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Slimming World Shopping Essentials Top Pick

We’ve got another Slimming World Shopping Essentials Top Pick for you this week, this time it’s the turn of a savoury treat in the form of Wall’s Sausage Thins.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Wall’s Sausage Thins | Slimming World

Shopping Essentials Top Picks provides you with even more information about a product that we’ve included in our very popular Slimming World Shopping Essentials list. The list is published every Friday.

What Are Wall’s Sausage Thins?

Sausage Thins are a brand new product from Wall’s, who are renowned for their sausage rolls and other pastry products.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Wall’s Sausage Thins | Slimming World

This new product is designed to provide the same great taste that a ‘proper’ sausage roll can deliver, but without the calories (and Syns) of regular sausage rolls.

Can’t We Make Our Own?!

You certainly can! We’ve got a brilliant recipe for our very own sausage rolls, obviously…

Syn Free Sausage Rolls | Slimming World | Slimming World-1
If you’ve got the time to make your own, we’ve got a brilliant recipe for Syn Free Sausage Rolls, using your Healthy Extras

You’ll probably be well aware of our fantastic recipe for Syn Free Sausage Rolls, which make the very most of using your Healthy Extra B Choice. They’re really popular with our Facebook group and Instagram page, so why not give them a go!

How Many Syns are Wall’s Sausage Thins?

Wall’s Sausage Thins are on the Slimming World app, and billed at being just 3.5 Syns each. This makes them a fantastic go-to product if you haven’t quite got the time to create your own, or require something a little bit indulgent for a picnic or shared lunch.

Shopping Essentials Top Pick – Wall’s Sausage Thins | Slimming World

Where Can I Buy Wall’s Sausage Thins From?

Wall’s Sausage Thins are available from Asda, priced at just £1.50 for a pack of 5 sausage thins.

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