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It’s that wonderful time of the week again. We have chosen our Shopping Essentials Top Pick to highlight from our Slimming World Shopping Essentials guide.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick - Maltesers Truffles

The Top Pick is a product that we think needs a bit more focus in the form of our Shopping Essentials Top Pick spotlight!

The moment has come to introduce our Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Maltesers Truffles!

What are Maltesers Truffles?

If you’re already a Maltesers fan, you’re going to absolutely love these new Maltesers Truffles.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick - Maltesers Truffles
(Picture: Maltesers)

They combine the best bits of every Maltesers product you have ever tasted. They’re creamy, crunchy and truffle-y!

I’ve always said that the Maltesers chocolate in a box of Celebrations is the best one.

These new Maltesers Truffles have a flat bottom, a chocolate base full of malt balls and a creamy filling, covered in milk chocolate.

More new Maltesers products

These Maltesers Truffles are launched hot on the heels of the Maltesers buttons, which we featured recently in a Top Pick article. You can read more about them here.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick - Maltesers Truffles
Like Maltesers? Then you might like the Maltesers Buttons!

I must confess, I have been searching for the Maltesers buttons ever since we featured them.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick - Maltesers Truffles
(Picture: Maltesers)

Up until last week, I had no luck, but found them on Sunday in a Tesco Express. I have to report that they didn’t disappoint!

All New Maltesers Buttons To Be Launched | Slimming World

Maltesers Buttons are available in individual 32g bags, which are on the Slimming World app for 8.5 Syns, or 159g sharing bags. (note the word sharing!)

How Many Syns are Maltesers Truffles?

These new Maltesers Truffles are not listed on the Slimming World database yet, so we’ve used the Syns Calculator to work these out.

The recommended portion size is 18g (2 truffles) which works out at 5 Syns.

Where can I buy them?

I spotted these creamy, crunchy, truffle-y treats in Sainsbury’s yesterday, so they’re definitely out there!

Shopping Essentials Top Pick - Maltesers Truffles

The official Maltesers UK Facebook page has announced that they’re in stores now.

The advice is to keep looking, they’re worth the wait.

How much are Maltesers Truffles?

There are 2 sizes on sale in Sainsbury’s.

The small box costs £2.00 and the medium is currently available at an introductory price of £3.50. (Usual selling price will be £5.00.)

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    1. Hi Hazel
      As I mentioned in the write up, I’ve been searching for the buttons for ages. Found them in a Tesco Express last week! The Truffles are definitely in Sainsbury’s and will probably be in other supermarkets soon! 🙂

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