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This week’s Shopping Essentials Top Pick is a brand new product that is being rolled out into supermarkets as we speak! It’s Kit Kat Senses, but not as you’ve seen them before.

KIt Kat First Image
Our Shopping Essentials Top Pick this week is Kit Kat Senses

The idea of bringing you a Shopping Essentials Top Pick is to highlight a particular product. Whether it’s something brand new or especially yummy looking.

You can get access to our Shopping Essentials list every Friday, keep an eye out!

What Are Kit Kat Senses?

Kit Kat Senses used to be available in UK stores and were a firm favourite before they disappeared, but only in a 31g sized bar. Now Kit Kat are launching a share box of Senses in three new flavours.

What Flavour Do The New Kit Kat Senses Come In?

The new bite size Kit Kat Senses are to be launched in the UK with three new flavours – Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Double Chocolate.

Picture: Nestle

Each box of Kit Kat Senses contains 20 bite size bars.

What Do Kit Kat Senses Taste Like?

Considering this product has yet to be launched in the UK, we’re not too sure!

Regular Kit Kat Senses used to be in shops and were both very tasty and popular with consumers.

Picture: Nestle

No doubt that with the three exciting flavours on offer, including jumping on the band wagon that is salted caramel, these new Kit Kat Senses will prove to be just as good to taste.

How Many Syns Are Kit Kat Senses?

According to the ‘Snackulator’ Syns calculator made available to Slimming World members, the Kit Kat Senses come out at 5.5 Syns for two bars.

This is based on the nutritional values made available about the products on Nestle’s website.

Picture: Nestle

This, of course, is not the official Syn value and only Slimming World would be able to confirm this. As always, if you are unsure of the Syn value of any product then it is always our recommendation to contact your Slimming World consultant or contact Slimming World direct.

How Much Will Kit Kat Senses Cost?

When Kit Kat Senses hit the UK supermarkets, they are due to retail at £3.99 for a 200g box of 20 bite size bars.

There doesn’t seem to be a firm date to release the product just yet, but The Grocer suggests that Nestle are due to begin their advertising campaign on 19th March, so hopefully we’ll see them before then!

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  1. 😂😂I am currently on an MSC cruise in the med & they have them in stock. 5 flavours in a box of 12 for £8 !

    Think I’ll wait until I get home!

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