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It can be so difficult to remain motivated so here are The Best Things about Losing Weight – to help you stick to the Slimming World plan all the time!

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It’s really easy to forget how far you’ve come on your weight loss journey.

Hopefully this little reminder of all the good stuff which comes from losing the pounds!

We asked our amazing Facebook Group members what were their favourite things about losing weight – and they responded in their hundreds!


From people telling you that you look amazing, to people not making comments about your weight (seriously, why do people think that’s ok?!).

compliments - The Best Things About Losing Weight

Compliments are one of the most uplifting and best motivational things for keeping up the weight loss.

Marguerite from our Facebook Group said:

Still a long way to go, but receiving compliments is a great boost. Knowing that the weight loss is noticeable makes it all worth while

Health Benefits

We’ve had comments from all sorts of people saying how they’ve improved their blood pressure, lowered their heart rate and decreased their cholesterol and diabetes risk.

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Losing weight has SOOOOO many health benefits.

Lots of people are really happy about having less joint pain and being able to run around after the kids.

My cholesterol going down & breathing easier. Also just feeling better in my skin.

We’ve also got members who are no longer experiencing reflux!

My excess weight played havoc with my joints and I was virtually immobile. I could only manage a short distance using a stick. I hobbled into our local SW group on crutches a week after being discharged. I now walk miles every day and relish the thought that I can.

Just remember, don’t stop taking any prescribed medications, just because you feel you don’t need it any more. Anything medication and health related should go past your GP first.

You should also consult with your GP if you have any health issues before starting any weight loss plan such as Slimming World.

More Energy

Soooooo many people have said that the biggest thing they’ve noticed about losing weight has been the amount of energy they now had.

vicky - The Best Things About Losing Weight
This is Vicky from our Facebook Group – WOW!!!
Just been out for a 10 mile run! Completed it in 1hr 47 minutes!! I love the fact I can challenge myself and reach goals I never thought possible!! Last year I struggled to walk from the car to the school gate!!!
❤️ my new life!

Gone are the sluggish days on the sofa!

Once you’ve shifted some pounds you tend to find your energy levels pick up and therefore so does your activity…which leads to more weight loss!

The no chaffing of legs, no breathlessness after running up stairs, no heartburn, more energy- went Christmas shopping this week and recalled the ache of lugging the extra 5 stone around. I was able to shop for hours without any physical tiredness. How well clothes fit, the compliments, how small and cute I feel (I’m 5’11) but feel tiny now not like a big giant!

People also find that they are sleeping better for having lost some weight.

A lot of this is to do with the dreaded snoring, and in more serious cases, sleep apnoea.

Getting rid of this thing… And also being able to jog up stairs without needing an oxygen tent 😃

daryl-ccap - compliments - The Best Things About Losing Weight



One of the biggest things about losing weight is the increasing confidence you feel as you start to see yourself becoming slimmer.

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My favourite thing is it gave me the confidence and strength to realise I was in a wrong relationship my self esteem made me believe I wasn’t good enough for better but losing the weight has made me realise that I do deserve better and now I’m a happy single mummy, and again the happiest I’ve been in years x

Lacking self confidence and feeling self conscious is probably one of the top reasons that people start wanting to lose weight.

10 Best Things About Losing Weight | A Pinch of Advice-2

Nora on our Facebook Group said that she now feels a “new sense of ‘self'” and Naomi said:

My reflection shows me who I see on the inside

Teri reflected on her weight loss by saying:

I now feel confident in my own skin. Confidence is such a liberating feeling.

Going to Group

Slimming World groups are full of people with a common purpose: To lose weight.

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This puts you in a really good position to meet loads of new people and make new friends.

Being part of a fantastic group called slimming world and meeting new people like u guys on PON!! But also a renewed confidence that got knocked out of me a couple of years ago. I feel so much healthier now I’ve lost 3 stone 2.5lb and still coming off all be it slowly and I buy lovely clothes with confidence they fit!!! This is now my way of life forever xx

If you follow Slimming World online, then our Facebook Group is also a great place to meet people (even if it is in the virtual world!) and you’ll find loads of support, inspiration and recipe ideas!


I have made friends for life on my journey xxxx

Being Able to Fit

…into standard chairs, on the bus or the train, at the cinema or the theatre.

Not having to play hook a duck with my feet to put my socks on 😂. Before, it was like a T-Rex trying to pick up something he’d dropped 😜

And not having to request an extension for your seatbelt on an aeroplane!

10 Best Things About Losing Weight | A Pinch of Advice-5

A lot of it comes back to confidence again, but there is a real sense of achievement when you can get through that turnstile without having to turn sideways and breath in, or when you can fit in between parked cars without setting off the car alarms!

Being able to fit into chairs with arms on. Used to play musical chairs before in places like restaurant’s and waiting rooms


We’ve seen loads of wonderful stories of people wanting for years to have a baby, but having difficulties getting pregnant because of their weight only to lose the weight and then fall pregnant.

For me losing weight has changed my life, it has gave me confidence back!! BUT most importantly now. Myself and my partner were going to try IVF after struggling for soooo long to conceive, but naturally it has happened!! 12 weeks gone, and I truly believe this is down to Slimming World helping xx

There are also people who need to lose weight in order to be accepted for IVF.

This can be a really emotionally difficult time as it is, so to those couples going through the trials of IVF whilst trying to lose weight, I think you’re amazing.

Vicky on our Facebook Group wrote that her favourite thing about losing weight was getting pregnant after years of trying – along with a picture of her gorgeous little bundle. Awwwww.


I can count myself in this heading. I never, ever in a million years thought I’d enjoy exercise.

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I was always the kid who dipped out of cross country running halfway through and found a short cut that lead me to the home straight without any of the muddy ditches.

This year however, I started the Couch to 5K…and whilst I have had to take a break as the evenings are too dark (running in the dark is not fun!), I have found that I miss it!

10 Best Things About Losing Weight | A Pinch of Advice-11

Natalie on our Facebook Group said:

Now entering races, second 10k due next week and signed up for half marathon next March. Never would be able to do that before losing weight!

Take a look at some of our Body Magic articles to help boost your exercise levels!

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Losing weight makes a lot of things easier.

Crossing your legs, losing the chaffing issues, being able to bend over to pick things up and being able to cut your toenails without squishing your internal organs.

They are all practicalities which become possible when you’ve lost some weight!

Jo on our Facebook Group told us this little story:

Telling my husband I thought there was a problem with the steering on my car…it felt light and it needed to go to the garage. My husband said nervously that there was nothing wrong with the car, just my tummy didn’t reach the steering wheel anymore!


By far the top response when we asked our Facebook Group about weight loss was clothes.

10 Best Things About Losing Weight | A Pinch of Advice-5

Fitting into old clothes, buying new clothes, borrowing clothes off your 18 year old daughter (you look amazing Jackie!!) – life after weight loss is a little bit more exciting when it comes to clothes.

jackie - The Best Things About Losing Weight
Jackie can now borrow clothes from her daughter and looks AMAZING!

There’s also the embarrassment that comes with big clothes. Hannah from our Facebook Group said:

Being able to hang my knickers on the line without the worry of neighbours thinking there’s a solar eclipse

Some people said that they used to hide the size labels on their coat hangers when paying for new clothes, or cut the labels out of their clothes so no one else would see what size they are.

paula hangers - The Best Things About Losing Weight
Look at Paula’s hangers!!

Whatever your favourite things are about losing weight, just remember to keep at it. You’re doing a grand job, it’s not always easy but it’s so worth it!

Need some extra help & motivation on your Slimming World journey?

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You might just find the inspiration you need from our awesome members. If you’ve joined already why not invite any friends that may find it helpful?

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