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So, you’ve done it…you’ve reached your Personal Achievement Target! Firstly, congratulations!

It’s been quite a journey, whether you took the motorway or the scenic route to get here. Now you start the next chapter… Staying At Target.

Staying at Target

Your book has that all important bling, the target sticker you’ve yearned for all this time is now proudly twinkling at you.

Your Consultant will hopefully have told everyone how fabulous you are in Image Therapy, and you’ll leave clutching your Target goodies. (A certificate, sticker, pin badge and booklet on how to maintain.)

Not a diet, a lifestyle change

Now that you’re where you want to be, don’t change what you’re doing too drastically.

It’s not the end of your journey, because the lifestyle change needs to continue, if you don’t want to find yourself back where you started!

Having stuck to food optimising so carefully, you’re now faced with a new balancing act.

Staying At Target

If you continue to follow the same guidelines, then theoretically you’ll continue losing, so you’ll need to change a few things now that you want to maintain your new weight.

Of course, you are now in what target members refer to as, ‘The Bubble’.

The Bubble is a nickname for the zone where you can be up to 3lbs above or below your chosen target.

It’s normal for weight to fluctuate slightly, so this breathing space is helpful.

A surprising number of members I spoke to actually lowered their target within a short time of reaching their goal weight, as the numbers on the scales continued to go down.

Advice from Pinch of Nom Target Members

Over in our Facebook group, I asked our Target Members for their top tips and advice for staying at target.

It was good to hear so many of them saying the same things, whether they’re new target members, or they’ve been maintaining for a while.

One thing they definitely agreed on; it’s not always easy!

Stay to group

As a target member, you no longer have to pay the weekly meeting fee, as you now have free lifetime membership, as long as you stay within 3lbs of your goal weight.

Not having to pay each week is a pretty good reason to stay at target!

By attending group, you’re still able to take advantage of the support offered, and offer your experience to others, too.

Staying At Target

Personally, as a new target member, I still need that accountability of stepping onto the scales each week, to make sure I stay on track.

By attending regularly, I can keep in touch with products and changing Syns information too.

Slimming World requires you to attend at least once every two months, otherwise your account will be hibernated, meaning you’ll no longer have access to Lifeline Online and the Syns Database.

Keep Food Optimising

Now that you’re reached your target, it’s important to remember the basics of Food Optimising.

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ve made the lifestyle change to reach target, so don’t undo all your hard work!

Lots of the target members told me that they still plan their weekly meals, based on the Slimming World principles.

Staying At Target

While it’s important to remember the basics, many target members suggested putting more emphasis on Free rather than Speed Foods.

Don’t stress about 1/3 speed on every plate. Again, the idea is to experiment and find out what works best for you.

Keep on trying new recipes, to make sure that you don’t get bored and slip back into bad habits.

Why not make yourself a cuppa and have a browse through the recipe index on the Pinch of Nom website for some inspiration!

Staying At Target

Increase your Healthy Extras

Slimming World advise that to help you maintain your new target weight, you should slowly increase your Healthy Extras, until you find the right balance that works for you.

The suggestion is to start with two HEB choices each day rather than one, as a way to increase your intake whilst still focusing on good choices.

Staying At Target

For some members, an extra HEB will be enough to maintain your new weight, but it is a case of trial and error to see what suits you.

If you find you’re still losing weight, you can try adding an additional A choice too. By adjusting slowly over several weeks, you will find out what suits you.

This is where it’s probably more important than ever to write some sort of food diary, so that you can keep a record of what you’ve had, and see what works and what doesn’t!

It can take a little while to find the right combination that works for you.

Join the Social Team

Many of the Target members who offered advice have joined the social team at their local group.

Have a chat with your consultant and see if you can join the social team at yours. It’s a great way to stay on track and you’ll be giving something back to the group.

Staying at Target

Whether you meet and greet newbies as they arrive, help out on the shop, selling Hi Fi bars, magazines and books, collect weekly membership on pay, or weigh members on the scales, your consultant will be really grateful for the support.

Being part of the team is a great incentive for you to attend each week.

Enjoy the New You!

Now that you’ve reached your chosen Target weight, you’ll undoubtedly be feeling healthier.

There will have been many Non Scales Victories on your journey… what were yours? Treating yourself to a new wardrobe, starting a new sport or activity, or perhaps hearing compliments and congratulations from friends and family?

Staying At Target

Get someone to take your photo and you’ll be able to compare the before and after shots with pride when you see how far you’ve come!

Your hard work, belief and commitment to the Slimming World plan have helped you to achieve your Target. With the same commitment and belief, you’ll stay there!

If you’d like to read more of the tips from our Target members in the group, you can have a look at the original post here.

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