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Slimming World have recently announced some Syn value changes of noodles and pastas, relating to quick-cook packets of flavoured noodles and pastas.

Slimming World members have been able to enjoy brands such as Mugshots, Naked Noodles and Batchelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce as Low Syn or even Syn Free snacks, but for many of these products the Syn values have now changed considerably.

Why Are The Syn Values Changing?

Slimming World put out a press release to inform consultants and members of the changes, and reasons behind the Syn value changes:

‘The team at our Head Office who look after our food databases are always busy making sure that the guidance you get gives you the very best chance of slimming success.’

‘Knowing how much the pasta and noodle ‘landscape’ has changed over recent years, they’ve taken a closer look at how they evaluate the different types of pasta and noodles in snack pots and sachets.’

‘These extra checks have highlighted that these products are not as bulky, filling or satisfying as we thought (in fact the amount of pasta and noodles in some of them is really very low). And as a result some that were previously Free now have a small Syn value ranging from ½ Syn to 3 Syns.’

‘Plain dried pasta and noodles are still Free. It’s only pasta and noodle snack pots and sachets (like Mug Shot and Pasta ‘n’ Sauce products) that will now carry a Syn value. As always, we’d urge you to always check the values of any branded products before you choose them to check that Syn values haven’t been updated and to protect your weight loss.’

‘Because of the way different pasta and noodles are measured, extra Free Food options have been added to the online Syns calculator. So when you use it from now on you’ll be asked to choose the exact type of noodle or pasta that’s within a dish (eg rice noodles, wheat noodles, egg noodles…) to get a more accurate Syn value and it’s all information that will be listed on the packet.’

‘We know that many members rely on the convenience of these quick to prepare snack pots and sachets so in our next group we can help each other find filling Free Food alternatives for those who want them. And because the Syn values are still so low they can be easily included within a Food Optimising day if that’s what you want to do – that’s the beauty of Food Optimising!’

What Are The Main Syn Value Changes?

We know how much you like to include pasta and noodle pots into your daily eating habits, so here’s a few of the main Syn value changes of some of the more popular products!

Tomato And Herb Mugshot

Arguably one of the most popular flavours of one of the most popular go-to hot snacks, Tomato and Herb Mugshots used to be a Free Food on Slimming World, but now they carry a Syn value of 2 Syns per packet.

Singapore Curry Naked Noodle

Naked Noodle pots have proved to be a tasty and popular noodle pot to head for, with many of them being Free Foods before the Syn value changes. This Singapore Curry flavour pot now carries a Syn value of 2 syns.

Batchelors Cheese And Broccoli Pasta ‘N’ Sauce

These Pasta ‘N’ Sauce packets are a very popular easy, quick meal fix for those who occasionally struggle for time to cook. This flavour of Batchelors packet pasta used to be 1.5 Syns per packet, but this has now risen to 2.5 Syns.

An Important Thing To Note About The Syn Value Changes

Although these Syn value changes may seem a bit confusing to some, it’s important to note that these pasta and noodle packets can still be enjoyed just as much if you allow them into your Syn allowance.

As they always have been, these convenience products are ideal for an occasional quick fix, there’s so many more foods and dishes that can be freshly prepared in not much more time at all!

Some Syn Free Alternatives!

Here at Pinch Of Nom, you may have noticed we’ve got one or two recipes…! We’ve got some amazing Syn Free dishes that can be prepared in no time at all, taste amazing and not eat into your Syns. No pun intended!

Syn Free Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta | Slimming World

Our Syn Free Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta is an absolute hit with our readers, proving to be a really tasty and filling dish.

You could split it into smaller, snack sized portions and keep them to hand in the kitchen for a quick snack!

Syn Free Chicken Chow Mein

Our Syn Free Chicken Chow Mein is another really quick and easy recipe to conjure up when you’re feeling peckish!

A great standalone meal, or scale it down a little and prepare it as an easy snack!

syn free diet coke - pepsi max chicken - featured | Slimming World-3

One more fantastic recipe, our Syn Free Diet Coke – Pepsi Max Chicken is another super tasty dish that can be knocked up in no time at all.

Again, with the other dishes, you can scale the recipe down and prepare it as a Syn Free snack, or enjoy it with your family as a main meal – Everyone will love it!

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    1. Hi Sarah
      Slimming World re-evaluated these products recently and most of these products now have a higher Syn Value. You’ll need to check the SW app for accurate information. 🙂

    1. Hi Brett
      A rough guide is 1 Syn for every 20 calories, but this only works for food that does not have a free food allowance. Also, if it’s not on the app you can work it out using the Syn calculator or the Snackulator on the SW website.

      We don’t allow syn requests in this group, but if you don’t have access to the SW website then there are a number of FB groups dedicated to providing Syn values.

      You can ask for Syn values in the How Many Syns Facebook group. Or you can look at syn values in the Syns Allowed Facebook Group.

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