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Social media is an amazing source of ideas and inspiration, so it’s always handy to have a list of top Slimming World Instagram accounts to follow! We wanted to know exactly what you thought, along with what the Pinch Of Nom team think, so we posed the question on our Instagram account.

There were A LOT of comments! Thank you all so much for getting involved.

If we were to include everyone who was suggested, the list would be longer than most major motorways combined!

This won’t be the first and last list we compile, there’s too many inspirational accounts to keep it to one list!

Take a look at our Instagram post here and check out all the amazing suggestions.

So, in no particular order, we begin…

@thefoodieslimmer – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Charles is an amazing example of how someone can cook amazing looking dishes, and it all still be completely Slimming World friendly!

He is so very passionate about spreading the word that Slimming World really does work.

The @thefoodieslimmer Instagram motto ‘Achieve, Inspire, Motivate’ is threaded into everything he writes, including his Instagram Stories, which are well worth a look just for the yummy looking dishes and the helpful step-by-step guides.

Follow this link to get to @thefoodieslimmer Instagram account!

@this_time_ive_done_it – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Jo has been treading the boards of Instagram for a good while now, previously know as ‘This time I’m doing it’, then reaching Target and having to change her all important Instagram handle!

@this_time_ive_done_it demonstrates how someone really can flip their whole world around by following Slimming World and using Instagram to help her achieve this.

She provides a wealth of Slimming World knowledge to her followers, and is a constant source of inspiration and fantastic ideas.

Jo has also tackled the subject of post-weight loss surgery in a completely honest and open way, which has provided a huge amount of thought and insight for her followers.

Follow this link to get to @this_time_ive_done_it Instagram account!

@flyboy_sw – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Liam uses his Instagram account to tackle two aspects of his life: following Slimming World, and working as cabin crew for a major airline.

Somehow he manages to combine the two, and very successfully too!

Whilst providing an envious insight into the different destinations around the world he gets to travel to, @flyboy_sw also manages to take his Slimming World hat with him, even at 32,000ft!

Regardless of his profession, Liam shows how well he has done on his Slimming World journey in a brilliant fashion.

Follow this link to get to the @flyboy_sw Instagram account!

@niccibeanie – Our  Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

@niccibeanie is an amazing example of how someone can follow the Slimming World plan and incorporate Body Magic into her routine very successfully!

This, along with juggling family life and some amazing Disney crafts tells why she is such an inspiration to her followers.

Nicci demonstrates really well how you’re able to Food Optimise and go to the gym, with many of her before and after photos based taking place in the changing rooms.

The difference is amazing! On top of that, the food dished up by @niccibeanie always looks so tasty, no wonder she’s followed by so many!

Follow this link to get to the @niccibeanie Instagram account!

@towers_weightjourney – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Jack is an amazing example of how a young man can be so determined to achieve something, he puts absolutely everything into it.

He has been following Slimming World for nearly a year now, and has managed to lose well over 15 stone in that time – Amazing!

The positivity is very apparent on the @towers_weightjourney Instagram account, giving a bright and honest account of how he manages to Food Optimise every day, regardless of the circumstances.

A very good example of how putting your mind fully onto something can achieve wonders.

Follow this link to get to the @towers_weightjourney Instagram account!

@fopperholic – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Nikki is a prime example of a very popular Instagram-er who still remains very dedicated and approachable to her followers, despite being undoubtedly bombarded with messages and comments!

The @fopperholic Instagram account combines things we all love doing – Shopping and Slimming World!

Nikki’s Instagram account provides a great insight into how a long term target member can still Food Optimise 100% after years of being at Target.

She is also a Slimming World Team Developer, meaning she’s one busy bee who is still able to find the time to inspire so many people on her account!

Follow this link to get to the @fopperholic Instagram account!

@slimmingsimon – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Simon’s Instagram account is a fantastic insight into someone who has experienced some significant lifestyle changes since following Slimming World.

Through some amazing photography and even better looking food, @slimmingsimon is able to demonstrate excellently how to Food Optimise very well!

Along with the Slimming World food posts, Simon also documents his running capabilities, something that losing weight has enabled him to do more and more, and successfully too!

Follow this link to get to the @slimmingsimon Instagram account!

@indias_sw – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

India shows vividly through her profile how juggling family life and being a busy Slimming World consultant can still achieve amazing results!

The @indias_sw Instagram account displays so much inspiration, through pictures of amazing food and some very thoughtful quotes and images.

India is full of brilliant hints and tips for her Instagram followers, always taking the time to respond to questions and providing some really useful advice for the masses!

Follow this link to get to the @indias_sw Instagram Account!

@laurasally_sw – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Laura’s Slimming World Instagram journey has seen her followers being taken to Australia and back again whilst she’s been on her wild travels!

Her profile features so much tasty looking food, and brilliant insights into someone who’s managed to change lots of things in life, a lot of it being down to following Slimming World.

The @laurasally_sw Instagram account gives a great look into someone’s life who still manages to be so busy with work and socialising, but is still able to fit Slimming World and Food Optimising in!

Follow this link to get to the @laurasally_sw Instagram account!

@mrsmummywright_sw – Our Top Slimming World Instagram Accounts

Last, but by no means least, is Krystina. Krystina’s Instagram account provides a wealth of amazing ideas, really helpful hints and tips, and not forgetting the delicious looking food!

All this whilst also being a very busy Mum and Slimming World Consultant!

@mrsmummywright_sw is also very good indeed at an Instagram story! Well worth a watch to catch up on the day-to-day happenings of her busy home life, and some funny bits chucked in for good measure.

Ultimately, Krystina provides an inspiring and realistic insight into someone who has been able to lose a lot of weight whilst following Slimming World.

Follow this link to get to the @mrsmummywright_sw Instagram account!

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