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It’s that time of the week once again where we bring you our Shopping Essentials Top Pick. This week it’s Kenco flavoured instant coffee.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

Shopping Essentials Top Picks provides you with even more information about a product that we’ve included in our very popular Slimming World Shopping Essentials list, published every Friday.

Aren’t There Already Lots Of Flavoured Coffees On The Shelves?

There certainly are! Slimming World members seem to be big fans of flavoured coffees, with brands such as Beanies and Littles Coffee proving very popular with slimmers.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

Flavoured coffees are even changing the opinions of people who don’t usually like coffee, so it’s no wonder that big brands like Kenco are getting in on the act and introducing flavours to their product lines.

What Flavours Does Kenco’s New Coffee Come In?

Kenco Flavoured Instant Coffee has been launched in two flavours – Nutty Hazelnut and Yummy Caramel.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

Both come in a 66g resealable packet, which doesn’t sound like an awful lot, but promises over 40 cups of coffee.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

One of the selling points that Kenco is pushing with these new flavoured coffees is the possibility of creating iced drinks by serving the coffee over ice and your Healthy Extra A milk allowance.

Great for the summer months, if it ever stops snowing…

Is Kenco Flavoured Instant Coffee Syn Free?

It certainly is. It’s flavoured freeze dried instant coffee, so like the majority of other flavoured coffee brands it’s Syn free.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

Both the Nutty Hazelnut and Yummy Caramel are made using natural flavourings too, so they’re not packed with artificial gubbins and nasty chemicals.

What Other Flavoured Coffees Are Available?

There has been a huge rise recently in the number of flavoured coffees that are available to buy.

Where once upon a time they were only on offer in posh garden centres and jazzy cafes, you can now head to any supermarket and find them.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick 23/3/18

As mentioned before, companies like Beanies and Littles prove popular with Slimming World members after a flavoured coffee hit, but big brands like Kenco and Nespresso have clocked onto their popularity and are hitting the shelves with their offerings.

How Much Does Kenco Flavoured Instant Coffee Cost?

The Recommended Retail Price of Kenco Flavoured Instant Coffee is £3.00 a packet, but Morrisons currently have the product on offer for just £2.00 a packet.

It’s also available at Asda, but you’d have to pay full price.

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