Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Mini McFlurry | Slimming World

We love to bring you exciting news with our Shopping Essentials Top Pick. This week’s Top Pick is no exception. We’ve chosen the new Mini McFlurry from McDonald’s.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Mini McFlurry | Slimming World

Every Friday we publish our Slimming World Shopping Essentials article, full of new products and SW friendly offers. From the Shopping Essentials article, we then choose an item to highlight in extra detail, like this Mini McFlurry.

What’s a McFlurry?

If you have never set foot inside a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, there’s a chance you may not know about these. A McFlurry is a soft-serve ice cream, swirled together with confectionery pieces and smothered in dessert sauce.

There are irresistible flavours, such as Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Cadbury Crunchy and Oreo. Those flavours usually come with a Syn value that will wipe out your full quota of Syns for the day.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Mini McFlurry | Slimming World

But aren’t McFlurrys high in Syns?

As with all the best things in life, McFlurry desserts are not Syn Free. A standard size pot can set you back at least 13.5 Syns, with some of the limited or seasonal editions listed at up to 20 Syns. Yup, read it and weep! (I often do!)

Is a Mini McFlurry Slimming World friendly-er?

This is correct! This week, McDonald’s have made our dessert dreams a little bit sweeter. Instead of having to write-off your entire daily quota of Syns, these Mini McFlurry desserts are smaller, so they have a lower Syn value. I’m lovin’ it!

What flavours are there?

Mini McFlurrys are available in the traditional three Cadbury options, Dairy Milk, Cadbury Caramel and Crunchie. There are also two new flavours, Flake Raspberry and Flake Chocolate. I can personally recommend the Flake Raspberry!

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Mini McFlurry | Slimming World

How Many Syns are in a Mini McFlurry?

The new size Mini McFlurry desserts are not on the Slimming World app yet. They are approximately half the calories, so we’ve done some investigating and used the Snackulator on the SW website to calculate these Syn values.

  • Raspberry Flake Mini McFlurry – 163 cals / 8 Syns
  • Chocolate Flake Mini McFlurry – 181 cals / 9 Syns
  • Oreo Mini McFlurry – 133 cals / 6.5 Syns
  • Dairy Milk Mini McFlurry – 146 cals / 7.5 Syns
  • Cadbury Crunchy Mini McFlurry – 142 cals / 7 Syns

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Mini McFlurry | Slimming World

Are these a limited edition?

You’ll be delighted that the regular flavours are here to stay. Hoorah!! Plenty of time to indulge and great news for everyone.

If you want to try the Raspberry Flake and Chocolate Flake varieties, you’ll need to get yourself down to Maccy D’s sooner rather than later. They are only available from June 27th – August 7th. You really don’t want to miss out, do you?!

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