If you’ve been following our group, then you may have already seen some of her recipes and pictures. But don’t worry if you haven’t, Natalie will be sharing some more of her creations with you here on the website.

So, before we get to the all important recipe, here’s a bit about Natalie’s own journey…..

At my heaviest, I was 15st 7lb, I joined SW in Feb 2016, weighing in at 14st 7lb after loosing 1 stone at home (without much of a strategy, so it was up and down).

Most of my life I had been a comfortable size 10, but things changed for me when I married into the forces as an RAF wife.


I became a “happy eater” when my husband was home; indulging in meals out/takeaways, and an emotional eater when he went away on tour, as I was lonely, and quite isolated from family and friends.

I did attempt a carb free/low cal “diet” somewhere in between, which gave me a short term loss of 2st, but as soon as I reintroduced carbs/more cals back in to my diet, the weight piled straight back on and more!

During 2013 we decided to try for a baby (my husbands first child), but were told that due to fertility issues, we wouldn’t be able to conceive without IVF.

This news devastated us, and my emotional eating worsened…  In March 2014, against all the odds, we conceived naturally, but the eating continued on, with the excuse of “being pregnant I can eat what I want”..

And after the arrival of our baby girl, the new excuse was “I’m breastfeeding, I can eat what I want”.


I became very low, gave up swimming as I couldn’t bare my body being seen. I avoided all mirrors, hiding beneath awful baggy clothing.

Though I didn’t have any direct health issues as such; I couldn’t climb my own stairs without a struggle and being breathless.

I stopped going out as much as possible, and became a hermit (for want of a better word!). The push really came when I could no longer squeeze into my size 20 jeans without getting stomach pains, whilst struggling to keep up with everyday life with a toddler.

I looked around for some weightloss ideas, and a few fellow military wives told me about Slimming World.


I was amazed at what I learned, and decided, right there and then to find a group! Another military wife said she would go with me, and so we both joined that same night!

My total loss to date is 58.5lbs/4st 2.5lb. I reached target in 7.5 months with just 1 (undeserved) gain along the way! I’ve dropped 5 dress sizes (from a 20, to a 10/12), and am able to enjoy a much more active life!


I’ve stuck to plan, with just 3 “off plan” nights/day out (celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary, my daughters baby shower, and Hubbys birthday).

I weigh/measure/count all my syns/healthy extras, and have at least 1/3 speed foods with every meal.

I’m a busy mum to 4 children aged 19 years, down to 21 months, and still breastfeeding my youngest.


I’m also a military wife, that sings in the military wives choir, sings in the military wives choir, whose husband is frequently away, so batch cooking is my best friend!


And.. in November this year, I will become Nanni to my first granddaughter!!! (Feeling old lol!)


As of 6 weeks ago, I became a TARGET MEMBER too… I’m now bouncing around in the “target bubble” still within range…

Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle Recipe

As I mentioned, I’m a busy mum to 4 children. I’m always trying to reduce my cooking times in the kitchen, while still producing healthy and nutritious food for the family.


This recipe is simple, quick and inexpensive. You can make it go further without loosing flavour by simply adding more tagliatelle.


Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle is a much loved recipe by our whole family, including my 22 month old baby girl. It makes for a fab pack up lunch too as is just as delicious eaten cold. You can also keep it in the fridge for a good 2 days!

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We use Frylight when ever we need to replace oil to sauté things. Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray, which makes it Syn free! The Olive Oil Flavour are perfect for this Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle.

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Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle | Slimming World

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  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees (fan) and line a small oven tray with baking foil sprayed lightly with Frylight
  2. Place the salmon fillets in the tray, spray lightly with Frylight, pour over the lemon juice, sprinkle with the dill, and black pepper, then salt to taste
  3. Completely cover the top of the oven tray with baking foil, to retain full moisture while cooking, and bake in the oven for 30 mins (until cooked through)
  4. Meanwhile, cook the tagliatelle in a large pan of water, according to the packet instructions
  5. When the tagliatelle is cooked, drain well and return to the pan
  6. Remove the salmon from the oven, flake into small chunks while still in the tray, then tip it into the pan of tagliatelle, along with all of the juices from the tray
  7. Toss well, and serve with fresh salad or steamed veg

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  1. If I wanted to have this cold, would it be best if I rinsed the pasta, after the pasta has cooked to get rid of the starch?.

  2. This looks gorgeous so I will definitely cook this tonight. Thanks for the recipe. I am always looking for inspiration to keep my weight loss on track

  3. Well done on your weight loss. The recipes are fab. Going to try this one tonight – perfect for a hot summers days tea. Keep up the good work, I for one appreciate it.

  4. omg… lush. just tried this for my dinner as i dont normally eat salmon but thia i wud try again. thanks ladies

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