Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Oppo Cheesecake | Slimming World

It’s that time in the week once again where we bring you one of our Slimming World Shopping Essentials Top Picks, a product picked especially for you that we think you’ll be rather interested in! This time round it’s Oppo Cheesecakes.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Oppo Cheesecake | Slimming World

Shopping Essentials Top Picks provides you with even more information about a product that we’ve included in our very popular Slimming World Shopping Essentials list. The list is published every Friday.

Oppo Sounds Familiar…

You’re probably aware of Oppo more for their ice cream than anything else. Since 2014 they have been producing low calorie ice cream and have gone from strength to strength, being found in most supermarkets.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Oppo Cheesecake | Slimming World

We’ve featured them many a time on our Shopping Essentials list, and when we’ve been talking about all the different types of low calorie ice cream that’s on the market.

This time round, however, Oppo have launched a brand new product onto the market, and it’s just a little bit different from the norm!

Oppo’s New Dessert

Oppo have take a plunge into the chilled dessert department, straying from their usual home of the freezer.

Each cheesecake is contained in an individual ramekin, making it even easier to not share and keep it all for yourself, brilliant for not faffing around with portioning it up.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Oppo Cheesecake | Slimming World

Oppo Cheesecake is prepared with a crisp cinnamon biscuit base, which does all sound rather tasty!

What flavours Does Oppo Cheesecake Come In?

Oppo Cheesecakes are being launched in two flavours initially, they are Sicilian Lemon and Madagascan Vanilla.

Both of these flavours contain the cinnamon biscuit base.

How Many Syns Are Oppo Cheesecakes?

Both the Sicilian Lemon and Madagascan Vanilla flavours of Oppo Cheesecakes are new on the shelves! So new that they are yet to appear on the Slimming World app’s Food Search function.

This means that we have only been able to calculate the Syns of this product using Slimming World’s Syns Calculator. For the definitive answer regarding the Syns of any product, we’d always suggest contacting Slimming World direct.

We’ve calculated both flavours of Oppo Cheesecake to be 8 Syns each. It’s a relatively high Syn value for one product, but that’s the joy of Syns! They are there for you to enjoy on whatever you want. Whether that’s using Syns for one or two items, or spreading them out over the course of every meal. It’s entirely up to you!

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Oppo Cheesecake | Slimming World

And you can always splash some more on the ice cream to accompany, if you wish!

Where Can I Buy Oppo Cheesecakes?

The Sicilian Lemon and Madagascan Vanilla flavours of Oppo Cheesecakes are currently only available in Sainsburys, priced on offer at just £1.50 for one cheesecake.

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