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The Telegraph has reported this week that there is a scientific link between the use of non-stick pans and losing weight.

Weight Gain my be Caused by your Frying Pan Coating
The study has found that the chemical found in items such as non-stick pans, greaseproof paper and paper plates has a link to those who are trying to lose weight being less successful in their efforts than those who are using alternative items.

Time For Some Science

Now for the complicated stuff. The chemical found in non-stick pans are called perfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFASs.

According to The Telegraph, PFASs are already linked to cancer, immune system dysfunction and hormone disruption.

Weight Gain my be Caused by your Frying Pan Coating - First Image

The study, undertaken by Harvard University, investigated over 600 people who were deemed overweight and obese over a period of two years.

The information collated found that during the first six months of the trial, the participants regained over a third of their weight loss back over an 18 month period.

Weight Gain my be Caused by your Frying Pan Coating

Those who did put weight on were found to have high blood concentrations of the PFASs. The trial also found that the link between PFASs and weight gain was strongest in women.

Where Are PFASs Found?

Perfluoroalkyl substances are found in many day-to-day used items in the home.

PFASs have been used in products such as non-stick pans, greaseproof paper and food wrappers for more than 60 years.

Weight Gain my be Caused by your Frying Pan Coating
PFASs are also found in greaseproof paper

According to The Telegraph, the chemicals that make up PFASs can build up in drinking water and can stay in the human body for long periods of time.

What Was The End Result Of the Study?

Those behind the study at Harvard University have suggested that the consumption of PFASs may result in a slower metabolism, thus slowing down weight loss.

Weight Gain my be Caused by your Frying Pan Coating

The co-author of the study states that reducing or avoiding the exposure to PFASs may help those who are losing weight, especially women, to be more successful at doing so.

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