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Over on our Facebook group, there’s one or two of you that are still unaware that there is a whole world of Syn Free and Low Syn recipes on our website!

Our mission is to show you how to use the Pinch Of Nom website, the great features it has, and how it’s easier than ever to search for and find the recipe that you’re looking for.

Wait, There’s A Website?!

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

Yes, we have a website! This is indeed the Pinch Of Nom website. This is where we store absolutely everything. Our recipes, our motivational articles, our news, our shopping lists, everything you need!

We get messages on our Facebook group asking where we hide the recipes, from people who aren’t yet aware that there’s a website behind the Facebook page and group.

We’ve tried to make it as clear as we can that everything we post on our Facebook page is direct from our website, and that we’re not hiding things from you!

Gives us plenty of chance to write this article and show off a bit though, eh…!

Why Are You Showing Me How To Use The Website? It’s Easy!

For many people this is indeed the case, but we’re fully aware that there’s some who find using an internet browser a bit trickier than others.

We like to think that we can help everybody out by giving a simple guide on how to use the Pinch Of Nom website.

You might even find out something new even if you’re a seasoned pro!

We’re really proud of our website, it takes an awful lot of time and effort to keep it running, producing the content and lots of other very boring behind the scenes stuff to keep cogs turning 24/7.

What’s On The Home Page?

Our home page is the place to find all of our most recent posts on the website.

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World


You’ll immediately see the tabs at the top, where you can click to find recipes and shopping lists, below this is the search bar and our most recent recipes with big, beautiful pictures!

Scroll down a little further and you’ll find our News articles. This is where we update you of all the latest news from the world of Slimming World

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World


Below this, you’ll find our Blog posts. This is where we highlight our Motivational articles, Shopping Essentials and sponsored content, such as recipes and reviews.

I Spy A Newsletter, What’s That?

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

Good spotting skills! You’ll see the section where you can sign up for our weekly newsletter.

This will arrive straight into your email inbox every Sunday. This features our best bits of the week, some great recipes and articles that we know you’ll love.

It’s completely free to sign up, and it’s a really helpful email to receive every week!
Go here to sign up for our newsletter

How Do I Search For A Recipe?

We’ve got well over 400 recipes on the site that are all completely free to use! There is everything from fakeaways to desserts, easy lunches to impressive dinner dishes. Everything you’ve asked for and more!

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

To search for a recipe, you simply click on the search bar in the middle of the home page, just below the Pinch Of Nom logo at the top of the page. Here you can type anything you wish to search for.

For example, if you wanted to find the recipe to a dish that used chicken, you can type ‘Chicken’ into the search bar, press the ‘enter’ button, and this will take you to our recipe index of all the recipes that contain chicken. Easy!

We’re using laptop browser to show you these steps, but it’s exactly the same processes whether you’re using a tablet computer, mobile phone or a desktop computer.

What If I Don’t Know What Recipe I Want?

I’m guilty of this, not knowing what to cook and needing some inspiration to help me find the perfect dish to cook that evening. We’ve got that sussed too!

To access our Recipe Index all you need to do is use your mouse curser to hover over the ‘Recipe Index’ tab at the top of the page. Without clicking, a drop down menu will display some categories.

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

This drop down menu will display recipes by Syns, by fakeaways, by course, the list goes on.

None of these taking your fancy?

All you need to do is click at the top where it says ‘Recipe Index’. This will display every category of recipe that we’ve got!

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World


Simply click on whatever type of food you wish to find the recipes for. Really easy!

Can I Print Off The Recipes?

You can indeed! Once you’ve found the recipe that you’re after, scroll down to where the ingredients are displayed.

Below this, we’ve put in a big ‘Click Here To Print Recipe’ button. Click it, et voila. An easy to read, printable recipe sheet.


Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World


These can be really useful to print off to use whilst you’re cooking, instead of splattering your expensive phone or laptop in a healthy layer of Campfire Stew….

Can I Bookmark The Recipe Instead?

Yes, of course you can! This process might look slightly different on your device, but on the whole the steps are pretty much the same whatever you’re using.

To show this, we’re using the Google Chrome web browser.

Once you’re on the page you want to bookmark, drag your mouse curser to the three ellipses in the top right corner of the browser and click on them.

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming WorldMove the curser down to the ‘Bookmarks’ tab, hover for a slight second and then click on ‘Bookmark This Page…’ at the top of the drop down menu.

Call the bookmarked page whatever you wish. You can choose to name it the name of the recipe, or give it a name like Dave. Whatever tickles your pickle.

You’ll then find all your bookmarked recipes in the Bookmarks tab on the toolbar, making them super easy to access if you’re frequently using the same recipes.

Can I Add The Pinch Of Nom Website To My Phone?

You’re asking some fab questions, yeah you can!

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

We have, in fact, got a how-to article dedicated to this very subject, where we show you How To Add The Pinch Of Nom Website To Your Home Screen on your iOS or Android phone.

Again, this is a really easy step-by-step guide, and makes it even easier to find the Pinch On Nom website when you’re using your phone.

Haven’t You Got Some Amazing Shopping Lists Too?

Very kind of you to say so, yes we do. Our Shopping Essentials are liked by thousands! To find these, it’s much the same process as finding the recipe index.

To find the shopping lists, move your mouse curser to the ‘Shopping Essentials & Lists’ tab at the top of the page. This will make a drop down menu appear, displaying where you can find the Shopping Essentials articles, the Speed Food list and our BBQ Shopping List.

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

We update our Shopping Essentials lists every Friday. We post a link to this on our Facebook page every Friday too, but you can just as easily access the lists following these simple steps.

Meal Plans, Show Me Meal Plans!

Sorted, by friends. You’ve guessed it, to find our 7 Day Meal Plans it’s the same process as finding recipes and shopping lists!

At the top of the page, there is a ‘Slimming World Meal Plans’ tab. Hover over this with your mouse curser. This will display all our meal plans!

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming World

We’ve got everything from Syn Free to Vegetarian 7 Day meals, all of which make it so easy to plan for a brilliant Food Optimising week!

What’s With All The Adverts?!

We get a few comments about having to scroll down to find the recipes, there’s a very good reason as to why!

The Pinch Of Nom website, as with all websites, are not free to run. In fact, it costs an awful lot of money to run our website, and takes hours and hours of hard work.

By running adverts on our page, it ensures that Pinch Of Nom will remain absolutely and utterly 100% free to use, we will never charge you to access our recipes on our website.

The small sacrifice of having to scroll down a little further to find the recipe ensures we are able to keep the website absolutely free, keep producing amazing content, and giving our readers a fantastic website to use as they wish.

Last But Not Least, Thank You!

Yes, you, thank YOU!

The Pinch Of Nom website simply would not be possible without the support of our readers. We’re so, so grateful that people consider our website as a vital tool on their Slimming World journey.

Using the Pinch of Nom Website | Slimming WorldWithout you, there would be no Pinch Of Nom, so thank you very much indeed!

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  1. Joined the face group page and then left it again after a couple of weeks The site is a wonderful source of help and information but my Facebook newsfeed was being swamped by posts. Some were interesting but there were so many! Did I miss something ? Is there a way to join it without this happening?

    1. Hi Carolyn
      On the notifications tab, just click ‘Unfollow’ near the top of the Facebook group page. By doing this, you remain in the group, but nothing will be posted to your personal FB page, so you can dip in and out as you choose. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I’ve tried clicking on the ‘Click Here to Print Recipe’ on a few recipes and get a bright red warning screen from my security software saying that its not safe and there’s a risk of phishing. Just thought you should know

    1. Hi Beverley
      This is a “false positive”, there is nothing wrong with the website and we have asked Microsoft to remove the warning numerous times. You can either ignore it, or use a different browser (such as chrome or safari) to view the website and print from there 😊

  3. I have tried three different browsers – Safari, Chrome and Firefox and also Safari on my iPhone none of these will print. I simply get a blank page and nothing further happens – no print spooler, no print dialogue – nothing!

    1. Hi Thomas
      We are aware that we currently have gremlins in the works with our print function. Please bear with us while we find a fix for the problem. 🙂

    1. Hi Elly
      Thank you for suggesting a recipe be added to the website. We’re always looking for inspiration and new recipes to make that bit healthier! Please could we request you fill in the following form to request the recipe? This helps us make sure we give adequate consideration to your request 😃

  4. Just bought the book and really like the look of a lot of the recipes. Only one problem, well two really, I’m not on facebook so cannot ask the question I want to ask which is what can I replace the peppers with in the recipes? Neither my husband or I can eat them. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks.

    1. It depends on the recipe but mushrooms, courgettes and thinly sliced carrots are all options. Hope that helps! 🙂

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