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This week’s Shopping Essentials Top Pick is a brand new product that’s just hit the frozen aisle of the supermarkets – Magnum Bomboniera.

Magnum Top Pick First Image
This is our Shopping Essentials Top Pick this week – Magnum Bomboniera

We like to bring you a highlighted view of a new and exciting product that we’ll include in our Shopping Essentials list every Friday.

It’s February and it’s pretty cold at the moment, so what better treat to bring you than a frozen delight from the ice cream wizards at Magnum!

Magnum Bomboni-whatnow?

The word ‘Bomboniera’ comes from Bonbons, you know, the things that ripped your teeth out at eight years old when they were hard as nails.

Magnum Top Pick 1
Magnum Bomboniera is a new product found in the Frozen section of the supermarket!

The name fits, Magnum Bomboniera’s are just the right size to be bite sized ice cream treats without feeling short changed.

What Flavours Do Magnum Bomboniera’s Come In?

Magnum Bomboniera’s are available in three flavours, all found in the same box.

These are Classic chocolate, White chocolate and Almond coated chocolate.

Magnum Top Pick 2
Magnum Bomboniera comes in three gorgeous flavours

There’s four of each of the flavours, bringing the grand total to 12 Bomboniera’s in each box.

Size wise, they’re around the same size as a Poker chip.

What Do Magnum Bomboniera’s Taste Like?

The new Magnum Bomboniera’s are available in the same flavours as the classic Magnum ice creams that have been available for years.

Because of this, the taste is exactly the same as you’ll find in the full-sized version! Which, if you’ve ever tried ‘proper’ Magnums, is really rather nice.

Magnum Top Pick 3
Each box of Magnum Bomboniera contains 12 bites of ice cream!

The chocolate covering the ice cream is… chocolate-y? It’s good chocolate, the Almond flavoured Bomboniera’s add a nutty undertone to the chocolate. Obviously.

Each of the three flavours have Magnum’s vanilla ice cream inside them, adding to the indulgence of the product.

What Does The Pinch Of Nom Facebook Group Say About Them?

Members of our Facebook Group have been very happy to see these reaching the freezers of supermarkets!

Magnum Screenshot1
Members of our Facebook group have spotted them in supermarkets already!

Those who have tried them out have loved them, especially considering the relatively low Syn values on them.

Magnum Screenshot3
Members of our Facebook group are initially impressed with the new offering from Magnum

How Many Syns Are Magnum Bomboniera’s?

Slimming World have not given Magnum Bomboniera’s at the time of writing this article.

This is more than likely due to the Magnum product being relatively new on the shelves of supermarkets.

Magnum Screenshot5
Many people have just discovered Magnum Bomboniera’s becoming available in supermarkets

When we ran the nutritional information through Slimming World’s ‘Snackulator’ Syns calculator, Magnum Bomboniera’s came out at just 1.5 Syns each!

Magnum Screenshot4
Some of our Facebook group are elated to see Magnum Bomboniera on the shelves!

As we always state, if you wish to enquire more about the official Syn value of this or any other food product it is always best to contact Slimming World direct.

How Much Do Magnum Bomboniera’s Cost?

Well… in short, it varies!

The retail price is £3.69. Asda currently have Magnum Bomboniera’s at £2.00 for a box of 12.

Sainsbury’s are also selling them at a reduced price, but this seems to vary depending on which store you visit!

We’ve had people posting on our Facebook group that they’ve found Magnum Bomboniera’s as a clearance item for just 91p a box! When I went into my local Sainsbury’s they were available for £1.83 as a sale item.

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  1. Hello! I’m from Mexico and I’m so desperate to try these! But I haven’t had luck to find them here. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE.. Do you know if this can be found at least in the USA? Thanks!

    1. Hi Estefania
      I would suggest you look up the Magnum website. There will be an option to contact them, so you could email to ask for further details. Hope that helps. 🙂

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