Slimming World On The Night Shift | A Pinch Of Advice

You might read the title ‘Slimming World On The Night Shift’ and immediately assume that because you work a regular 9-5 it doesn’t apply to you. Think again!

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We wanted to get as many golden nuggets of advice as possible, so we turned to our Facebook group. Turns out there’s LOADS of people who are up late for one reason or another!

We have over 320,000 members, who want to help you! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun would you?


What Is ‘The Night Shift’?

‘Night Shift’ could indeed mean you working nights for your job, but it also includes those who are up late at night with small children, on late night taxi duty for slightly older children, or, like myself, rubbish at sleeping and annoyingly productive past midnight!

The most important thing to be aware of is that you are definitely not the only one in this position! We have had so many people get in contact with us about how to Food Optimise when up into the early hours.

This is why the Facebook group is so valuable, it’s a fantastic way to connect with likeminded people, even at 3am! We’re always open.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! – Slimming World On The Night Shift

We’re fully aware that it’s really tricky sometimes to fit in proper meals when you’re on the night shift. One of the best things that you can do is prepare in advance.

We have so many quick and easy to prepare recipes that can be frozen and cooked in no time whenever you need them.

Our 2 Syn Chicken Korma Curry

A great example of such a dish is our 2 Syn Chicken Korma Curry, which can be batched cooked and frozen. This means you can have lots of ready-prepared, low Syn dishes quickly and easily.

Low And Slow – Slimming World On The Night Shift

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A valuable piece of kitchen equipment that can be utilised to take the effort out of cooking is the humble slow cooker.

Slow cookers are such a popular kitchen staple, which means that you’re able to pick one up for a very reasonable price from many supermarkets and department stores.

Especially relevant if your job means you work nights, you can put the ingredients into the slow cooker before you head off for work, and have a hot, tasty meal ready and waiting for your return!

Our Syn Free Campfire Stew

One of our most popular slow cooker dishes is Syn Free Campfire Stew. We’ve had hundreds if not thousands of people sharing their love for this dish. It’s such an easy dish to have ready at the end of a long night shift.

If you’ve never really got round to buying  slow cooker then now’s the time. You can pick one up on Amazon, and they’re pretty reasonable too.

We use this one.


Top Tips From Our Facebook Group – Slimming World On The Night Shift

We asked the question to our Facebook group ‘How do you cope with the midnight munchies?’, which is something I think most of us can be guilty of having at one time or another!

We wanted to get the very best advice for this subject by those who have to deal with working nights or being up in the night on a regular basis.

Our fully qualified night owl Kay posed the question one gloomy night, the clock struck twelve, all went quiet until the little owls appeared from their perch to tell all. I digress, you get the picture.

One of the first bits of advice to pop up came from Louise;

‘I’m on nights’ is not an excuse when it comes to eating all sorts of rubbish and thinking it doesn’t count!’

Something that’s easier said than done, but it’s so true. It’s really important to treat it like a normal day, and eat like it’s a normal day. Syns still count after midnight!

Working The Night Shift

We had many people comment on our post who worked the night shift for their job.

Donna got in touch to tell us her Slimming World eating routine when she’s working nights;

‘For my night shifts I do overnight oats and a dinner and eat them at work. To beat the snack monster I have baby plum tomatoes, satsumas, strawberries.

For a slightly bigger snack I wrap a gherkin in a slice of ham sounds strange but it really hits the spot that other snacks fail to fit.’

Lisa give us her top tips for Food Optimising whilst working on the night shift;

‘I’m currently on nights. I use my Healthy Extra from midnight to midnight.

So for example when I got home from work this morning I had 45g shredded wheat with skimmed milk and then went to bed. When I get up in the afternoon I tend to have some fruit to tied me over until the family come home and we have a Slimming World friendly dinner together.

For work I usually take a flask of syn free soup fruit and another Syn Free meal cous cous or something like that ( I work 12 hours) then use my Healthy Extra again when I get in home in the morning. I always have chopped raw carrot and cucumber at work in between as well just in case I get peckish.’

Sara commented on our Facebook group post talking about her Son’s Slimming World go-to dishes when he’s working nights, trying to stay away from the temptations of fast food;

‘My son is an ambulance technician and works minimum 12 hour shift, often without a break (even then only 30 mins if they get one at all).

The temptation for drive through or garage food is enormous. I make him finger food, meatloaf slices, chicken nuggets or fillets, high protein wraps (chicken, ham, beef) or mini crustless quiches. He also takes his treats for the 3am energy drop.’

We’re going to write another article very soon indeed to help those who follow Slimming World and spend their days (or nights) on the road.

On the subject of being on the road at night, we had Carl comment with his night shift Slimming World top tip;

‘I’m a truck driver at night so nowhere open except services and garages and rubbish food everywhere.

I bought a tiffin which keeps food hot for 5-6 hours so I’ve always got good food. Otherwise it’s fruits and yoghurt.’

A tiffin is a bit like a flask in lunchbox form. Great for keeping dishes warm hours after you’ve cooked them.

You can find one like this on Amazon.


Awake With The Baby – Slimming World On The Night Shift

Another common theme with the replies from our Facebook group was those who are up in the night with small children.

This often means being up at all different times of the night, and usually being very tired indeed! Not a great combination for Food Optimising, but you’ve got some brilliant tips for sticking on plan.

First to comment on this theme was Roch with her Slimming World nights hack;

‘I’ve just finished feeding the baby will do another feed probably about 3:30am! The advice I will give is keep something light snack in the fridge such as boiled egg, cold meats, jelly etc

I also pack away all leftovers or bin em so I’m not tempted to sit there & have another plate of food. When I go to make bottle I also make green/peppermint tea & cool it down & keep it in the fridge to drink like cold ice tea throughout the day.’

We had Nathalie who added;

‘Up at night feeding my baby, usually have a big glass of water, no munchies.’

Naomi is also a night time fluid warrior;

‘Feeding baby over here! I just drink pints of squash in the night! But I live in a 3 storey house so can’t be bothered to go down 2 flights of stairs!!’

Can’t blame you at all Naomi! As much willpower and determination that it may take, having a big glass of water or no added sugar squash like Nathalie and Naomi swear by might just work to stop you heading for something naughty!

Eleanor has a great top tip to stop her heading back to the kitchen at night time;

‘Being a knackered mum makes sugar cravings hard to resist but once I’ve cleaned my teeth I just tell myself it’s water only until breakfast. I could never be bothered to clean them again so that stops me from eating.’

Lastly, we had Sophie give us her experiences whilst breast feeding at night;

‘I’m breastfeeding and before doing Slimming World I was eating loads of chocolate and biscuits in the night, feeling rubbish and getting headaches every day.

Now if I need to snack I eat a banana, Apple or Alpen light bar but find I can get through most nights without anything. Feeling much better and losing weight.’

The overriding message from our night time parents is that you either need to be prepared with Low Syn or Syn Free Slimming World treats, or put measures into place to stop you from being tempted by the kitchen.

‘You’re Still Up At This Time?!’ – Slimming World On The Night Shift

I’m guilty of it, most of the Pinch Of Nom crew are guilty of it, and it seems that an awful lot of our Facebook group are also far too good at not sleeping and staying up WAY too late and not going to bed when we should!

Kicking things off is our very own Janie, one of Pinch Of Nom’s night time crew, with her hot drink top tip;

‘I usually save my Healthy Extra B choice for the evening, (after my main meal) so I can have something to munch while I’m working on the laptop.

At this time of night, I tend to choose a herbal tea – I have fennel right now! As it’s a herbal one, no milk, I don’t want to dunk anything in it. (Must be an association with it being a healthy herbal choice!)’

Distraction techniques are common with those who stay up late and don’t want to stray off the Slimming World Food Optimising plan. This is how Nicole distracts herself;

‘I’m sat playing video games with my fiancé as we’re massive nerds! But it keeps me busy and distracted for the most part! Can’t eat while I’m shooting and fighting stuff!’

A slightly less electronic distraction keeps Kathleen on plan;

‘I took up knitting… Easy patterns that grow quickly (at the moment it’s fingerless mitts) they grow very quickly and l don’t want to put my knitting down till it’s finished…. Can’t munch and knit at the same time….’

And Karen agrees, these ladies are knit for turning! (I’m so sorry…);

‘Hot drinks, my cheese HEA (if not had it earlier) with marmite on scan bran, fruit and if syns allow it something sweet like a spoon of jam. Plus crochet to keep my hands full and if all else fails I go to bed and read.’

A popular technique is for people to save up their Healthy Extras until their night time hunger pangs, people like Maria;

‘I’m always up til about 1:30am so know exactly where your coming from I try to save some of my syns and also make sure I have some fruit and yoghurts in the fridge I also often save syns and my healthy extra so I can have a glass of milk and some rich tea fingers.’

Jack is also a fan of drinking plenty of fluids to stop hunger pangs, with a little treat if necessary;

‘Re-night time snacks… water is always a must… But I usually have Water Biscuits (crackers) with branston pickle.. 1.5 syns each.’

A Huge Thank You!

Writing this article would not have been possible without the tremendous help of those on our Facebook group page.

Thank you to each and every one of you who commented and gave us your very top tips and fantastic ideas to share with everyone else! It really is appreciated.

Keep an eye out for more articles like this, and make sure to keep and eye on the Facebook group to add your contribution.

Need some extra help & motivation on your Slimming World journey?

Come join our Facebook group! We have over 200,000 members, who want to help you! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun would you?

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You might just find the inspiration you need from our awesome members. If you’ve joined already why not invite any friends that may find it helpful?

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  1. I suffer from M.E. so insomnia is a nightly thing, I go to bed at 12mn then play games on my iPad, I got loads in the sale, it keeps my mind off food. I have lost a stone and two more to get into my size 14 clothes in the wardrobe, but really want to get to a twelve, about 9st for me….xx

    1. Hi Sally
      We know that many Night Owls follow the Facebook group. I hope that you find it supportive! Well done on your losses so far, keep going! 🙂

  2. Hi ive just lost two stone and have ha all my cloths taken in. I work as a security officer on 12 hour nights. I always take my tea with me and tru snd have it about 9pm then lots of water. I have a slimming world bar at about midnight. Then its fruit yogurt with a pot of carrots . Then just before I finish at 0630 i have my overnight oats with strawberries and sliced bannana. I dont eat then until about 1530 and its normally egg beans or a nice salad.

  3. Hi, I lost 2 stone on night shift, I make sure I have bottle of water and take mug shot in and lots of free food, mainly fruit, when I get home I’ll have overnight oats before I go to bed, also make something in the slow cooker so it cooks while I’m in bed.

  4. How do you count syns on night shift? I find Mondays are hard as I have been up all day eating as normal though I have a cat nap about 3-30. When do you reset you syn counter for the next day?

    1. Hi Stephen
      You’ll need to pick a point in the day to use as your cut off in a 24 hr period, then stick to that time for each 24hr period.

  5. I am working nights on a regular basis, and have just rejoined slimming world. However the weight is not shifting.
    Needed ideas on how to loose the weight as i crave carbs when i am on a night.
    Some really good ideas, for me to try.

  6. It depends how hungry I am when I get home .Sometimes I have breakfast sometimes I go to bed
    .I keep some of my main meal aside to take yo work along with my lunch and my 15syns of reats

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