Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming World

We bought the news to you very recently that Aldi has changed it’s healthier range of frozen ready meals from SlimFree to SlimWell meals.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming World

The new SlimWell meals have started to land in Aldi stores across the country, gradually replacing the SlimFree meals that were released last year.

As this product is new on the shelves, we’re going to add it to our Shopping Essentials list this week. We’re going to start picking out a couple of the most popular items on the Shopping Essentials list, and having a more in-depth look at them.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming World

What’s The Difference Between SlimFree And SlimWell?

On the face of it, there’s nothing! The Daily Mirror reported in October that Slimming World would be pursuing legal action against Aldi, stating:

‘We believe that the (SlimFree) meals infringe Slimming World’s trademarks and because of that we are entering into legal action against Aldi.

As a result, we’re sorry to let you know that we won’t be adding the meals to the database at this time.’

Now Aldi have responded with a rebrand of the products that includes the new name.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldAs we stated in our News article regarding this story, Slimming World have announced that they are willing to assess the new Aldi SlimWell meals, with the intention of adding them to the Slimming World Syns Database.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldAre There Any New SlimWell Dishes To Try?

There certainly are! The original products made available at the launch of SlimFree in October included Chicken Saag, Three Bean & Vegetable Chilli, Chicken Tikka Masala, Meatballs & Pasta and Spicy Moroccan Vegetable Stew.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldNow that SlimWell has been launched, three new dishes are added to the collection. These are Bolognese Ragu, Chicken Chow Mein and Sweet potato curry.

What Do the Aldi SlimWell Meals Taste Like?

We haven’t tried the range of frozen ready meals yet, but some members of our Facebook group have tried them recently with some mixed reviews.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldThere’s always going to be a mixed bag of opinions on ready meals. Some people rely on their convenience and time-saving qualities, whilst others tend to avoid and prefer cooking their meals from scratch.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldHow Much Are Aldi SlimWell Meals?

The Aldi SlimWell meals retail at £1.99 each, and can be found in the frozen section of the supermarket.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Aldi SlimWell | Slimming WorldIf you fancy having a go at making your own version of some of the Aldi SlimWell meals, then look no further!

Syn Free Chilli
Syn Free Chilli

We’ve created a recipe for Syn Free Chilli – perfect as a dish on it’s own or served with a jacket potato!

Syn Free Chicken Balti Curry
Syn Free Chicken Balti Curry

We’ve also got a fantastic recipe for Syn Free Chicken Balti Curry, which is sure to go down an absolute storm, whoever you cook it for!

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    1. Hi Laura
      As the article explains, they have not been added to the Database yet. While Slimming World evaluate them, with a view to giving them a Syn value, they suggest you use the Syns Calculator to work out Syn values. Hope that clarifies the situation.

  1. I just had the Slim Well Chicken Tikka Masala and according to the syn calculator, it’s 18.5 syns! I compared the nutrition figures to the Slimming World version and there’s a marginal difference. I don’t understand the massive difference in sun value.

    1. Perhaps the Syns Claculator didn’t take the free food values into account? I had the SlimWell Chicken Tikka Masala last week and checked ingredient list… everything on it free or speed except a small amount of corn starch which is probably negligable. I synned it at 1, but others think it’s completely free.

  2. Just had Slimwell Cottage Pie. This was the worst cottage pie I have ever tasted. Not to be recommended.
    Just tasted of mashed carrots. Usually very supptive of Aldi products.
    Have also tried Meatballs and pasta. Not impressed. Will not be buying from this range again.

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